Artists amongst themselves

As outfits go, Rasha was really dressed down this evening. A simple lounging gown in a soft sage green with an empire waist. The fabric was sheer laid over silk, the slippers silk, flat, and beaded. Her strawberry hair was down, spilling over her alabaster shoulders. The lady herself was lounging on the fainting couch, a script in her hand, quietly reading over the lines. It was Lucien's new play and it was good, but she did miss Christian. He was much more lively than Lucien. Still, he was Etienne's pet and Rasha would play the game and keep him happy. She still had to meet with Alexi, but she didn't worry over that. She knew where her loyalties had to lie.

Sander van der Meer had yet been granted an audience with the Prince of Irae and so, like every night for the past three days, the trio was mingling amongst the theatre audience. While Sander and Dominique made their rounds introducing themselves and making idle chat, Salome decided to venture out on her own. She was dressed for the occasion in a stunning gown of emerald, with a ruffled train sweeping behind her. A small hat was artfully placed upon her many curls and a light cape was covering her slender shoulders. As she walks through the crowd, she finds herself having to get on her tippy toes to see on to the stage. The curtain was still closed but she was able to hear the orchestra fine tuning their instruments. The show would be starting soon. She can almost feel her heart flutter in anticipation and a smile tugs at the corner of her lips. With a hum and elbows gently pushing away those in her way, she makes for the stage.

Pushing open the doors to the theatre, Emberlyna steps inside, gloved hands pulling her coat from her slender shoulders. Gold flecked chocolate orbs sweep quickly over the lobby, those daintily laced boots carrying the woman deeper into the room. Back and forth, back and forth that gaze goes, until it finally falls to rest right upon the person she was here to see. The actress. Her employer, so to speak. Moving swifting toward Rasha, a gloved hand finds it's way to smooth over first a tiny wrinkle in her skirt, and then up to smooth over the inky tendrils spilling over her silk-clad arms. Clearing her throat
once, the woman smiles widely. "Rasha, there you are!"

Rasha's attention was not fully on the script. She'd noted the young woman from several days before, stepping through the doors and into the theatre proper. A familiar voice however, draws her attention away from the young singer. "Emberlyna!" she says, setting the script on the fainting couch and getting to her feet. "Very glad you are here. Have you come to watch the show?" she asks, she wasn't in the one about to go on, but she'd seen it once before. She looks Emberlyna over quickly, then glances toward the young singer again and before Emberlyna can answer the first question, she says, "Have you met the young singer? She's just arrived a few days ago." her eyes are mischievous, her intent known only to herself.

In a dark corner of the theatre, the curious sight of a woman emerge from the shadows pushing herself from a pillar. What was she doing here? Did she have a reason to come to this place? She couldn't remember and a puzzled expression layers over her marble features. It was a nice place but again, what was she doing here? Suddenly a giggle emerges from her throat and she places a black top hat upon her bright red curls. She was in a theatre, so she must be part of the ensemble. Right? Of course! And so, Viktoria Nordstrom skips behind the stage.

As much as she was looking forward to the enchantment of the orchestra, a single name stops Salome in her tracks. "Rasha" it echoes in her ears. The face of the young actress materializes in the child's mind and her head turns to the area she heard the name spoken from. There she was…just as beautiful, no perhaps even more beautiful than she remembered. Like in trance, she walks towards the two women and just gazes upon the actress on the couch…not saying a word.

Smoothing yet another invisible wrinkle, this time from the silken shirt she wears, and Emberlyna offers a toothy grin toward Rasha before turning toward the young girl. "Well, no. I came to the show to see you, my dear Rasha." A soft chuckle slips over those crimson-painted lips. "But if there is a show, I would be honored to partake in the viewing!" Setting that flecked gaze toward the singer, and again that wide grin is flashed, along with the offering of one slender, gloved hand toward her. "I am Emberlyna, Miss. A pleasure." But soon, the woman pulls away, inspecting a smudge on her glove with the slightest of frowns.

Rasha's smiles widens as Salome approaches. "Ah, the beautiful young prodigy. Miss Salome Montalia, may I introduce you to Miss Emberlyna Wildbreeze-Fyremusik, Ember, Salome." she says, watching the two, her smile pleasant as she watches the two young women. Nevermind that Emberlyna had introduced herself; Rasha was taking a bit of pleasure in this meeting, for some reason. "As for the show, I've no desire to see it again but by all means, if neither of you have, you should." she says, retaking her seat on the fainting couch. "I enjoy watching the ones that come to see it…so much can be learned."

Salome could have cared less if the offered hand was still in place or hacked off on the floor. The child tilts her head, like any curious child would while inspecting something rather special, and says "Signora Rasha, I am so very glad to see you again. I see you are studying for a play? When will you grace us with your talents?" Pulling her two-colored gaze away from the actress momentarily she acknowledges the other woman. "I think you missed a spot…," Salome points up to the woman's shirt “…there. Emberlyna, what an odd name…a pleasure it is though." The child paints a smile on her face, dips in a polite curtsy and turns her attention back to Rasha. "Have you met my parents yet?" she asks, not really interested in the answer but merely seeking the talk with the actress.

