A New Beginning And Durin's Lineage

And as time has its way with most couples, Stonegrip and Goldenrod had several children, their first being their beloved daughter, Grace. Grace quickly grew into a lovely lady with strong will and courage, but mixed with compassion and patience. And when her father went to join her brothers, Grace stepped up to the throne with a heavy heart. And she vowed to rule justly and firmly such as her father had in his days and bring the Dwarven race into a Golden Age.

Durin, the eldest of the Seven Fathers, created the elaborate halls of Khazad-dum. From these halls issued forth the largest Dwarven empire ever to grace Ea, and all races were in admiration to the riches and glory the Dwarves acquired. The most wondrous wealth the Dwarves discovered being mithril; green gold; a metal that is light but stronger than tempered steel. Durin's lineage would continue to rule the levels and deeps of Khazad-dum unearthing enormous amounts of mithril until, due to their greed for the metal, they would release the Bane of Durin, the Balrog, from its sealed tomb.

The Balrog slew Durin VI and his son Nain, thus the Dwarves fled the caverns and migrated to Erebor, starting the Kingdom Under the Mountain with Thrain as its ruler. His son, Thorin, left with a large number of Dwarves and began his own kingdom. In time, the Kingdom Under the Mountain led by Thrain, and the Kingdom of the Grey Mountains led by Thorin, joined together to reform the great empire created by Father Durin. Throughout the years this joint-kingdom has become less and less known, and now all ties have long been since broken, and the kingdom long since lost.

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