Full Name: Aranvar Mithendair
Nicknames: Aran
Race: Elohai
Gender: Male
Appearant Age: 26 in human years.
Current Age: 168
Character’s Description :
Cat-like in his poise, this tall Elohai male boasts of a certain metallic sheen to his skin - a burnished dark coppery tone only achievable with years of sea-travel, salt and sun. His hair contrasts brilliantly with the deep shade of his skin, loose curling strands of washed blonde pressed against his scalp, toned gold at the roots and glittering aureate at the ends; the style belying a rather loose and careless personality. Long elven ears taper by the sides of his head, a small earring of ruby fitted into one earlobe while the other holds an insane cowrie and petrel feather ensemble, swaying in crazy cadence with the movements of his head.

Lucent occulars of slate grey work their gaze over anything that moves; the irises a strange orb of indigo surrounded by molten metal. He is thin and mast-like, despite the occurence of lean muscles on his lithe body, a loose stringed shirt thrown over his torso, followed by salt-cured leather pants on his legs, his high-cut black boots wrapped twice over with thick sealskin coverings.

A small, droopy weed, smoking at the ends most of the time rests in the corner of his lips while hands callused and experienced with both the workings of many a ship and many a maiden, pull the slim cigar at various intervals from his mouth.

Aranvar is 6'0", and weigh 134 pounds. His shoulder length, curly blonde hair handsomely frames his face. His grey eyes contrast sharply with His dark tan skin.


Place of Residence: City of Eldestra
Place of Birth: City of Eldestra
Relatives: Rosalia Mithendair, grandmother to Aranvar; head of the Mithendair Household. Dephora Mithendair, sister-in-law, married to Halvar Mithendair, fourth son. Melisse Mithendair, eldest sister (presumed dead)
Enemies: Ashkera Sylvanis (presumed dead), Valen Sylvanis, eldest son and heir.
Allies: First-Mate Jaris Manarch, crew of his main galley, the Radiant Rose.
First-Mate Aezer Yaeger, crew of his tradeship, the Capricious Nymph.
Occupation: Mirtoa, Lord of the House of Commerce.
Special Abilities: Fencing, Master Mariner, Marine Navigation

Last child in a string of eight, his siblings were, all but just two years apart from each other. His
mother was Calaise Merllwyn, a royal daughter of a broken kingdom that existed in the southern lands before the Shattering. Married to his father after the death of his first wife who bore him
his seven children, and despite being a half-brother to the other seven, Aranvar was accepted with patience and love.

When he was barely allowed to drink dwarven spirits, his grandmother, the rather imposing matriarch and self-righteous shipping magnate, Lady Rosalia Elain Mithendair, decided that Aranvar will be the successor to the family's fortune, its fleet of numerous trading vessels, transporters and quite unusually, a collection of war-ships Rosalia inherited from her own grandfather; antiques to the very least and kept moored and cleaned in one of the islets betwixt Ocean Keep and beyond.

His father died of a broken heart when his wife was formally escorted out of Eldestra, becoming the sacrifice and pawn that Rosalia Mithendair set in order to obtain the status of the Mithendair family as now. Till now, Calaise Merllwyn's whereabouts are unknown.

There were several hidden disputes among the Sylvanis, the previous leaders of the House of Commerce and the Mithendair, although such enmity was readily iced over whenever any representative of the Houses were questioned. Rosalia and Ashkera enjoyed a rather tedious friendship indeed; and that the matriarch went through great-lengths to ensure her grandson is installed as the Second in the House of Commerce. Ashkera's sudden death did spawn a pool of speculations of Rosalia having a hand in his passing, and that the Speaker had appointed Aranvar immediately as the next Mirtoa raised some eyebrows.

Those were thoughts often in Aranvar's mind recently; of the political situation in the Mallen Edaib, and that he knows, not everyone within agrees to the appointment especially of Ashkera's own supporters who are attempting to bring the rightful successor instead to be Mirtoa. Or that they are secretly afraid of Rosalia's power, and her ability to sunder any of her enemies' livelihoods should they go openly against the Mithendair.


Alignment: Neutral Good;
((Neutral Good is known as the "Benefactor" alignment. A Neutral Good character is guided by his conscience and typically acts altruistically, without regard for or against Lawful precepts such as rules or tradition. A Neutral Good character has no problems with co-operating with lawful officials, but does not feel beholden to them. In the event that doing the right thing requires the bending or breaking of rules, they do not suffer the same inner conflict that a Lawful Good character would. A doctor who treats soldiers from both sides in a war could be considered Neutral Good.))

Motivations: Finding his mother, Calaise.


Other Positions: Youngest son of the powerful Mithendair family. Currently the Mirtoa, leader of the Elohai House of Commerce. (in game nation leader - but we have not got to the point in the storyline yet)

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