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An Introduction

About the Realms of Despair
The Roleplaying Culture
About this Wiki
The History of the Realms
The Map of the Realms

The Arena

Active Characters - Characters currently available to RP (Interested to have your character's biography described here? Write to Falennt through mudmail or email moc.liamtoh|neiras_tnnelaf#moc.liamtoh|neiras_tnnelaf) Updated
Characters - List Only
Places to Roleplay
Player-Organized Groups
- The Seelie Court - based loosely on faerielore and background.
- The After Twilight Society - based loosely on White Wolf's Vampire Series.


Face of the Month - Archive of Roleplayer Interviews.
Tales and Stories
Roleplaying Logs - centered on plots revolving around the Nations of the Realms. Updated
Roleplaying Articles
Aquamarine - Falennt's personal material.


Roleplaying FAQ
Roleplaying Resources and Links

Falennt's Diary of Updates

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