A Chance Meeting Chengis Romani

Chengis and Romani meet outside the Citadel


Cicek - Thursday, March 13, 2003; 12:05 AM

Scene: On a rare stop in his travels, Chengis finds himself resting in the Cathedral of Ba'al. Quickly joined by one of his old friends and making a new friend who had a question for him….

A Somber Alcove
The musty scent of loam and timber permeates the air within this small chamber, like a freshly dug grave. The earthen walls and ceiling are held at bay by thick beams of blackened hardwood, many of which are carved with foreign symbols and surprisingly explicit and gruesome imagery. A plank of the same dark hardwood extends from the northern wall, a conspicuously burnished candelabra is set upon it, flaring and sputtering rhythmically.
Exits: none
A blackened beam dominates the center of the alcove.
The wight of discord awaits a source of amusement here.
The Ancient Bukken shimmers beneath an aura of dark energy.
Chengis Shessair, [DB Godfather|Knighted|Brotherhood] is standing here.

Romani appears in a flash of light!

Romani hugs Chengis.

Chengis kisses Romani's hand.

Chengis says 'M'lady.'

Romani says 'Greetings M'Lord'

Chengis wonders 'M'lady enchanter. What brings you to luminate these dark lands?'

Chengis looks at Romani.

Romani says 'I heard tale of a famed warrior visiting'

Romani beams a smile at Chengis.

Chengis drops his head and exerts a heavy sigh which tapers off into a gentle growl.

Chengis wonders 'What is it with old men and praise this day?'

Romani says 'It is the day of truth'

Chengis says 'and distortion, no doubt'

Romani beams a smile at Chengis.

Chengis lowers himself slowly to a knee, his arm extended out to offer an embrace to Romani.

Romani says 'If one chooses to perceive it as such'

Chengis says 'I have sorely missed you, enchantress.'

Romani gently brushes her fingertips to Chengis's cheek.

Romani says 'Your words are most kind'

Chengis says 'And yours, the energy which blooms the flowers, m'lady.'

Romani says 'If I am to be what blooms then, then you are what has planted them'

Chengis says 'All is fair, m'lady. For i would then be an ugly stump without you at my side.'

Romani says 'Nay, M'Lord speaks poorly of himself'

Chengis grins widely at the words, settling himself upon his knees as his long white beard folds neatly upon his lap.

Romani says 'One such as you should not kneel'

Romani looks at Chengis.

Chengis wonders 'should they not?'

Cicek listens to the conversation from the dark corner she is sitting in. Her eyes soon turn to the weapon in her lap and she resumes sharpening it.

Chengis's ears perk at the sound of steel, then quickly relax as his focus returns to the enchantress.

Romani gently caresses Chengis's face.

Romani wonders 'What brings you to walk amongst us this night M'Lord?'

Chengis lets in a huge gust of air, and releases it with enough force to create a gentle breeze.

Chengis says 'Hopes and dreams, m'lady.'

Romani wonders 'What do your dreams speak of?'

Chengis says 'Golden ages past, they must one day return, for the wheel of time must repeat itself.'

Romani nods softly.

Chengis says 'There is nothing for me here. Although I long to roam the lands once more, I do not belong here'

Romani's emerald eyes sparkle as her ruby lips turn upwards into a slow smile as she gazes upon Chengis.

Cicek's face gets a sullen look to it, she hates doing this. As far as she is concerned. If a weapon dulls, it should just be tossed away and another one purchased. Her eyes move to Chengis every few minutes as if in awe of him.

Romani wonders 'Why not M'Lord?'

Romani says 'One such as you is always in need in these lands, especially in times of strife'

Chengis's shoulders rise and fall, his gaze at a point far behind the enchantress.

Chengis says 'There is no one such as me, m'lady. Should one seek guidance they need only look to their own hearts.'

Chengis turns a gaze and a warm smile towards Cicek.

Romani wonders 'And if their heart is incomplete? One filled with longing and desire?'

Chengis says 'The Olog'hai would burn me alive for holding the weakness of the humans so strong in my blood. It is at least as they see it.'

Romani brushes her fingertips over Chengis's lips then withdraws her hand.

Chengis turns back to Romani, his smile spreading from ear to ear, yet barely visible behind his beard.

Chengis says 'I can not fulfill a heart, my lady. '

Romani says 'Fulfill, perhaps not, capture.. You hold many'

Cicek looks down as Chengis smiles at her, her voice strong, but timid still, 'I don't think the Olog'hai would hold the blood that flows through your veins against you. They don't hold the Elven that runs deep in mine against me.'

