A Meeting Of Firsts

Of Song and Spirits
The rich dark wood of the bar gleams along the entire length of the tavern's back wall. The flickering light of tallow candles within several hand-blown crimson ceramic holders reflecting off its well-oiled surface. Behind the bar,tall shelves stocked high with assorted specialties boast a proud display of colorful glass carafes, sultry rich ports, and ornate silver ale tankards. Equally dark mahogany booths cushioned in plush fabrics line either side of the tavern. Patrons are invited into the dim-lit secluded part away from the usual clamor of the foreign and local patronage. A massive iron chandelier, suspended by thick black chains above the very center of the tavern, casts its variegated shadows over the tavern.
Exits: [north] east
The vigil barkeep of the Singing Rose tavern watches the ongoings in mirth.
Marcello Fiorel says 'Greetings M'Lord, welcome to my humble tavern.'

Rasha arrives from the east.
Rasha curtseys gracefully for Alexi.

Alexi smiles a little, rising from the booth he is seated at.
Alexi bows before her.

Rasha rises from her curtsey, grey eyes assessing. "Good evening."

"Good evening, Miss Moncreiffe." The youth remains standing, one hand wrapped in an elegant glove of blue-grey pressed over his cravat. "I have heard much of you from Monsieur de Santorus." He lapses a little, watching Rasha closely. [Alexi]

"Pertinent that I came to visit and see for myself as well as gift you with one of my collections." The dark haired youth continues, a smile on his strangely perfect lips. [Alexi]

Rasha's expression is well schooled through both his greeting and his curious statement. She simply extends a gloved hand, "Un plaisir de vous rencontrer, monsieur, but I believe, you have me at a disadvantage." she says, "You have my name, but I've yet to learn yours." addressing their meeting rather than his mention of gifts. [Rasha]

Her long red haired was brushed to gleaming brilliance this evening and was a startling contrast against the royal blue gown she was wearing. Her neck was adorned with a brilliant blue sapphire and diamond necklace. She was a completely stunning woman. [Rasha]

The dark haired youth's own eyes, draw slightly wide; the blue in them wettening to a startling blue at the sight of the young woman. "Indeed, disadvantage." He mulls a little, lifting fingers to drift over the wooden edge of the booth's table. [Alexi]

"Please sit. I would not have the displeasure of having a lady stand while we converse." He indicates the empty booth opposite his own, bading her with a hand that she should make herself comfortable. [Alexi]

Rasha bows her head slightly, then takes a seat, adjusting the skirt of her gown and folding her hands to rest on her lap before bringing her eyes up to meet his. She watches him quietly, not speaking, waiting to see what he might have to say next.

Alexi says 'Alexi. I am Alexi Klein. You may address me however way you feel needed to. Monsieur de Santorus would have forgotten to speak of myself to you, but it is alright. Things will fall into place.'

He settles himself into the opposite booth now that she has found her place, the tiny candlette in its stained glass jar flickering the moment Alexi sits himself. With one hand, he delicately pushes the candle away, allowing a. distinct, calm drift of shadows to fall betwixt him and the young woman. "This is a beautiful place, Miss Moncreiffe. I am confident you feel absolutely delighted to be here?" He asks Rasha now, his features set in flawness pleasantry. [Alexi]

Rasha glances briefly at the candle then pushes a strand of her lovely hair behind her ear, her delicate features caressed by the shadowed patterns. At his words, her attention is again his. "Yes, of course, how could I not be perfectly delighted?" she asks, though its a completely rhetorical question. Her gaze remains now, on his face, her soft red lips slightly pursed. The sound of music drifts in from the other room but passes her notice. [Rasha]

The two are served wine, white. A glinting, sparkling white. Apparently ordered by the dark haired youth way before the lady's arrival. "If you are anything short of but happy, I would be upset." The youth murmurs, now that the waitress have left them alone once more, having poured out half a glass of each, and placed the jade-green bottle in an iced tureen on the table. "Perhaps you are wondering why I hold such strong affliation for you, Miss Moncreiffe?" [Alexi]

Rasha trails a finger over the rim of her glass and down the side of the glass, resting idly at the base. "I find it all very curious, as you can imagine, sir." she says, studying his face.

The dark haired youth curls his fingers around the stem of his own glass, the condensation from the chilled wine wetting through the fabric of his glove. "I pursue perfection, Miss Moncrieffe. A vision of perfection for this world I hold dear." [Alexi]

Alexi says 'There are allies I must make in order to ensure this vision becomes real. You are such one person, I seek.'

"Perhaps your loyalties are only to yourself. Yet that is the one factor that makes you my strength." He sets his glass of wine aside, shuddering the glinting watery contents a little. "Miss Moncrieffe, would you deign to join the Cainite Court?" [Alexi]

Rasha raises a delicate brow at that statement. "Nothing is perfect…though who does not strive for perfection? I am guilty of that myself. But I am not a thing to be aquired, sir." she says, lifting the glass, bringing it to her nose where she sniffs the delicate bouquet of the wine before setting the glass down once more and looking at him squarely. "And what exactly do you expect of me, were I to join the Cainite Court?" she asks, not dismissing the idea out of hand just yet. [Rasha]

Perhaps her words are meant to shock or sting, yet Rasha's reply does not turn even the seamless smile upon Alexi Klein's face. He continues to look at her; will matching will, presence feeling presence. [Alexi]

"An ally. An ally against whatever may, which may." His words deepen, soften — gearing towards a promising whisper as the dark haired youth leans forth, answering. "Kill us. Both of us, Miss Moncreiffe." [Alexi]

