Face of the Month - April, Grishnakh

We kick off with one of our most well known Immortals of the Realms - the Orc Lord Grishnakh, who has graciously and swiftly replied to the deluge of questions RPC bombarded him.

RPC : What got you started into roleplaying?

Grishnakh : Well, my good friends Maya and Julia (Rhyl and Rowanne) were always telling me how fun RP was… so one day I came up with an idea of how I wanted to go with the Grishnakh character and just went from there.

RPC : What's your preferred style of RP?

Grishnakh : Any kind of RP really… although I tend to prefer more spontaneous and ad libbed stuff. Nice to have a bit of a plot guideline to work with, but nothing too scripted. I always like to work in the element of mystery and surprise into RP and have people react to it.

RPC : What are your latest plans for RPing?

Grishnakh : Well, Grishnakh is continuing with his various plans for world domination…. but acting a bit more on the subtle side of things at the moment.

RPC : When do you usually RP and for how long?

Grishnakh : I'm usually on every weekday from 10am to 7pm while here at work. Sometimes I'll stay a little late to facilitate some good RP.

RPC : How do you balance being an Imm and Rping?

Grishnakh : Quite easily. I've been an imm for so long, most of my imm duties just come naturally to me. I always find time to talk to friends and to RP whenever possible.

RPC : What has been your favorite scene you have ever participated in, or not participated in but watched or seen a log of? Why?

Grishnakh : Hard to say really… can't really think of just one, or even a couple.

RPC : .How did you ever develop Grish's history - how much of it is true in an 'actually happened on the mud' sense and how much is imagination?

Grishnakh : The written history I have on the webpage is probably about 60% stuff that happened on the mud 35% stuff I came up with and 5% Tolkien lore. The beginning is mostly a story I came up with that ties into the very small role the Grishnakh character plays in the Lord of the Rings. After coming to the realms, most of the story is stuff that happened, but I took a bit of literary licence to make it more of a narrative.

RPC : What current plots are you working on, how can people join in if they want to?

Grishnakh : I will role play with anyone. Just either give me a role you would like me
to play in your own plot (as long as it fits with my character) or give me an idea of your character background/description and I'll see if you would fit well in anything I have currently going.

RPC : What do you think is the most important element of a good character, a good story?

Grishnakh : A good character starts with a solid background. A character's background
will help to dictate how a character should react in any given situation. I also find it a lot more interesting if you give your character some flavor… like a tragic flaw or flaws.

RPC : What are Grishnakh the Character's darkest secrets?

Grishnakh : Well, if I told you those, they really wouldn't be all that secret would they?

Grishnakh passed away on December 16, 2004. This entry serves as a tribute to him and the wonderful contributions he had given to roleplaying as a mortal and an Immortal of the Realms of Despair.

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