(The tides of war are less, but personal battles and lust for power
echo still. Vernese with her adopted child, Lommehin, will soon
be met by Kuah and the undead Turlyon in a day that will scar
mother and child and chieftan forever more…)

Lommehin giggles as he points at the crabs,
'Mommy, look at them. Hehehe, they walk funny'

Vernese smiles, 'Aye, but be careful, Lommehin.
They pinch.'

Lommehin squeals happily as he dances around the crab.

Vernese rises slowly to her feet, 'Lommehin, would you
like to build a sandcastle?'

Lommehin pouts slightly and asks, 'What's a sannndd Castle?'

Kuah walks up, crushing a crab under his boot.

Lommehin hears Kuah hrm.
Lommehin squeals as he sees the crab crushed!

Kuah says 'What a… suprise.'

Turlyon fades into view from behind Kuah.

Lommehin runs behind Vernese at the site of the two huge trolls.

Vernese jumps and looks at Kuah, 'Heruamin!' She smiles and
starts walking towards him till she spots Turlyon.

Kuah says 'Vernese… strange to see you far from the… Island.'

Turlyon smirks as he catches the surprised look on Vernese's
face, 'Well met…'

Lommehin whines from behind Vernese as he glances towards Turlyon,
'Mommy! It's the man!'

Vernese frowns and turns her attention back to Kuah,
'I come here often with Lommehin.' She reaches behind herself and
picks up the child, 'It's ok.'

Turlyon glances toward Kuah and back towards Lommehin and
sniffs with disdain.

Vernese takes a step back, mentally preparing a spell, but she
seems unsure of using it on Kuah if need be.

Lommehin holds onto Vernese tightly as his amber eyes well up
with tears.

Turlyon motions towards his blade as he sees Vernese preparing
an attack.

Kuah says 'Greetings…'

Turlyon glances at Kuah as he grips the hilt of his sword and nods
towards Vernese, 'Your lead, my chieftan.'

Kuah whispers something to Turlyon.

Kuah says 'Vernese..'

Vernese steps back, her eyes wide, 'Kuah, what is going on?'
She looks at him fearfully and holds tighter to Lommehin,
then runs off.

Kuah points to the child, a calm look on his face, 'This is?…'

Lommehin cries softly as Vernese runs away from the two trolls.

Vernese utters an incantation, and a portal forms in front of her!
Vernese sets Lommehin on the sand and turns to face the two Olog’hai.
Vernese says 'Hurry and enter, Lommehin.'

Kuah says 'Wait'
Kuah says 'I am not here to harm'

Lommehin clutches Vernese's hand as he tries to pull her towards
the portal, 'Mommy! I'm scared…'

Kuah bends down to Vernese, 'You trust me… don't you?'

Turlyon grumbles at the whining from the young elf.

Lommehin shies away as he sees the large troll approach,
'Stay away! Don't hurt my mommy!'

Kuah holds out a hand to calm Turlyon while placing a sick
smile on his face as he looks at the child.

Vernese's eyes fill with tears, her voice soft, 'Aye, Kuah,
but Turlyon…'

Kuah says to the child, 'What is your name?'
Kuah kneels before Lommehin.

Turlyon sighs as he backs off slightly and says, 'Proceed chieftain…'

Vernese picks up Lommehin and holds him tightly before disappearing
into the portal.

Kuah steps from the shadows, 'Please stop.'

Lommehin glances around and sees that Turlyon did not come through
the portal in time.

Kuah says 'Vernese…'

Vernese spins around, shaking, 'Kuah…' She looks up at him,
a single tear sliding down her face.

Kuah says 'Why are you acting so.. odd?'
Kuah glances about trying to get an idea on where he is.

Turlyon laughs as he steps through another portal,
'A scroll of a dying mage comes in handy after all…'

Kuah says 'I need to speak with you… Vernese.'

Vernese glances at Turlyon, 'Kuah, he is trying to take Lommehin
from me.'

Lommehin is puzzled by the calmness in Kuah's voice and turns his
head towards him, 'Who are you? Don't hurt my mommy!'

Vernese clutches Lommehin to her chest and runs east.

Kuah says 'No… he is with me on a matter of scouting… we just
happened to meet on the beach… its bad timing.'
Kuah says 'What would an Olog'hai want with a child?'
Kuah says 'Remember we have an agrement with the heruk.'
Kuah says 'I have never seen you… act so…'

Vernese looks up at Kuah, unsure of herself,
'I don't know why he wants Lommehin, but he does.'

