A Time Of Forgetfulness

After Grace left the throne, a new era known as the Time of Forgetfulness began in which anarchy ruled and many dwarves lost sight of the values that Grace stood for. But out of this turmoil rose a leader, a light to guide the dwarves back. His name was Remus, a dwarven vampire who deeply loved his race, but Fate steered him toward ruin and humiliation. Eventually, a group of dwarves gathered with the one idea…. to bring the pride back to the race. From this group rose the new king to end the Time of Forgetfulness and usher forth a new era, an era of that could be considered a golden age.

This thane was Tharakin Oakenshield. He vowed to to reunite the Dwarves and bring the families together into one large family. He was a mighty dwarf, one whose friends respected him for his courage and compassion, and one who his enemies feared for he had no mercy. His wisdom steered the Dwarves clear of many a war and tribulation, and he walked the path of his ancestors, the path of the warrior. Many cannot believe that a warrior of his stature can be wise and intelligent, but to each doubt he had proved wrong. He was a survivor, a survivor of assassins and enemies, but most of all, he was a survivor of time. Standing ever by his side, his beautiful, and charming wife Kitra Oakenshield.

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