An Interesting Greeting

OOC: Annale finds a note from a new Elf on the Archive Hall, advertising "services" for hire. Determined to meet the new Elves on the Isle, she sends Huawei a letter, which leads to their meeting. During that meeting, Annale finds an intriguing elfess with some useful skills.. for a price..

Shaded Moments

With layer upon layer of canopy above, little sun or moonlight filters
down into this place, giving it a very tranquil and quiet air. The
ground somewhere below is likewise hidden by leafy branches, insulating
this spot from sight. It is far enough from the bustle of the main city
that most sounds are muffled, making it ideal for quiet Reverie or
conversation. However, there is enough of a murmur around, from the
forest itself, that no Quendi will ever feel alone or cut-off here. This
is a place of solace, of quiet tones, but not solitude.

It was the early hours of a crisp fall morning, the sun had just begun to warm the air. Annale had set out at sunrise for her usual morning walk, enjoying the calm and quiet. She wore a long grey cloak to help shield her from the cool air.

A figure stands, draped in a thick black fur-lined cloak, the hood drawn up, covering any facial features, studying the play of the sun amongst the trees, enjoying the quiet of the early morning.

Annale enters the clearing, amber eyes scanning the trees somewhat carefully as she stops just inside the canopy. With the strange occurances on the Island, one could never be too careful. Her eyes, however, stop on the cloaked figure, someone she did not recognize. "Mae Govannen" Her voice is lightly-accented, missing some of the usual lilt of her kin. As she speaks, she inclines her head in a slight greeting.

The figure turns and twin orbs of gold study Annale from the depths of the hood before the hood tilts forwards in acknowledgement, "Greetings." The voice is smooth and decidedly feminine.

Annale shifts, moving a few steps further into the clearing, "Welcome to Arborlon, Arwen, I fear that I do not believe that we have yet met. I am Tari Annale Firestorm."

Huawei purrs softly, "It is an honor Tari." A delicate hand appears from the depths of the cloak and pushes back the hood. "I am Huawei Swifthand."

A flicker of recognition sparks in the cleric's chaotic eyes, recalling the previous letters. She takes the proffered hand, briefly, "Ahh, Arwen Huawei, I am glad to finally greet you in person. I hope your stay on the Isle thus far has been to your liking?" She looks Huawei over quickly as she speaks.

(Annale looks at Huawei)

Long, thick, dark lashes frame large orbs of liquid gold, cat-like in their
appearance. The impression is only added to by the lazy smirk that dances on
her full red lips. Her hair is drawn back in dozens of tiny little braids that
fall about her waist and are so dark that they shine blue in the light, it
compliments her smooth golden skin beautifully. She wears a top that seems
stretched to its limit over her assets, and seems to reveal more than it
covers- leaving her neck,arms, shoulders, and midriff completely revealed.
She wears a black skirt that brushes at her up thighs and is slit up both
sides revealing much of her long toned legs until her knee high black combat
boots. Resting crookedly on her well rounded hips is a black belt with many
little pouches attached, and hanging from the back are two fans about as long
as her forearms. Though she seems harmless enough, there's something about her
that lends her a dangerous edge. Perhaps it is the way she stands, seeming
careless but highly aware, or perhaps it is the fire that burns in her eyes
and the energy that courses just beneath her skin.

Huawei quirks her lips in a semblance of a smile. "It has, thank you." Sher tilts her head to the side, studying the Tari. "What brings you out so early on this morning?"

Annale takes a step back from Huawei, returning her gaze to the shadows in the clearing, "I enjoy the morning - it's calm and quiet." She pauses and looks back at Huawei, "So tell me, what brings you to our fair Island?"

Huawei shrugs slightly and folds her arms under her cloak. "I merely wished to see the home of my ancestors." She studies Annale unabashedly with no small amount of interest.

Haughty in appearance, Annale's amber eyes seem to dominate her features. Chaotic fires dance within her eyes, causing her pale skin and thin lips to blend into the background. Her long, silken hair hangs loosely over her grey cloak, seeming akin to spilled blood.

Annale nods her head, understanding that many who visit the Isle seek the home of their ancestors. "How long ago since your ancestors left this Isle?"

Huawei blinks and smirks slowly. "Very long ago, they left the Isle long before much of what has been built was here."

Annale nods her head again, deciding to change the subject, "You mentioned in the Archive Hall that you were here to offer your services. What, pray tell, are your services?"

Huawei shifts further away and pulls a fan from her belt, snapping it open, she sits on the edge of the fountain. Her fan holds a blue-tinted silver color and shines oddly in the light. "I am a rogue, a mercenary if you will. I have many services." She slices her fan along a bit of thick crystal on the fountain. She fans herself for a moment before the chunk drops from the fountain and to the ground with a loud 'thud'.

Annale raises an eyebrow slightly, whether intrigued or confused, her facial features otherwise do not indicate. She makes a mental note to have someone come look to see if the fountain can be repaired. "Ahh, by mercenary, do you mean in the diplomatic sense, or the.. let's say.. for hire sense." Annale did nothing to hide the fact that she was attempting to discern whether Huawei's intentions were honourable or not.

Huawei tilts her head to the side, smirking. Snapping her fan closed, she crosses her legs. "I've never been very good at politics, though I do try to keep up with things."

For the first time, Annale smirks, "One with your talents can be very useful. Are you planning on staying in Irrybis long?"

Huawei inclines her head slightly. "I stay where there is work. If there is no work, there is no me."

Annale's smirk fades almost as quickly as it came, "And what kind of work are you looking for?"

Huawei taps her fan against her chin. "What kind of work do you need done?"

Annale considers the question briefly, deciding how much information to disclose, "It is no secret that, until recently, our Island has been poorly defended. And our defense have gotten stronger since the war, but I would like to see them tested. Specifically, I would like to see how easily a single individual, with talents like your own, could gain access to the Island, without notice, and how far into Arborlon they could reach undetected." She pauses, unsure of Huawei's interest, "Naturally, this would require some coordination with the General."

"Naturally." Huawei continues to slowly tap her fan against her chin. "And how would said individual be compensated?"

Annale shrugs her shoulders, "Gold. Amount to be negotiated at a later date, with more available if said individual, afterwards, aids in fixing the gaps she may find in the defenses."

Huawei smirks and stands, placing her fan back on her belt. "I'm intrigued."

Annale mimics Huawei's smirk, "Good. I'll speak to the General and set up a meeting. The safety of the Island and its inhabitants is paramount to me."

Huawei nods her head, placing her hand on her hip she studies Annale. "As an idea, who would be the… final destintation, on such a venture?"

"I think that may be decided at the meeting with the General. Perhaps the Elear, since he will be oblivious to the plan. Unless, of course, you have a suggestion?"

"Unless someone has a personal vendetta against the Elear I doubt someone would be sent after lesser beings. You would be the most likely target." Huawei taps her fingers against her chin in thought. "Possibly."

Although Annale's face doesn't change, the fires in her eyes dance in amusement, "Perhaps. Either way, I am more worried about someone infiltrating through our defenses and sabotaging the Island. A single individual can be more potent than an army, if used properly."

Huawei smirks, her golden eyes dancing. "Ah, wise words Tari, very wise." She taps her fingers against her chin again.

In the distance, the sounds of a city awakening start to float in, highly muffled by the canopy and surrounding trees. "Well Arwen, I look forward to our next meeting, but I believe it is time that I attend to my duties. If you haven't already, speak to Shirl about lodgings, at the Fox and Fiddle."

Huawei nods her head. "I will. Thank you." She smirks and places her hand on her hip, tilting her head forward. "Till our next meeting, Tari."

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