Lommehin whispers quietly into Vernese's ear just a tad too
loudly, 'Don't be scared Mommy, if they try to hurt you, I'll
protect us.'

Kuah turns his head back to Turlyon, winks quickly and then reaches
out to grab Vernese with the speed of wind.
Kuah says 'Do not fight me.'

Turlyon bares his fangs as he dives towards the boy!

Lommehin shrieks with terror at the approach of the large vampire.

Vernese screams and jumps backwards. She sets Lommehin down and
mutters something arcane. A lighting bolt streaks from the sky
towards Turlyon.

Kuah shouts, 'Spell, look out!!'

Turlyon quickly changes his maneuver and dodges the lightning as
he grasps for Lommehin.

Turlyon grumbles, 'Such I would expect from heruk!'

Kuah ends up grabbing a large chunk of Vernese’s hair and rolling
away he quickly finds himself on his feet on the other side of

Lommehin cries out, 'Run mommy! He's going to get you too!' as he
tries to kick off the large Vampire.

Kuah says 'I always knew you should have cut it.'
Kuah clenches his teeth and bristles with anger.
Kuah seems to grow quick and wild with the lust of battle flowing
in his body.

Vernese jumps back, her hair coming out of Kuah’s grasp, and grabs

Turlyon roars with a ferocity unseen by even himself as he reaches
once again for the young one.

Lommehin scared by the roar from Turlyon, covers his ears and hides
behind Vernese.

Kuah slowly reaches out and grabs Vernese by the arm.
'Settle down… please'

Vernese utters another spell and a blinding light bursts out of
the ground heading towards Kuah.

Turlyon dives in front of Kuah and blocks the burst of light.
Turlyon falls back in pain as the blinding spell hurls itself into
his chest.
Turlyon says 'Chieftan…'

Kuah says 'Are you okay?'

Turlyon coughs a spurt of blood.
Turlyon nods solemnly.
Turlyon rises back to his feet with blood trickling from his mouth.

Kuah squeezes his hand into Vernese's arm.
Kuah says 'Why are you acting like this?'

Lommehin comes from behind Vernese and launches a series of ferocious
kicks towards Kuah's shins.

Kuah says 'You seem to have grown some… some strength.'
Kuah says 'Ouch!'

Turlyon growls loudly as he tries to walk with the pain in his chest

Kuah drops his grip on Vernese reaching for the child only to miss
grabbing him and nearly falling off balance. 'Why you little…'

Vernese grabs Lommehin and picks him up, ignoring the pain in her
arm 'Kuah stop this now, please.'

Kuah looks to Turlyon, 'I have fought beast and dragon, and never
felt a… pain quite like that little
monsters foot.'

Lommehin wipes away his tears and says, 'I thought you were nice!
Mommy always says nice things
about a nice man named Kuah!
Why are you trying to hurt her?'

Kuah rubs his shins, trying to keep his temper.

Turlyon grumbles as he nods towards Kuah, 'That little one…he is something…'
as he clutches his wound.

Vernese takes a few steps back, 'Kuah, why are you trying to take him?
We have done nothing to you.'

Kuah says 'I am not trying to… take him, I told you that.'
Kuah turns to look at Turlyon, nodding to circle around.
Kuah starts stepping slowly towards Vernese.

Turlyon nods back and slowly steps behind the pair.

Kuah says 'Please…'
Kuah says 'Vernese…'
Kuah continues stepping slowly towards Vernese.

Lommehin glances around him, 'Mommy! Mommy!!' and points at the troll
advancing from behind.

Vernese watches Kuah, 'It seems like you are.' She casts another spell
and flames appear in front of Turlyon.

Turlyon approaches quietly only to be stopped by the searing flames,
'Damn you and your magic!'

Kuah says 'You will run out of strength soon, Vernese. Do not
make this… hard.'
Kuah says 'I have no concern for the child.'
Kuah says 'You should know me better.'

Vernese's face fills with pain and sorrow at Kuah's seeming betrayal,
tears slide slowly down her face, 'What do you want, Kuah?'

Kuah says 'I only wish to… to talk to you.'
Kuah says 'I have never seen this side of you.'

