Age Of Revenge

The fragile Realms flourished steadily though slowly as the lands renewed and returned back to its former richness. People grew less afraid to venture, and more explorers came back to the City of Darkhaven, reporting of lands beyond one's dreams and wealth of great cities more magnificent than the Duke's territories.

The Shattering tore the lands asunder, raised the mountains Chivalry and Chastity, creating a valley known to many as the Valley of the Knights, thus symbollic for the castle of the Rol na Feinne once protected by the verdant Emerald Hills. Yet the Keep of Lo'kier has fallen into a state of ruin, of vengeful plagues brought about by ancient curses of Set unawaringly risen by the First Queen Xanthia, brought to control by the now-King Anmect.

The ghouls grow disturbed, creating a mass exodus from Lo'kier, and the disappearance of King Anmect and Queen Rowanne. Lord Braiden and Rowanne's son, Falennt Ladisvale, sought to resurrect the castle, invoking the Duke's fear and curiosity in Lo'kier, and the coming of peasantry, nobles and craftsmen to the castle's grounds. The chaos brought along Augustine Canto Rosa, an unnamed merchant and man of wealth who have plans for the ruined Keep. Braiden passed on weeks later after conducting an experment on Drakona which tore him literally apart.

Lyreth, changed by Shaiel with to a female known as Lisette, met Miyaki to discuss a certain deal of acquiring slaves within the Dunedain Lord's territory.

Soon, Lord Miyaki of the Dunedain grew in power, and thirsted for more territory. He staked his claim upon the grand City of Darkhaven and banned the entrance of many races. Quendi, Aerandir and many others were restricted from entering the City. The Darker Races allied with the Dunedain, creating havoc and chaos and revelling in such.

The Khazad decided to meet with Miyaki on pretext of perhaps settling this issue of the racial ban. The young Athane, Alinaryth discussed the situation with Darmik, Ryals and Kirgan, men trusted by her father Yeroc, and whom in turn now serve and aid her. Plans on allying with certain nations were pondered upon. A few days later, Miyaki and his aide, Tonitrus entered the Reach. Unkind words exchanged, the humans left the Reach, using magical smoke to cover their tracks before the dwarves could harm them.

Lyreth continued his hunt for Amalia, Speaker of the Elohai, in bid to fulfil a dread task set to him. Thwarted in his attempt to confuse Amalia further, Lyreth vanished, perhaps returning to Iniquity to reform his plans. The albino returned to the surface with a vial of reputed poison to remove the dredges of Veltheera's experiments on the Elohai Speaker. This vial was stolen by Shaiel and in her bid to rid it, it was taken by Falennt Ladisvale, now Archmage of Lo'kier.

The half troll warrior Petrograd met with the Dunedain Lord, informing Miyaki of the Olog'hai's desire to join and co-operate with Miyaki in the take over of Darkhaven. The half troll also spoke of an army of trolls which the Nation had gathered. Mbwana of the Theiwar Dozen appeared as well, intend on discussion with Miyaki to allow the dark dwarves transit into Darkhaven. A deal was exchanged.

Carnak Stryfeblayde, the new Chieftan amongst the Half Orcs, held many ideals and intended to branch out and form new alliances previously unheard of. However, when treachery spread through Krozloy, he found it fit to align himself with Miyaki and the Darker Races whom at the time controlled Darkhaven. With resources gleaned from the alliance and his own territory, Carnak fortified Krozloy, constructing thick walls and high towers, awaiting to exact his revenge on those he believed should be punished.

A chance meeting between Speaker Amalia and Archmage Falennt led to discovery of the vial's contents as well as the Drow's seemingly forgotten claim on Amalia. The Patron Phalar Dryden threatened to destroy the City of Eldestra if the Elohai Speaker did not follow his will.

The Elohai Shaiel, whom Lyreth had control of, was unwittingly set on a vengeance path towards him, descended to the City of Iniquity with the half elf warrior Keldar and a vial of poison, intent on Lyreth's demise.

Valsharess Veltheera Javanne renounced her rulership, giving the Throne to Phalar Dryden. The drow patron plyed the political strings effectively with the rest of the Darker Races, creating the chaos he so desired. Ilharess Rosea Na'sheta was sent to monitor the drow sentries patrolling around Darkhaven.

Much rumor is abound that a great war is brewing within the minds of the ones who hold Darkhaven hostage. The Khazad Athane, Alinaryth was taken hostage amongst all others, including the brother of Gildeth, Shareed Marius Dracos. The Dwarves grew agitated and demanded her release. Turned down, the Khazad met their axes against the swords of the Dunedain in bid to rescue their beloved Athane.

Within the Quendi, opinions were split and the Elves took sides. At the height of the conflict, Aran Gawen removed the Knight Gildeth from the Quendi in his attempt to regain peace and order. Yet, Gildeth saw fit as well to leave to raise his revolutionary banners and he brought those loyal to his ideals to form a new Nation - the Tel'Quessir.

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