Age Of Sundering

Darkness befell the Realms as the lands are torn apart by the heavenly powers. Mountains were risen and new rivers flowed where deserts were. Seas were engulfed and new oceans rose where grasslands once thrived.

The Mathlaan Lagoon was swallowed by the upheaval and many died. The Faen Minaas, the dread White Tower of old Legends rose, its tip a beacon to beckon Aerandir from their homelands to come solve the mystery of an ancient Atlantis built by sea elves thousands of years ago upon the dark cliffs of Ocean Keep.

Lady Faya, having kept the Aerandiri Nation together through the Shattering, grew weary and she gave the Throne to Sion Evithrawiel, her youngest adopted. Young and adventurous, Sion was tired of constant council meetings and he ran away. Wren, a young sea elf cleric, devoted herself to the Aerandir and was soon made Uelma, Speaker of the new City of Mathlaan.

A young Elf woman Amarillias and her companion Kearin were washed ashore to Irrybis' shores. The two were rescued by Gildeth and Shareed. The mystery of their origins became a cause of concern for Aran Gawen for there was reason to believe Amarillias was the lost princess, daughter of Tari Tuanally herself.

The Drow poisoned the waters around the Sacred Tree in protest and anger of the trade embargo set up by Gawen for he wished vengeance on the drow for the last war. This embargo also reduced and stopped trade with the rest of the other Nations as well. The move heightened some conflicted feelings amongst the rest of the Elves for such vengeance and the thirst for revenge were never traits in the Races of Light. The unity of the Quendi began to quaver dangerously.

Taking a gamble, Gawen sought out Amalia Vydien, Speaker of the Elohai, to ask for an alliance. Amalia accepted the agreement, yet she would not predict the disaster soon to befall Eldestra would be at the hands of one of Eldestra's own.

Within the Underdark, the Drow revelled. The Valsharess Veltheera created a magnificent system of houses, a grandiose hierachy of drow warriors, mages and clerics, intent on the continued vengeance upon their Quendi Cousins. Lloth favored greatly, this Valsharess, despite her questionable heritage - for although she was born to drow, she was brought up by the Elves and returned to the Underdark once more.

Veltheera wanted more than just power in Iniquity. She desired perhaps to become a goddess herself, to create Life and to end it with her own tiny hands. Determined to please her and gain her favor, Phalar Dryden captured the Elohai Speaker Amalia Vydien and offered the half elf to the Valsharess as a gift. Veltheera saw fit to sacrifice Amalia to her Demons in an experiment to create Life - the Valsharess' first step towards Immortality.

Amalia was returned to the surface, rended of her memories and plagued by fears of the Drow plundering Eldestra.

In search of her cousin Micala Ki'Leana, Shaiel, an young Elohai, appeared in the Realms. She encountered the albino drow Lyreth. The situation grew unfriendly, leeching into intense hate for each other as Lyreth managed to obtain control of Shaiel's being.

Jhethen X'Theus, the only son of Griak, the Archmage of the Elohai, betrayed his people. It was not the Drow, but Jhethen's trolls that burnt and plundered the City of Eldestra, raping, destroying and capturing anything. The insane nobleman enslaved Eldestra's Pathwardress, Norelle and humiliated her by parading her chained and naked before his men.

Thus, came the fall of Eldestra, and the dawning of a darker Age.

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