Age Of Rebirth

The Golden Age of the Elves begin under the rule of Lady Graelynia. Blessed with vision for her beloved race, Graelynia led the Elves to a great Era, though she herself was besieged with thoughts of her family and the Heirlooms that were lost, and only the sword Verthandi kept with her, as well as the Ring she gave in marriage to Lord Kaan. A young sea elf, by name of Falennt Sarien, came to her with request to aid him to enter the Castle of Lo'kier. Vested interest took over Graelynia and she set him to seek the sceptre she lost.

Great joy enveloped Qetag's Reach as the young princess of the Dwarves, Alinaryth, was born to Thane Yeroc and his queen, Eschara.

Turning their attention from the Elves, the Drow sought to ply their mischief and chaos on the Dwarves. The Dark God Thalasian, Valharess Zyandra and her entourage found fit to invade Qetag's Reach, only to be met with an infuriated Thane Yeroc and his people. Angered by the invasion, the Dwarves decided that they would quench their thirst by revenging upon the Drow, and having much ale after.

Graelynia left Lo'Kier, venturing into Qetag Reach together with her adopted child, Kiyann, the Tari formed an alliance with Yeroc, Thane of the Khazad. The Dwarves amass their armies and break into Iniquity, launching a surprise attack under the veil of an invisibility spell cast by the Lady Eschara. Axes slammed against the dark magic of Ilharess Shadia and her people who attempted to defend themselves. Sensing all was lost, Shadia and the drow fled.

In the dark city Shadowport, drow lived among duergar and the most feared group of all, or else known as the Shadowport Seven was organized by Nathanwl the Lizard. The Seven had dealings in every single organization, brothel, tavern and business in Shadowport. And it was in these dimly lighted Catwalks, the Nunnery and its weird experiments, conducted formerly in the Circa Moriendne, carried out their work - morphing and reweaving young gith and drow into assumed perfection.

The drow woman Andrynys D'nar Faer fled Iniquity with her twins - fearful for her own life and the lives of her two young daughters, Jennafae the Dark and Indarae the White, fathered by Khare' who called himself Kyone. She and the twins took refuge in the house of Alric Calyndel, one of the Seven.

The famed lull before the storm occured and the Nations fell into a whispered peace. Aleyah Sehininia, a Misinkii Elf, came to the National Visions, bearing news of Falennt's mishap in the Mountains of Kontaur. Her news spread from the clearing to the ears of the King of Lo'kier, Anmect. Notice was sent by the King, requesting information on his subject's safety and well being.

After the victory of the Khazad over the Drow, Tari Graelynia relinquished her Throne to Vernese and left for her homeland with Khare' who abandoned Andrynys and his children for the former Elven Queen. Their travels took them far from the shores of the Realms, and Graelynia's goals were unknown to all, except the pair themselves.

One eve, Aleyah was discovered dead in her tree-house in the forests of the Misinkii. Nulishe Inhanan, an Elder of the Wild Elves, hung the girl's corpse upon the Oak informed all who appeared of Falennt Sarien's murder of Aleyah, and that he will be judged with death for death by the God Iakunia and his Lords of Ice.

The Races of Light, especially the Quendi, accused this Elder of false judgement and all if not most, demanded further proof of the sea elf's crime. The Darker Races used the ensued chaos to create more unhappiness and discord. Blood stained the Clearing and the stench of decay and death sieged the air. The new Tari of the Elves, Vernese, and the Knight Gildeth have other plans in mind to bring the vehement Elder to reason and remove the corpse of Aleyah for proper burial. However, Falennt was rescued through the efforts of the druidess Kacy Damsana, Etayne Rozenn and Fanelyn, and the corpse of Aleyah vanished from the clearing, her soul freed and in peace.

Back in Shadowport, Andrynys left, and her eldest daughter Jennafae vanished from the Dark City. Her younger daughter, Jennafae's twin, Indarae, was brought into the the folds of the Circa Moriendne, taking on the name Narvaira and where her descent into darkness and despair, and transformation to become the dread Valsharess Veltheera.

Unthwarted, and with the divine aid of the Son of Vl'arescht, Valsharess Zyandra leads a band of drow to the Island of Irrybis and Arborlon is burned to the ground. The Elves wept for their destroyed homes and the loss of precious Life. Yet, as the Wheel turned its full cycle once more, the Elves will rise again as plans were made to rebuild Arborlon and ressurect Irrybis.

However, Zyandra's reign came to an end when the General Galemen found her weak and not following the ways of Lloth. He tried to attack her and bring upon her death but he poisoned Braiden instead. Zyandra left Iniquity, maddened with grief. Shadia rose to matronhood, becoming the new Valsharess.

And here henceforth, this Age ends. And Despair begins

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