A Song in the Night

Paris, Hotel du Louvre

“Nique, my love. Have you seen Salome since we got back from the ball? She ought to be back at this point, non?” Sander asks while idly watching Dominique from his cozy place on the bed. Curled in front of him lays the steadily breathing silhouette of a young girl, her naked figure barely covered by a light duvet. He runs his fingers from her spilled hair along the side of her neck, down to her womanly hips where his hand remains. A small sigh escapes the lips of the girl at his touch and she inches closer to his form, despite the cold that was coming from the cainite she shared the bed with.

The lavish hotel room is decorated with the finest artwork lined along the walls, each illuminated with two candles strategically placed on each side. Heavy drapery is placed in front of the floor to ceiling windows, not even letting in a single beam of moonlight. A plush chaise is placed adjacent to the bed with a table next to it, a few books strewn on its surface.

Dominique is sitting in front of a large dresser, staring dreamily at her own features and brushing through her thick golden mane. One hundred brushes to ensure the gleaming color of her hair. Without stopping, she turns her honey colored eyes from her mirror image to find the eyes of her sire, Sander. “I have not and you know very well that she never tells me where she’s going,” Dominique places the brush on the table and whirls around on the velvet covered bench, sweeping her curls over her shoulder. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d find her rehearsing, you know how devoted she is.” Sander agrees with a simple nod, places a kiss upon the girl's neck and slides from the bed and heads toward the closet to get dressed. “She’s all yours, Nique,” he says and nonchalantly waves toward the sleeping form. Dominique’s small fangs descend and she wets her lips as she glides towards the bed. Now dressed in a simple black smoking jacket and slacks of the same color he proceeds to the door. Just before Sander reaches the heavy mahagony exit, he turns his head one last time to see his childe now on the duvet, caressing the girls face and sensually brushing away her hair. He loved to watch her feed, such beauty and grace. He shakes his head lightly, a small grin playing around his lips and leaves the room.

“Via da questa malinconia,
invidia o rabbia che sia.
Qui nel mio cuore
non voglio più queste parole.

Tu dove sei? Il tuo sorriso dov'è?
Senza di te, senza il tuo amore
che sarà di me?”

Away from this melancholy,
Envy or rage alike.
I don't want these words anymore
To be here in my heart

But you… where are you?
Where's your smile
What about me if I don't have you,
If I don't get your love?

Salome’s voice drifts through the darkened corridors, like the haunting lure of a siren. The child vampire was indeed rehearsing and Sander quickly finds himself in the ballroom, staring at his wunderkind. The room was lighted with several candles lit by a candelabra hanging from the ceiling right above the stage. Shadows were moving along the walls, shifting in an eerie dance to the song Salome sang. The maids had already cleaned up every sign of the lavish ball that had not ended a mere two hours ago. The tables were already set for the breakfast in the morning, expensive china placed upon stiff white tablecloths.

Sander stops in his tracks, his grey eyes fixed upon the girl on stage. Never would he get used to her crystal clear voice, so innocent, so beautiful it rang through the night. As the last notes leave her lips, Salome curtsies to the non existent audience and notices Sander standing in the shadows. “How long have you been here?” she asks with her melodic child voice. Her red curls have been piled up high on her head, a few lose ringlets touching the bare shoulders. She is dressed in a hand-pleated satin chiffon gown in an off white and laced boots of the same color.

“Just for the last few notes, ma cherie. Marvelous as ever and may I say, you look ravishing tonight.” Salome scuffs “What does it matter what I look like to you, Sander? To you and to everyone else I am nothing but a beautiful doll to look at. Nothing else.” Sander rushes to her side to stand behind her, mortal eyes not having been able to see his movement at all. “Not tonight, Salome. Do not ruin this moment by lamenting over something you have no control over.” He places both of his hand down onto her bare skin, leans down and presses a gentle kiss upon her cheek. “I love you the way you are, I wouldn’t want you any other way,” he whispers in her ear. Salome turns around lightning fast and reaches up to cup Sanders chin with her tiny hand and tilts his head down. “You wouldn’t want me any other way? Would you want to kiss me? Would you want to touch me the way you touch Dominique?” she asks and immediately sees the answer in Sanders eyes. “I didn’t think so,” she says in resignation and releases her hold. “You will never see me for the woman I have become; I will always be a child in your eyes.” Salome gathers the fabric of her gown and gingerly makes her way down the steps. The thought of following Salome is promptly erased by the child’s cold voice “Leave me be, Sander. Go back to Dominique and Nina. Do not worry, I will retire shortly but for now…,” she pauses and a smirk appears on her features “…I have other plans. I saw a lovely bell boy earlier this evening, he was quite beautiful with his dark curls and I shall pay him a visit, I promised him so.” Her voice echoes from the wall as she vanishes out of sight, leaving Sander standing alone upon the stage.

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