Age Of Despair

Enraged by the weakness of her people after defeat by the Quendi and the Khazad, Valsharess Shadia show fit to kill her own people. Drakona Elsdragon, Phalar Dryden, Salmarissa, and destroyed Iniquity, causing death and destruction throughout the dark streets once blessed by Lloth. Many took delight in the slaying of their own kind and Houses found fit to use the Valsharess' rage to vanquish one another.

A mysterious Gith by the name of Zoes came to the Realms. The Nations did not give much heed to this Gith but one eve, he came with his armies of dragons, destroying and ravaging the Nation homelands. Zoes obtained control of the lands of the half orcs and occupied his new territory, using it as a base to send out his armies, intend on causing widespread destruction through the Realms.

The Elohai Speaker Syriac Riannon and many others found purpose to attempt to stop Zoes in his insanity. Syriac was locked into the planes of Shadow and could no longer walk upon the mortal plane. His shade was given to the druidess Kacy to be kept till the Elohai could find a way to return their beloved Speaker to the mortal plane once more.

Thane Yeroc kept his people safe during the attack of Zoes. Peace was still known in Qetag's Reach despite cries of war and blood outside the canyon's tall cliffs. The young princess Alinaryth however fell into the earth as it mysteriously opened beneath her. Her loyal guard and friend Kirgan ended up disappearing into the hole with the princess. The pair could not be found, believed to be swallowed by the Abyss.

The Dwarven God Aule took Yeroc as his aide. In the Thane's absence, Kevyn became steward, awaiting the return of the princess before the Khazad Throne would return to its rightful heir. After four years, Alinaryth returned, becoming Athane, and ruling with the help of her Timeless.

Shadia left her people after the Destruction of Iniquity. Phalar was given the reign of these Dark Elves. Narvaira, now Veltheera, descended to Iniquity, searching for her real heritage and desire to expand her recreated powers. From Phalar, she gained control of the Ilythiiri and Lloth favored her. The Spider Goddess' blessings returned to Iniquity and Veltheera's Academy birthed a race of deadly drow warriors, built for conquest and bloodshed alone.

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