Chengis's shoulders rise and fall again, feeding his only response to the statement.

Romani beams a smile at Chengis.

Chengis smiles at the voice, his reply almost bouncing in amusement.

Romani says 'Blood is not everything M'Lord'

Romani says 'It does not burn, it does not desire, nor does it fulfill'

Chengis exclaims 'Perhaps not my young friend. I'd ask you to introduce me to the new generation of our kinsmen, but alas i know not even your name or family to ask such from you!'

Romani asks Chengis, 'You are speaking to me M'Lord?'

Chengis looks from Romani to Cicek before he trusts himself up back to his feet with obvious pain, speaking in a commanding voice.

Chengis says 'Had i not know you better, Romani I'd have thought you'd paid the Realm to sweet talk me back into raising a blade at your side'

Chengis smiles teasingly.

Romani moves quickly to attempt to help Chengis steady himself.

Chengis nods firmly and thankfully.

Chengis beams a smile at Romani.

Romani says 'Dear Chengis, the Carpathian family holds you in their debt. You have but to ask anything and we would rally to your side'

Cicek moves to her feet, setting the sword and stone on the ground. Her voice proud, 'My Father is Kuah Cha'din. I don't know where he is though and have never met him, but I am of the Clan Cha'din.' She watches as the Elfess helps steady the Elder Olog'hai.

Chengis says 'Nor you, nor your ancestors have debt towards me lady. Any deed done was a deed done in love and any debt would be insult.'

Chengis's head turn at the sound of the names.

Romani gently caresses Chengis's face.

Chengis says 'Then come to me child. For those names are most dear indeed'

Romani turns to smile softly at the child Cicek.

Cicek moves slowly towards Chengis. His height a strong reminder that while she is tall herself, there is still a lot of growing she has to do. Stopping in front of him, she raises her head to meet his gaze.

Chengis says 'I see his eyes in yours, young friend'

Chengis wraps his palm behind Cicek's head and grips it firmly.

Chengis gets a silver beer stein from a pouch of purple cloth.

Chengis says 'When you see your father, send him word that i wish to share this with him'

Chengis gives Cicek a silver beer stein.

Romani beams a smile at Chengis.

Cicek doesn't move a muscle, even though she is a bit frightened and unsure of what is going to happen. Her eyes falling to the stein handed to her, 'I will do that, Lord Chengis…' Now if she could just find her Father to relay the message.

Romani smiles to herself as she ponders Chengis's moods while drinking and wonders if those moods still prevail even with his age.

Chengis gazes off into emptiness, his brows lifting and falling as thoughts flood through his mind.

Cicek tucks the stein into her pouch before turning her gaze back up. A bit embarrassed she asks, 'What does my Father look like?'

Chengis's ears perk at the words, pulling him abruptly from his trance.

Chengis says 'He is a great man Child. Kind amongst Olog'hai but strong enough to maintain Supreme Chieftain of Clans for many many years.'

Chengis says 'There are few like him. You should stand proudly, for your blood runs rich with the blood of Greatness.'

Cicek nods her head slowly. Of all the talks her Mother has had with her concerning the Olog'hai, she never once mentioned what Kuah looks like. Standing up straighter at the words spoken to her. Trying to muster all the pride she can.

Cicek says, 'Thanks you, Lord Chengis. Hopefully one day I will meet him and he'll accept who I am.' According to her Mother, the feelings between them bordered more on hatred than love most of the time.

Chengis pulls his cloak over his body and sets his sword firmly upon the ground for balance.

Romani wonders 'The morning air is chilly, perhaps a fire to warm you?'

Chengis shakes his head slowly, eyes still firm upon the young Olog'hai.

Romani smiles softly to Chengis.

Chengis says 'Nay, i shall be leaving soon, good lady. There is only so much of you I can take in one night before I fade in your radiance'

Romani says 'M'Lord honors me with his words, and kindness'

Chengis says 'And you, my young friend… Know that your presence will always be welcome with me.'

Chengis says 'It is you that honors me to allow me to share such words, and that they may reach your ears, my lady.'

Chengis says 'May the light follow you both'

Romani says 'And you M'Lord'

Chengis smiles at Cicek.

Chengis kisses Romani's hand.

Romani says to Cicek, 'It was a pleasure to meet you.'

Chengis says 'Until soon'

Romani nods solemnly.

Romani waves goodbye to Chengis.

Cicek nods her head, her eyes going back to the weapon and sharpening stone on the ground, 'I am glad I got the honor of meeting you, Lord Chengis.' Glancing up, she realized the two of them are gone. She doesn't even know if her last word were heard.

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