Face of the Month - April, Vernese

One of Elf Nation's beloved Queens - Vernese. Established as a mother and protectress of the nation she loves, we chance upon this elf maiden to reveal yet another side of her character.

RPC : What/Who got you started in roleplaying?

Hmm.. well IRL an ex-boyfriend introduced me to rp. On RoD it was Graelynia who first talked to me about rp'ing there. Long long time ago.

RPC : What's your preferred style of roleplay?

I don't know if I really have a prefered style of rp, but I can't stand power-players.

RPC : What are your latest plans for roleplaying?

Right now I have something big in the works for Vernese that I know a bunch of people will hate. Everyone will just have to wait and see though..

RPC : When do you usually rp, and for how long?

I rp just about anything. Right now I have been swamped with rp's that need done. Rebuilding, plotting more things to do to the Drow… The length of the rp depends on what it is about, but the longest I have ever rp'ed anything was around ten hours. That was fun because nothing was planned, things just happened throughout the day that kept it going. Log cleaning was a pain though.

RPC : What is the main thing you look for in what you consider a good rp plot?

Anything that will draw a lot of people and give everyone plenty of things to do. Being able to expand on a plot and let people start little side plots from the main one make plots worth getting involved in.

RPC : What's your favorite scene/s you have ever participated in, or not participated in but watched or seen a log/s of?

Hmm… I have done so many fun plots, but I think that the destuction of Arborlon would have to be considered one of my favorite.

The entire thing was planned out within three hours by myself, Graelynia, and Thalasian, then carried out. Everyone did a wonderful job on the fights and there was only one incident of power-playing. It helped that the players picked at the start of the invasion who they wanted to fight using very nice emotes and then scattered so that it wouldn't be a spammy mess. (Makes logs easier to clean that way.)

RPC : What current plots are you working on, how can people join in if they want to?

There are a lot of plots going on that are tied in with the main plot of Light vs. Dark. The scenes of rebuilding, the Elves next move against the Drow and some personal character developement need to be done. Mbwana has a nice little side plot going and Oloe has just started another good one. If people want to join they only have to pay attention to racetalk or read the posted notes.

RPC : What do you think is the most important element of a good character, a good story?

I am not able to really pick one certain element of a good character, but a player that knows their char. and can play them with ease in any situation makes for a very good character. Two of my personal favorites are Graelynia and Desidio. As for a good story, anything that will let as many people as possible get involved and enjoy themselves.

RPC : Vernese the character has a rather long history to her. Will you, in the shortest paragraph possible, sum up Vernese' best achievement and her worst experience?

I don't really that Vern has any best achievement, but for the moment I think she has two worst experiences. One was Kuah taking the child she adopted from her. (She used to love Kuah even though he treated her like dirt.) The other was Shados' return from death.

RPC : Is Vernese one of the more 'in depth' and emotional characters you have played? If indeed, why is that so? If no, tell us why too!

Yes, Vern has been my main for so long and has been through so much. It has been hard getting her to this point, but she is far from finished because of things that are going to happen. I have had trouble playing her at times also. She can be rather stupid.

RPC : Being a mage, and elven too, on what resources or foundation did you build up Vernese's magic and magical abilities? The usual Dungeons and Dragons' mage or something new-age, or even Tolkien's Elves?

A lot of Vern's magical abilities have been made up on the spot as needed. She went through some training in RnF to learn to use weapon and magic together, but she never finished. While she did learn a lot, there is much she is still learning. One of the neat things she has was done in a nice rp with Sareko. She got a visit from an Avatar of Brontrel during the time of Shados and was given a gift of Brontrel's power, (the white fire/flame) but she hasn't even begun to realize the depth of what she recieved, even 500+ years later.

RPC : Continuing upon magic, Vernese as mentioned is styled as a 'battlemage'. What exactly is a 'battlemage' and would Vernese' character actually fit into such a role?

A battle mage to me is able to use weapon and arcane as one with deadly results. Vern could fit into that type of roll if she would quit screw-balling around. There is still a lot she has to learn before she is a true battlemage, only time will tell if she'll ever get there though.

RPC : You have been managing the Elven Nation for quite some time now. Tell us, what is the crux or even the secret you have in order to make a nation successful?

I think one of the most important jobs as NL is to get plots started for the Nation members. I don't really have an secrets I use, just having a plot or plots going and having them interesting can keep a Nation successful.

RPC : Arborlon (as of the time of this interview) has been razed to ashes by the Drow. The new Arborlon is being rebuilt. Sooo…would you offer us a sneak preview to what the new Arborlon is? A description to tantalize our palates!

Ok, after looking through the descriptions to pick one, I picked this one. The reason I picked this one is because of the extra desc that will go with the room. (What is written underneath the main desc.)

The Long Memory of Elves
Ethereal branches lift to the sky, swirling in afterimages of spirit. For even when the body is destroyed, the spirit world long remembers something as tremendous and ancient as the Great Mallorn tree, further strengthened by the magical nature of those who have long dwelled within and around it. Leaves of soft crystal rustle with each passing breeze, though they look as if they should chime instead. The air is forever filled with the sound of running water, here, for spiraling above and below as far as any can see, are a series of step-like falls. As water from above pools in each leaf before spilling to the next below, a sound is created as fiercely spiritual as the sight of the tree itself. Here is where the Quendi — Tel'Quessir — remember their heroes, for though their memories are long indeed, they still must be passed to the next generation.
A fountain of crystal leaves sings with wind and water.

(will have to figure out what to look at for the ex desc on your own, shouldn't be that hard)

The light that shines on this perfect place is shattered into prismatic loveliness as it hits the leaves that make up this fountain, as well as the water cascading from leaf to leaf. The basin at the bottom that catches the water bears words in gold: "To the memory and laughter of Parisul. Now you truly are immortal, for you live in our hearts."

RPC : If faced with a precarious situation in which Vernese must and is forced to give up something she loves. What would it be, and why?

Well, at the moment she would give-up her life for one of the Elves if it came down to it because she loves Tel'Quessir with all her heart. She is going through a lot because of what happened to Arborlon and the angst she is dealing with is making her weaken…..

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