A Seeker Of Employment

Theatre de Santorus
Chandeliers of crystal hang from the domed ceiling, illuminating the frescoes painted overhead, and splaying golden light over every corner. To the far left is an elaborate staircase leading upwards, as a soft carpet sweeps down its middle like a crimson waterfall. Between pillars hang heavy velvet curtains that shroud the great windows behind them. Giant porcelain urns, glazed a deep rich red and filled with golden gladioli, are placed against the walls, scenting the air with their sweetness. The use of richly veined marble, glit decorative balustrades, golden and marble figures holding bright candelabra gives a sense of sumptuous indulgence to the theatre's main hall. Single chairs, holstered with velvet and resplendent with polished ivory handles, are placed in strategic positions to allow patrons to view the performances in greatest comfort and pleasure. Between chairs are low tables of veneered oak, on which rests white vases of fresh-cut roses are set.
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Amelie smiled happily as she walked towards the Theater. Hopefully today she would be able to find someone useful. Rasha was an odd one, she wasn't sure what to think of her. The streets of Irae were pretty quiet to the time of evening. Amelie took a deep breath as she entered the theater hoping someone would be there. [Amelie]

There was a concert scheduled that evening, an appreciation of chamber music; a small recital so the patrons who left through the open doors as the curly-haired young woman is walking towards are few but sufficient to unsettle the quiet of the evening with their chatter. A few glances by these departing people are gifted Amelie's way, curious of why she is heading towards the theatre.[Etienne]

The janitor who is clearing away the flyers and posters at the front of the building stopped and looks in question at the young woman heading this way. He seems equally flustered when his employer, a tall, blonde male dressed rather richly appears at one of the doors, arms set on his hips and his grey-blue sights rousing a gaze of contempt over the backs of the departing patrons. [Etienne]

Seeing the man at the door seemed to catch Amelie off guard. Must have been something big going on since he was actually here. She was thinking she was going to catch the Lady not the Lord. She straightened her shoulders and made her way towards him. She smiled and nodded in greeting. "Good evening, sir." [Amelie]

One blonde eyebrow arches emphatically in question at the greeting hoisted at him from the point he stands and Etienne d'Santorus tilts his head downwards to ascertain the source of the female voice. "Good evening, mademoiselle." He returns the greeting formally, loosening his arms and having them press themselves to the back and a little pleasant bow is given to Amelie. [Etienne]

The janitor, by now, has stripped the front facade of the building bare of the newslets and posters, and fled the vicinity of the Lord d'Santorus, leaving only the latter and the curly haired girl standing together. Etienne's eyebrows continue to waver upwards in query, though now a smile is slowly perfected upon his mouth. "How may I help you this fine eve?" [Etienne]

She takes a deep breath as she looks at him. He looked a bit intimidating. She forced herself to smile again. "I am looking for Lord Etienne, would you be him, sir? I was told that was who I needed to speak to about employment." [Amelie]

"Employment?" The pleasant note in Etienne's voice remains rather prominent as his eyes run over the looks of the girl on those steps infront of him. With a grandiose flourish, the richly dressed blonde man sweeps down into a further, deep bow towards Amelie. "Oui,mademoiselle, you be speaking to him right now." [Etienne]

He chuckles, and halts at mid-bow, his head lifting up with a sort of bird-like grace as he settles yet another lengthy, assessing look on Amelie. "Before I would even ask what you wish to do here, mademoiselle, there is one question." [Etienne]

Etienne straightens up, and brushes one gloved hand down the side of his coat, smoothing out the wrinkles. "One question, mademoiselle. Do you have dedication?" He asks, still smiling at Amelie, the smile going to tug the sides of his mouth though for some reason, it does not reach those jewel-like eyes of his.[Etienne]

She watched him carefully. She wasn't quite used to his sort but she would have to deal with it. "Yes I do sir." She smiled back at him as she stood up straight. She wasn't too thrilled with the inspection but she stood still. [Amelie]

The blonde man then clasps his hands together, slender fingers linking now that the girl seems to have given her assent that she is /dedicated/. "Very good, mademoiselle. Very good. This is what I look for. Perhaps we should speak inside; the wind here is not good for the complexion — especially of yound ladies like yourself." [Etienne]

He chuckles a little, sensing that Amelie has come to a decision perhaps to observe him more consciously than the average person would. The doors are now pushed open and the girl is welcomed, albeit with one open arm leading towards the inside of the main hall. "Come then, mademoiselle. You shall tell me your name and your talent once we are within my theatre's walls.[Etienne]

Amelie smirked as she walked into the room. Her talent….she had a feeling her particular skills weren't too much to be desired but she followed him inside. Perhaps he could at least find -something- for her. [Amelie]

Sharp as he is, the tall, blonde man does catch a note of the smirk shifting across Amelie's face. "Well now." Etienne muses, sliding his fingers into each other in a languid flexing motion as he looks at her once more. Not really that tiny, but sufficiently, if not to say; he thought to himself, average. Average. He is quite sure of that. [Etienne]

"Now mademoiselle, your name, if you please. And since you have said you're dedicated, what might your talent be?" He asks, letting his frame settle as he stands in a most relaxed fashion.[Etienne]

"I'm Amelie D'aubigne. As for talent…" She thinks to herself a moment. "Would depend on your definition and needs." She grinned at herself. She was being honest with him, her talents do tend to depend on the needs of the employer. Whatever makes the client happy.[Amelie]

"You're quite the one who seems unsure what you'd like to do, mademoiselle." The blonde man purses up his lips and his hand moves to rub gently at his chin now, pretending to be in thought again. "Since it depends on my definition and needs, that does not really exist in here. It would have to depend on /your/ needs and your own wanting, mademoiselle Amelie." [Etienne]

His hand gracefully retreats itself from his chin and that hand moves in a relaxed arch above his head and around. "In this Theatre, mademoiselle, people come with talent, they know their talent, they know their need. They come dedicated." The blonde man's head tilt downwards from his height and now he smiles once more at the curly haired girl. "What would you like to do, mademoiselle?" [Etienne]

She watched him carefully, definitely different from the sort she was used to. Usually the say what they want and she gets it done. "I happen to like the theater and I want to find a way to be a part of it. I'm not sure on types of jobs one has here, that's why I came to talk to you." [Amelie]

"It is simple then, mademoiselle. Three things. If you can act, you act. If you can sing, you sing. If you can't do both of what I have suggested." The tall blonde man snaps his slim fingers, the glow of the lamps in the hall catching onto the rings he wears. "Then you clean." [Etienne]

He makes a soft sound in his throat, rather like the purring of a kitten and edges his silver-gray gaze upon Amelie again. "I am glad, mademoiselle, that you like the theatre. That is evidence you are quite the dedicated young lady." [Etienne]

She studies him a moment. She had acted in school but it had been a couple years since she put it to good use. As for singing she was ok but not stage worthy, at least she didn't think so. And cleaning..she shuddered at the thought. "I think..perhaps acting would be ok. I used to in school but it has been a couple years." [Amelie]

For a moment, the lord appears hesitant but it could just be a guise, none-the-less. "So you want to act? It is good then, mademoiselle, you have made up your mind. One of the attendants will take you to see Lady Rasha; she is most apt at her skill and will teach you the culture of the theatre." [Etienne]

He ends his words with yet another smile, and steps aside slightly, bowing to Amelie. "Perhaps later we might meet and talk one more time, mademoiselle. Now I must bade my leave and you're free to explore this place if you wish." [Etienne]

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