Age Of Peace

Peace settles over the lands of the Despair like a soft blanket of snow, hiding all ravines and crevasses from the view of the ordinary eye.

In Emerald Hills, a castle was built by magic, and this became the residence of the Order Rol Na Feinne. Founded by the Azure mage Xanthia and her husband Ynnug, this Order became a refuge and a gathering place for many born in the Realms and those who came from far away.

Xanthia became the first Queen of the Rol Na Feinne, and a group of honored knights joined her.

The Nations rose as well, led by the esteemed of their race. These came with high hopes of what they would do. Some flourished, some faltered, all caught some way or another into the crushing spokes of the wheels of Time.

Willow, first King of the Elves, had a hand in raising the Island of Irrybis a few hundred centuries later. But then in the early years of his reign, the elves were a shy and quiet race, retreating into their forests and much was not spoken of them.

Lleryn brought his people out from the Five Kingdoms, and scattered as they are, the sea-elves of Despair were brought together under his rule. Faya joined him as the Second of the Nation; and the sea-elves flourished.

As the castle of the Rol Na Feinne glitters above the ground, below the drow of the Realms rose and lead by the First Matron Gwyen. Apathy seeped into the Drow, and a rebellion removed the matron, securing in its place, the Nation's first male leader, Geriand.

An Alliance of the Nations was drawn, and all that signed pledged to abide by it. Yet, the waves of history decreed this Alliance be forgotten by the descendents of those who forged it.

The sea-elf Jaralie. Rocked to the depths of her soul at the revelation of what desire would inflict upon her, she seeks to create an artifact which would prevent her from feeling it. As her obssession with its creation heightened, many are drawn into her quagmire. Upon her death, and ironically, her desire to create the artifact lived on and manifested in a sea-elf girl Aelrynn, heralding the entrance to the next Age.

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