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List of Roleplaying Characters, Current.


  • To add your character, please place your name in the correct alphabetical sector.
  • This is intended to be just a name-list. For more specific additions including with ranks, you may wish to use your own nations page to do it.
  • Listings are based on contributors' trust.
  • Your character must have participated in any form of roleplaying this year to be considered active.

A, B, C, D, E

Aranvar - Elohai Lord of the House of Commerce
Annale - Elf Queen, Leader of Irrybis
Ashandra - former Leader of the Sea Elves
Anique - a deeply religious young lady with a flair as a scribe
Alzeria - former Matron of the Drow
Alexi - Prince of the Cainite Society of Sanctus Irae
Amelie -
Arina - current leader of the Sea Elves
Christian - former playwright of the Theatre d'Santorus, Sanctus Irae
Durante - a knight serving the city of Sanctus Irae
Domnique -
Etienne - Owner of the Theatre d'Santorus, Sanctus Irae
Elias -
Excane - Emperor of the Giths

F, G, H I, J

Farlina - Leader of the Gnomes
Israfel - high mage and Elear of Irrybis
Isadora - sister of the former Marquis, Leon di Giovanni of Sanctus Irae
Jacqueline -
Jurevicus - former trademeister of Sanctus Irae

K, L, M, N, O

Kaiyri - only child of Amalia Vydien Ladisvale
Kosaim - Leader of the Pixies
Klaatu - Leader of the Half-Orcs
Leon - former Marquis of Sanctus Irae
Menta - former leader of the Giths

P, Q, R, S, T

Portia -
Renata -
Rasha - alluring actress of the Theatre d'Santorus
Selwyn - Captain of the Mother-in-Law
Sabrielle - elf maiden, known as the Witch
Stela - former Speaker of the Elohai
Salome - beautiful songstress of the Theatre d'Santorus
Talisha - current Head of the University of Valdislav, Sanctus Irae
Trella - former leader and keeper of Lomar
Tharius - a ranger with the Guild of Origin

U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Vokith -
Viktoria -
Vien - pixie surveyor and smuggler of all things beautiful
Yoshio -
Zio - bad guy
Zoe - bad guy (they seem to like three-letter names)

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