Turlyon collects himself and smiles as he utters quietly,
'You are only making this harder…'

Kuah says 'We mean no harm, why break the word I made with the

Lommehin puts a small hand on Vernese's face and says,
'Don't cry mommy…' as tears appear in his amber shaded eyes as well.

Kuah looks at Vernese, sadness in his eyes as well, as he rubs the
necklace around his neck.

Vernese frowns slightly, 'I don't know….'
She pats Lommehin on the back, 'It's ok.'

Kuah says 'Look… we think there is something… special about
this… this child.'

Vernese says 'So you come here to try and take him?!'

Lommehin pouts at Kuah as he shouts, 'I thought you and Mommy
were friends!'

Kuah says 'I would not put my fortress or the clans I care about or
look over in… danger. From the power they… whisper about.'
Kuah says 'The Heruk can not keep this to themselves.'

Turlyon grumbles as his patience starts to wear thin,
'Heruk! This would be much easier if only…'

Kuah kneels down, still rubbing his shins, 'I thought so too.'
Kuah glances at Vernese.

Vernese frowns, a puzzled look on her face, 'What power? What is going
on, Kuah?'

Kuah looks at Turlyon, 'She does not know?'

Turlyon whispers to his chieftan ever so quietly, 'No sire…'

Vernese moves to take a step towards Kuah, worried that he is hurt,
but stops when she remembers Turlyon.

Lommehin points at Kuah and Turlyon, shouting,
'Why are you with that bad man! He tried to get me before!'

Turlyon grumbles.

Kuah says 'I am fine, quite a spirit behind those kicks.. boy.'
Kuah says 'I shall fear them more than the fire on… her
Kuah glances at Vernese.

Turlyon sticks a large finger towards the young elf,
'Quiet boy…You are lucky for your life at this point!'
and rubs his chest in pain.

Kuah whispers something to Turlyon.

Vernese shifts Lommehin to her other arm,
'Stay back vampire. I have more where that came from.'

Turlyon whispers something to Kuah.

Kuah whispers something to Turlyon.
Kuah says 'Please, child…'
Kuah kneels down hands out weaponless, 'What is your… name?'

Turlyon whispers something to Kuah.

Lommehin shys away from Kuah as he approaches,
'Why should I tell you! You want to hurt mommy!'

Vernese holds Lommehin protectively, her face fearful because
of the whispering.

Lommehin goes to grasp Vernese's hand while his young hands,
still lacking dexterity, drops something.
Lommehin drops an ugly little green troll.

Turlyon gets an ugly little green troll.
A guttural whine escapes an ugly little green troll "Da Da!"
Turlyon chuckles politely.

Kuah says 'I never mean to… hurt. Not those I… I…'
A puzzled look on appears on his face. 'Those I consider friend.'

Turlyon holds the troll aloft, 'Is this yours young one?'

Lommehin whines as he sees his favorite toy in the hands of the

Kuah says 'A strange toy for a… Heruk'

Lommehin says 'Give it back!'
Lommehin says 'Mommy gave it to me!'
Lommehin says 'Give it back now!'

Kuah says 'Did she now?'
Kuah says 'Does she do lots of… nice things for you?'
Kuah beams a smile at Lommehin.

Turlyon chuckles evilly and says, 'You want this back young one?'

Lommehin's tears flow down his face as he sees the vampire
holding his troll doll, 'Give it back nowwwww!!'

Turlyon smirks as he hands the doll to Kuah.
Turlyon says 'What do you make of it Chieftan?'

Kuah slowy reaches out to touch the forhead of the child, Lommehin.
Kuah examines the doll.

Lommehin grabs Kuah's finger as he is busy examining the doll and
bites at it!

Vernese steps back, holding her hand out, 'Please give me back the
doll, Kuah.'

Kuah says 'I see nothing special about it…'
Kuah winces. Ouch!

Lommehin says 'Gimme gimme gimme!'

Kuah says 'Bastard!'

Turlyon says 'You dare!'

Kuah falls back a step and drops the doll.

Kuah drops an ugly little green troll.

Lommehin gets an ugly little green troll.
A guttural whine escapes an ugly little green troll "Da Da!"
Lommehin smiles happily as he holds his troll doll aloft.

Kuah glares at Lommehin.

Turlyon motions towards the young one and says, 'Chieftan…he…
bit you?'