She studies him in perfect silence, stillness. A statue it would seem for all that she was enchantingly beautiful. Like a stone thrown in water, the ripples echoing out, she seems to come to life once more, smiling now. [Rasha]

"An ally? And I should trust, you, who have come to me, unknown? How so?" she watches him again before adding, "It has been my experience sir, that trusting anyone gets you killed, what assurrance can you offer me that you would protect my interests as you would have me protect yours?" [Rasha]

"A position, Miss Moncrieffe. A position that places you higher than Monsieur de Santorus in the hierachy of our kind." The dark haired youth simply renders his reply, his tone artistically thoughtful. His blue eyes, withholding still that faceted jewelled glint watches the lady closely. [Alexi]

The presence she belies is stunning. So stunning that even at his aptitude of prowess, Alexi struggles not to be taken over by the allure. "You do not trust Etienne de Santorus." [Alexi]

"Nor I." The youth admittedly continues, placing his hand over his cravat in an absent motion of straightening it. [Alexi]

Rasha laughs, softly, shortly. "You think I am fool enough to cross him?" she asks, wondering just who this young man is, exactly, still, she will play the bantering game a bit longer.

Rasha wonders 'Tell me, Alexi, would you seek to displace him then? Are you stronger than he is?'

Rasha asks this rather candidly, she was never one to, beat around the bush, as they say.

Alexi says 'It is this particular reason why he has refused my name infront of you, Miss Moncreiffe. In his domain, in the theatre, he holds power — yet when he comes to Court, he is only but below the hierachy.'

"I doubt you are foolish enough to cross him, Miss Moncrieffe, you wouldn't dare. But what makes you believe he will not quash you like he did with others before." A ghost of a smile now deigns on Alexi's mouth, breaking apart the perfection that is his face. "I do not seek to displace Etienne. His wisdom is fetching at a time like this — but the man holds ambition more fearsome than mine." [Alexi]

Alexi says 'There is something in you, he saw. He may seek to make you his ally. Against all of us. Against /my/ Court.'

The dark-haired youth's head tilts askew and he leans forth with lidded eyes, the blue gleam in them focused upon the young woman. "Alexi Klein, Miss Moncreiffe. Prince of the Cainite Court. And my offer stands. As I have asked of you earlier." [Alexi]

Rasha watched him with a wary expression through his speach, even as her smile slips from her red lips. She doesn't much care for the implication of man crushing her. Her composure slips for just a moment and she says, a lethal edge to her voice,

"I am no man's and ruled by none, not now or ever, I answer to my own will." she says, then the smile returns. "But as we all, I follow the rules and I play the game, Alexi. I have heard all you have to say and I will consider your offer, but I have no answer for you tonight." she says, again trailing a finger over the rim of the glass, the chiming sound echoing a moment until she slides her finger down its side again. [Rasha]

The dark haired youth's hands lift from the table where they rested, fingers spreading and netting through each other. Such strength. He thinks, his gaze unfocusing momentarily; and it is a miracle none of these mortals has sensed the clash of presences between the two. He is not even prepared to awe her into compliance, it would just make everything futile. And fatal. [Alexi]

"The game has already started. Miss Moncreiffe. My offer of you as my Seneschal stands as it is. And it will not erode, nor change. You have eternity to think upon it." A musing desire hints into the youth's voice, almost forlorn and abandoned in its tone. "But do not take too long, Miss Moncreiffe. I will not change my mind." [Alexi]

Alexi says 'But Etienne will. His roses hide many a snake. Be careful that you are not bitten.'

Rasha owers her lashes, her eyes nearly closed and slowly opens them, a soft, coy expression fills her lovely face. "Intriques lie on both sides of the path I feel and who am I but an a simple actress?" she asks, though again, rhetorical. [Alexi]

"Tell me, Alexi, would you have me leave the theatre? Would you too, set me to dealing with abnoxious and impertinent humans?" the last she whispers, she hadn't planned to voice that particular bone of contention, but she had been very angry at being saddled with dealing with that woman that had come into the theatre, seeking Etienne. [Rasha]

The dark haired youth shakes his head lightly, his fingers unlashing themselves and the closer hand wanders to where his glass lain abandoned. A drink is taken, for the lack of suspicion's sake and his answer given. [Alexi]

"I would not have you leave. You stay there by your choice, Miss Moncrieffe and your affections to those of your own choosing." He indicates a semblance of sincerity with an unflinching look at the young woman. [Alexi]

Alexi says 'At Court, when we must meet to decide on otherworldly business that garners the survival of our Kind, I will be your shield; if ever so Etienne says otherwise.'

Rasha considers his words, wondering just which side was the more dangerous to tread. "I will consider what you have said, ever word. Carefully." she says, unsure just what to do but not wishing to appear so indecisive, she smiles and brings the glass to her lips, lashes lowered, she simply smells the wine again, not really tasting it. Finally, she sets it down, grey eyes focused on the man before her, but she says nothing more. [Rasha]

"I am grateful then, Miss Moncrieffe. That you permit consideration of this offer." The glass the dark haired youth holds is raised, and tilted, in a faint impression of a toast to the young woman. "To our meeting then" [Alexi]

"And what the future may hold. For us." Alexi continues, the words held, hushed and drawn into muted being from his lips. [Alexi]

Rasha's smile lights her face and again, the actress in her comes to the fore. She raises her glass, gently touching it to his. "To firsts, then." she says. Her gaze holding his, a lot being conveyed in that one, simple look. Promise. Power. Many…many, things. [Rasha]

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