Aquamarine is a set of materials containing the stories of Falennt Sarien.

The youngest child of a Maarllmorian noble, brought up amidst magic and politics of the Obsidian Kingdom, and sent to the Keep of Lo'Kier, on a prank played by the girl he was engaged to, to become a cook's help. Fate twists and turns in her most myriad way and he was apprenticed and taught by the Archmagus Rowanne Ladisvale in the Keep. Years later, he was adopted by her and he carried her name, the singular heir to her gifts and artifacts. Now in a rank of his own, Falennt seeks new paths to obtain his heart's desire and that obsession he has tried to quell unsuccessfully for the past centuries.

The material is separated into the following books :

Danse Macabre

Fasullo Turandot

Requiem du Passé

Requiem I
Requiem II
Requiem III
Requiem IV
Requiem V
Requiem VI
Requiem VII

Ossessione ed Amore

Ossessione I
Ossessione II
Ossessione III
Ossessione IV

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