Kuah says 'I should bite your arm off you little…'
Kuah shakes away the pain in his hand.
Kuah nods in agreement to Turlyon.

Turlyon growls at the young elf, 'Just for that young one…'

Vernese glances around, her face frantic,
'Kuah, please leave us be.'

Kuah says 'Vernese, how came this child to… your care?'

Lommehin ignores the two bickering trolls and holds his doll aloft,
'It does look like him mommy! Look!' and points towards Kuah.

Kuah steps closer to Vernese.
Kuah says 'I am interested in the… story'
Kuah stops right in front of Vernese and moves slowly to her side,
ever watching her eyes with his.

Vernese bites down on her lip, 'His mother and father were killed. I
felt some sort of attachment to him
and asked for permission to adopt him.'

Vernese finishes talking and looks up at Kuah,
'I don't think I will ever have kids of my own.'

Kuah says 'Killed? How? During a raid? Is he of the Island?'

Lommehin hugs Vernese as he adds on, 'And heee tried to catch me!'
pointing towards Turlyon.

Turlyon grumbles.
Turlyon says 'Boy…I have killed more people than the hairs on your

Kuah holds his finger, bite marks and all in the face of Vernese,
'He needs to be… tought some… manners.'

Vernese steps back as Kuah nears, her face pale,
'They were killed by Ogres and he is not of the Island yet, but will
be soon.'

Kuah grabs for the throat of Vernese as she is answering the questions
and with his other arm grabs a wrist as well.

Turlyon seizes the opportunity and once again dives at the young elf.

Kuah says 'Do not make me kill you Vern… heruk.'
Kuah says 'I do not want this'
Kuah is shaking.

Lommehin not ready for the attack, tries to wiggle free of Turlyon but

Turlyon wrenches the boy strongly from Vernese.

Kuah turns his head, 'Do you have him secure?'

Lommehin tries to grasp onto Vernese's free hand as he is pulled away.

Turlyon nods solemnly.
Turlyon says 'He is mine, sire!'

Vernese staggers backwards, and starts reciting the same spell again
and again. Lightning bolts race towards Turlyon.

Turlyon holds onto the boy's arms and uses him as a shield momentarily, but
thinks better to dodge.

Kuah releases his grip of the neck but pulls Vernese towards him as she
releases the spell.

Vernese screams as Kuah grabs her wrist and she lunges for Lommehin,
screaming louder.

Lommehin shrieks as the lightning bolts barely miss him.

Kuah says 'It is the way of things… I am sorry.'
Kuah digs fingers into flesh as he grabs.

Turlyon stands firmly as he sees the approaching Vernese, he utters an
arcane word and the same wall of fire is erected infront of him.

Kuah shouts 'Take the boy to hiding… please tell me you have thought
this out!'

Vernese tries to wrench herself free, tears streaming down her face,
'NO! Kuah, please don't take him!'

Turlyon chuckles from behind the wall of fire, 'Yes sire…' and vanishes
from sight with Lommehin.

Kuah backhands Vernese then screams to the sky in a warcry.
Kuah lets go and falls back a few steps, now with dagger drawn.
Kuah says 'You would kill me, Vernese… your old friend? You would kill
me? The one who was but a fool in the… snow?'

Turlyon fades into view using an old Nosgoth spell.

Vernese staggers slightly from the blow and she falls to the ground sobbing,
'Kuah, how could you do this to me?'

Turlyon says 'Sire…the boy is taken care of…''

Kuah says 'We could be in great danger now… with the breaking of the
Kuah says 'We have options to consider now.'

Turlyon nods solemnly.

Kuah points towards Vernese.

Vernese rises slowly to her feet, 'I love you Kuah. What other way will you
try to destroy me?'

Kuah says 'I did not ASK for this!'

Turlyon takes a step back and says, 'Sire?…'

Kuah says 'I had thought you knew of the child… why is it when I am around
you, I always seem to know more about your people than YOU!’
Kuah throws his hands in the air in disgust.
Kuah says 'I swear your people are insane.'

Turlyon glances at the tears streaming down the face of the elven mage mixing
with the dirt in her dark hair.

Vernese steps towards Kuah, and runs her hand down his cheek,
'You have destroyed me, Kuah.'

Kuah says 'They should be… be damned to be studied by foolish monks of the…
of the south lands.'

