Age Of The Flame

The thousands of years of hatred between the Cousins of Light and Darkness burst into flames with the onset of this Age. The sea-elves retreat to their lagoon, worn and weary of the world and harboring wounds sustained during the last Age. Vowing neutrality to all but their own kind, the Aerandir vanished from the Nations.

Jaryl, in his youthful and blind need for conquest, called war upon the drow, then led by the Valsharess Capercailie. Unbeknowest to him, the young drow queen held more tricks then the Elf King knew, and he fell, and he was deposed by his own people for being a reckless fool.

The Valsharess retreated from her reign and the powers of the Spider Goddess became invested in a young drow woman by the name of Rhyl Mlezzir.

And under the reign, the drow flourished, their plans of conquest and assimilation concreting each night even as their Cousins of Light floundered upon the surface, seeking for a leader to bind the nation again.

Aran's and Tari's came and left, finally the paladin Graelynia Antaeus came to be Queen of the Elves. The elves saw her as messiah and they followed her, glad to be out of the disorder and chaos that they were never a part of - though these are Friends to their fiendish cousins.

Rhyl was slewn by the jaluk Dinin, a battlemage. Zyandra was not ready to take the mantle of Valsharess, nor was she strong enough. But Zyandra did wish for favors of Lloth and she made a pact with the Elder Vampire Braiden who challenged Dinin and had the mage thrown into Hell. Zyandra ascended, becoming Valsharess.

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