A New Era

[ 65] Annale: A New Era
Mon Dec 8 18:24:52 2008
To: People of the Realm
People of the Realm,

This day marks a new era in the face of Nations. A new empire, founded by Doom King Vermicio, has begun.

The massacre of the Elven nation cannot and will not be forgotten. My people fought well, but faced with the might of the Pixie forces, we could not prevail. Our defeat marks a sad, woeful day in the long history of the Elves. But, we will persevere.

Graciously, King Vermicio has extended his munificence to the Elven people, and to myself. His vision is truly the will of the God of Gods. I now see the wisdom in his plan.

I beseech all nations, all peoples, to join us in this Empire. Escape the fate that has befallen the Elves. King Vermicio will accept all nations wise enough to see the benevolence in his design.

All Hail Doom King Vermicio.

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