Kuah says 'Destory you?? I should.'

Turlyon smiles happily.

Kuah shakes his head slowly.

Turlyon says 'Sire, I believe there are some issues we must first take
care of…'

Kuah says 'I know…'

Vernese shakes her head and looks into Kuah's eyes,
'You already have, long ago it started. Now it is done. You have taken
all the happiness from my life.' She slumps to the ground.

Turlyon flinches with uncharacteristic sympathy in his eyes as he holds
his wound.

Kuah looks at Turlyon, 'No harm will come to the child… right?'
Kuah says 'At least promise me that!'

Turlyon says 'That is…undetermined sire.'
Turlyon says 'I shall try…'

Kuah looks at Vernese on the ground, 'Figures.'

Turlyon says 'You are a leader of your people. Act like one!!'
Turlyon points at Vernese.

Kuah turns to Turlyon, 'She is a mess, half her people find her an outcast
as is, they will not find her story valid, at least
not at first.'
Kuah says 'She will rise one day… and on that day all shall fear the Heruk.
Of this I am sure.'

Turlyon nods solemnly and says, 'I will be sure to start the…research soon
He glances back towards the weeping Vernese shaking his head.

Vernese looks around, seeming small and lost. She reaches up and takes the
tulip from her hair, 'You have taken my heart Kuah and now my son.'

Kuah says 'But now… even I feel pity for her emotional outburst on the…
Kuah turns to Turlyon and heartlessly he speaks, 'She is as much a child
as he.'

Turlyon says 'He is not even your rightful son!'

Vernese looks up at Kuah, rage in her eyes. She moves to her feet and the
wind suddenly picks up, blowing her hair wildly behind her.

Kuah steps back a step.

Vernese says 'I adopted him, by all rights he is my son, vampire!'

Turlyon stands tall as his dark shroud flows in tatters behind him and
the wind fluttering his dark hair, 'You should be happy I didn't kill
him when I had the chance…'

Kuah half-afraid, half jokingly looks to Turlyon, 'That is the power I…
speak of.'

Turlyon chuckles politely.

Kuah says 'I place a large gamble on this Turlyon… I hope this is

Turlyon nods solemnly towards his chieftan, 'Yes sire…' and glances back
at Vernese, 'This I promise you…If he lives, he shall be returned to you!'
Turlyon says 'I promise that as an Olog'hai and as a servant of Kuah!'

Vernese makes a small gesture with her hand and a small thread of her aura
streaks towards Kuah's. It enters his and starts to spread out, quickly
growing in size.

Turlyon steps back at the sight of these happenings and points towards
Vernese, 'Witch! What vileness is this?'

Kuah draws weapons but seems to feel no pain.
Kuah says 'What… are you… doing to me?'

Turlyon glances at Kuah, 'Chieftan are you…hurt?'

The wind around you howls the mournful tune of time past.

Kuah shakes his head, 'I do not seem to be…'

Turlyon goes towards Vernese intent on stopping what ever she is doing,
'What are you doing to him?'

Vernese steps towards Kuah, her eyes pleading, 'Kuah, please make him bring
back Lommehin.'
She starts concentrating and slowly tries to enter Kuah's mind.

Kuah starts to shout out of nowhere, 'Run… Run Turlyon… Run before
she charms!!'
Kuah grips his blades tight.

Turlyon perplexed by the happenings, stutters, 'What? Sire? Her?!'

Kuah seems to be fighting control of his person and mind.

Turlyon runs towards Vernese with blade drawn and launches himself at her!

Kuah reaches for a ward of escape and drops it in the self struggle.

Vernese slips gracefully out of the way of Turlyon's blade.

Turlyon stumbles as his wounds cause him pain and he sees his chieftan
struggling against himself in the corner, 'You witch! You are lucky I was
hurt earlier…'

Kuah says 'Vernese… you are… stop this… please… enough struggle
for… one day.'

Turlyon turns back towards Kuah and says, 'Chieftan! Fight it!' and grasps
out at Vernese.

Vernese ignores Turlyon and looks at Kuah, her eyes full of pain at what
she is doing to Kuah, she says softly, 'Please, Kuah. Lommehin is, but a
child, nothing more.'

Kuah takes a step towards Turlyon weapons drawn then struggles to take a
step towards Vernese.
Kuah howls in rage.

