Private Orders

[ 89] Annale: Private Orders
Wed Jun 3 23:22:38 2009
To: Leaders of the Nations of the Free Peoples
Written upon a crisp sheet of parchment, these orders are sealed with the mark
of the Doom Pixie King. Upon breaking the seal, bold script, written by an
hand reads:

We have intercepted word that the Humans, with other non-conforming nations,
have plans to attack the Nations of the Free Peoples. To preempt this attack,
we shall ambush the Keep of Lomar in 7 days time.

The Pixie Army and the Elven Army, minus one contigent to guard Reomyr, will
march immediately, arriving within 7 days at Lomar. The full battle plans
have already been made with the Generals of each Army.

We have word that a Human contingent is moving towards Krozloy. I expect the
Rukhas'dul to be expedient in handling this contingent.

Another contingent of vagrants is rumored to be heading to Dunhill, I expect
that the Pixies there, with aid from the Uruk'hai will satisfactorily handle
this nuisance.

Should the non-conforming Nations offer surrender, it is to be accepted upon
the immediate laydown of arms.

So it is Declared and so it shall be. Long live Vermicio, Doom Pixie King,
and long live the Free Peoples of the Realms.

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