Age Of Desire

Death to desire. Jaralie's obssession manifested in Aelrynn sets the whole of the nations into a one way cruise towards destruction. Nations vyed with each other for the knowledge to construct this artifact. Andra and Artegal, her friends, delve into a summoning for her, hoping some truth would help the sea-elf. And that, their friendship, took from them their future.

Finally, Aelrynn created the Artifact. And it continually wrecked trouble through the Realms, for now instead of the knowledge to make it, men now seek it for the powers it contained. But trouble for the sea-elves have not ended. The drow mage Kharis assasinated Lleryn in a duel, and the nation became leaderless.

In a time of depression, a new Lleryn arrived, accompanied by an advisor Cerius. The name of the old god Balance rose with frightened rumors, and a mysterious woman known as the Veil, who seemingly had a hand in this as well, was spoken of. Juliana and Aelrynn attempted necromancy to bring Lleryn back.

In the deep forests of the elves, Willow had passed the crown to Azazel, rumored by some to be his son, and this elf was in turn, murdered by the dark Dalamar who took on the crown, and brought the elves into his time of darkness.

Dalamar too coveted the Death of Desire. The Pixie Queen Gwvyrn, who took over the Throne from the ancient Fixen joined him, but it was not certain if she supported his cause or there was more.

As the tales grow old, Aelrynn vanishes from the face of the Realms, lost in her own hallucinations, and would return if she was summoned. The Death of Desire was said to be taken by one of the First Knights of the Rol Na Feinne - Pryce Waterlord, and was missing ever since.

Dalamar grew weary of world affairs, and retreats, leaving the Elven Crown to a young ranger Jaryl. Tebazilen took rulership of the sea-elves, torn by the internal conflicts brought about by Aelrynn's deeds.

Thus ends the Golden Age of the Sea-Elves, and next the Elves will rise, together with the Drow.

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