Turlyon's eyes glow brightly as he reaches towards Vernese with deadly
Vampire hands gaping.
Turlyon says 'I will suck the very life from your body, Witch!'

Kuah shouts in great pain, 'Knock her out!'

Vernese glances over her shoulder and makes a wall of flames between herself
and Turlyon, then looks back at Kuah, letting tears slide down her face.

Turlyon stops in front of the flames and starts to walk around them.
Turlyon runs over to Kuah and tries to shake him from his trance,
'Chieftan! Chieftan!!

Kuah shouts over the flames in self struggle, 'What of those… flowers in
your hair? What of.. snowmen?
What of the spring in the…
forest of heruk?!'
Kuah shouts, 'You are HURTING ME!!'

Turlyon growls as he stands helplessly watching the scene unravel.

Kuah strikes out at Turlyon with a fist wielding a blade.

Vernese walks up to Kuah. The use of so much of her power is starting to
weaken her, 'Tell me of the flowers, Kuah, or the snowmen and spring in the
forest, Ellcrys!'

Turlyon caught surprised from the blow, is slashed deeply across his chest
as he staggers backwards in pain, 'Chieftan! What? What are you doing?'

Kuah shocked at his damage looks to the blood on his weapon and then Turlyon
and then back to Vernese. 'I can not tell you of them… I can not!'

Turlyon covers the deep wound on his chest as blood gushes forth and grumbles
helplessly looks at Vernese, 'YOU! You have done this!'

Kuah struggles to take a step towards Vernese.
Kuah has an evil look on his face.

Turlyon coughs as the blood from his chest covers his tattered cloak.

Vernese slowly nod her head, her voice the as it used to be,
'Aye, Kuah. You can tell me.'

Kuah falls to his knees in exahustion.

Turlyon's eyes roll back in his head from the pain and once again he coughs
loudly spitting up blood.

Kuah whispers to the ground, 'I should of… walked to the… tavern when
I heard your name brought up… in my office.'

Vernese concentrates harder on Kuah, saying gently,
'You can tell me. I wish to know of these things.'
She puts her hand on Kuah's shoulder, 'Tell me these things and I'll stop.'

Kuah looks back to Turlyon, 'Don't you die on me… not after all this.'

Turlyon grumbles through his blood soaked mouth, 'Chieftan…This is
Turlyon tries to hold back from screaming as a dull flat pain is etched in
his face, 'It will take a lot more than a damned Heruk and her spells to
kill me…'

Kuah still on his knees looks to Vernese,
'I desire not to… talk of such things anymore… time and fate has made
it so. We are not a master of these things, no matter our… power.'

Kuah calmly still looking at Vernese shouts to Turlyon,
'Just be thankful I had no… poison on the blade!'

Turlyon chuckles lightly as he hears Kuah utter the word 'Power'

Turlyon struggles ever so slowly to his feet as drips of dark blood form
a puddle beneath him.

Kuah closes his eyes, 'I swear this child better be… worth it.'

Vernese sighs softly and sinks to her knees in front of Kuah, her face white,
'My son Kuah, my last happiness. Why do you take away all my happiness?'
Vernese stops the spell, but leaves the thread of her aura in Kuah’s.

Kuah says 'get a hold of yourself… he is not… your son.'

Vernese says 'He is mine, Kuah. I adopted him.'

Kuah says 'He is a bastard with… with something my friend here and nation…
Kuah gasps for breath slowly.

Turlyon nods as he tries to control himself from coughing again, 'Sire…'

Kuah says 'You have grown quite strong… Vernese.'
Kuah looks to Turlyon.

Turlyon says 'I believe it best we …keep quiet about my intentions.'
Turlyon coughs once again at the expended energies.

Kuah nods and waves off the thought with a hand and slowly moves to his feet.
Kuah looks to the Heruk on the ground, 'She will live?'

Vernese shakes her head sadly, 'I never wanted to use my power on you,
She lets her hand slip off Kuah's shoulder as he stands, exhausted and

Turlyon covers his face with his sleeve leaving streaks of semi dried blood
across his face, 'I hope not…but the fates seem to favor that one…she

Kuah says 'Aye… fates…'
Kuah says 'We shall leave her here then… we best be off.'

Turlyon nods obediantly towards his chieftan.

Kuah says 'I fear I will be… hunted for many nights to come.'

Turlyon leaves west.

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