In the meantime, Viktoria is trying to convince the conductor that she is the opening act and refuses to leave the stage. The members of the orchestra, realizing that this was going to be a problem, slowly put their instruments to the ground, ready to help out in removing the babbling woman. A few guests are now looking at the closed curtain, well aware that something is going on behind it and not part of the act.

At Salome's words, Emberlyna begins to inspect her shirt again, although she attempts to make the movements as non-chalantly as possible. Sliding her gloved fingertips along the fabric quickly, she concentrates intently on her task. Deciding it is nothing, she raises her eyes, and peers back at the young girl widely. "Then I will take in the show, yes!" Oh, how she did enjoy the theatre! "Rasha, I did come to ask if you had anything you wished me to do… not that I am complaining in the slightest if there is not." And another
wide grin, idly sweeping a hand through her hair.

Rasha holds the play in her delicate hands. Now, Rasha wasn't the nicest of people but she never believed in being rude…especially to others of their kind…or those closely related to it. It was nearly in her head to ignore the child but she notes how the faux-pas is quickly corrected and her expression smoothes out, the smile returning. "Nothing for now, Emberlyna, I think you and Salome should take in the show…it sounds as though it is beginning, perhaps." she says, glancing curiously through the doors at the commotion near the stage.

Oh yes, the show was about to start but by no means as planned. Viktoria was too fast for the conductor or orchestra members to react and the woman, clad in a suit, parts the curtains and steps on to the stage. With a sweeping motion she removes her hat and does a little tap dance, tipping the end of a cane on the ground in rhythm… "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!" she says with a wide smile. The idle chats subside as most of the audience turn their attention to Viktoria. It was such a lavish introduction but nothing followed as Viktoria freezes in her movements. She turns her back to the audience and shrugs her shoulders "I wonder when the show is starting," she mumbles, and exits the stage without any further explanation. A flushed conductor peeks from the folds of the velvet curtains "We apologize for this unfortunate event; we will be ready in just a moment." He disappears again. The lights go down and the curtains officially open, revealing the orchestra behind. With no moment spared, the beginning notes of the piece are filling the theatre. Behind gloved hands, the audience whispers about this strange scenario but returns to their chats while enjoying the start of the music.

Salome's blue and green eyes grow wide at the spectacle before her. What a farce and she was to perform here? Scandalous! "Signora Rasha, is this considered normal in this theatre? I have not witnessed anything alike and I am wondering if I should lower myself to these standards!" She pouts and flicks a lose lock over her shoulder.

A gloved hand rises to shield Emberlyna's crimson mouth, and hopefully, the soft smirk that forms behind it. Composing herself, the woman lowers her hand from her face, blinking a few times toward the stage. "That was… entertaining. I suppose that if the show wasn't starting… it is now." She glances over at Salome, and gestures toward the open door. "Let us go take in this show, shall we? If we are to trust Miss Rasha, we best not miss this!" Besides, the girls pouting was grating on her nerves, and a hand darts out to brush through her hair again.

Rasha was actually amused by the outburst. But then, she would be. "My dear Miss Montalia, the stage manager will get the woman in hand, I am certain. You shouldn't concern yourself over such…petty things." she says, dismissing the incident out of hand and turns to Emberlyna, smiling at how she took over in turning attention back to the impending performance. "Indeed, you most both hurry inside to get the best seat. Do not let something so small destroy your evening." she says, grey eyes glittering and her smile still playing on her lips.

"Petty things? To interrupt such beautiful art with such…nonsense is not a petty thing, Signora. I beg you, you of all have to understand what enrages me so, no?" Salome's demeanor suddenly changes as her mind is filled with the enchanting sounds of the overture and she is literally drawn inside. "Hurry, Signora Emberlyna…we are going to miss it!" The young child doesn't wait for Rasha's responds but instead lifts her skirts and rushes toward the music.

Opening her mouth to speak, Emberlyna is left there as Salome darts off toward the stage, and the music drifting from it. With a final grin toward Rasha, and a nod, she spins on a heel and rushes after the child, to find a place not far from her. All of these theatre-types were insane. Yes. Distracted momentarily by a speck on her skirt, the midnight haired woman seems again more interested in her clothing, than anything else. But only for a moment, and then her attentions are brought back to the show. It was sure to be wonderful!

Rasha's smile slid from her beautiful face and her temper was barely in check as the child scurries away. Oh, they would be having words eventually but perhaps, yes, perhaps it was best to get to this child through her parents. Indeed…the child would get a good lesson in how to play the game. And Rasha was the perfect teacher.

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