Aryella's Return

Kosaim flies in from the south.
Kosaim checks for new information.
Kosaim bows before Israfel.

National Visions
The path from the south widens and leads you into a large, open clearing in the forest. The grass blows softly in the wind as you admire the tranquility of your environment. A large oak tree juts forth from the ground before you, and you notice that it has been remarkably crafted to serve the purpose of a note board. Parchments of all sizes hang from the tree, each exhibiting a definite style of writing from a great variety of races… from the elegant script of the Elves to the harsh scrawl of the Orcs. This board is used by all of the members of each Nation to plan adventures, communicate with other Nations or to tell tales. The path before you heads towards a large cave. There is a large sign nailed to a tree that proclaims:
Please do not speak above a whisper here.
Exits: north south
An oaken board is here, displaying the handwriting of a multitude of races.
(Glowing) A trophy of Immortal Gold sits here commemorating the Nations Olympics.
(Hide) (Translucent) Kosaim Arcannis, Owner of Hell's Chocolate Kitchen is hovering here.

Kosaim looks at Israfel.
Israfel bows before him.

Israfel says 'Your Majesty.'
Israfel says 'I was just about to write a letter to you.'

Kosaim wonders 'really?'

Israfel agrees with Kosaim.
Israfel says 'But first, I must introduce myself.'

Israfel bows again to the pixie and straightens up.

Israfel says 'I am Elear Israfel Elined, High Mage of the Quendi.'

Kosaim says 'I apologize for the actions of my predecessor '

Israfel shakes his head slowly, smiling a little.

Israfel says 'The elves are glad that the dark days are finally over, your Majesty. Vermicio's evil has become undone. But there is one small request I must ask of you.'

Israfel wonders 'Would you have time to listen to me?'

Kosaim says 'I have a few minutes'

Israfel says 'It is enough, your Majesty. Vermicio had in his possession, a soul that belongs to the Tari Annale, the soul of her servant who sacrificed herself to save our Tari.'

Israfel says 'Her name is Aryella.'

Israfel pauses and bows his head in a humbled motion. "Perhaps, your Majesty could search amongst any of Vermicio's possession or remains and find Aryella's soul, so that we can return her to Tari Annale?"

Kosaim says 'I will take a look. There are many hiding places in the citadel'

Israfel nods in agreement to him.

Israfel says 'Even if you find her in a soul-bound form, I will have a way to return Aryella back to her original body.'

Israfel says 'All we need, your Majesty, is her soul back.'

Israfel bows towards Kosaim again, deeply. This time in gratitude.

Kosaim wonders 'do you know what the vessel of the soul looks like?'

Israfel thinks for a moment, rubbing his fingers on the bridge of his nose.

Israfel says 'Aryella is our Tari's faithful servant, and naturally beloved of Annale. Vermicio would have captured her in one of his prized possessions. '

Israfel says 'Perhaps, something that Vermicio holds very dear to him.'

Kosaim thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Kosaim says 'I will have to search his room'

Kosaim says 'but I warn you, that Vermicio has disappeared'

Israfel frowns a little, thinking back on the situation now. "In that place where Vermicio would had stayed in the Citadel, she will be there. Aryella."

Israfel says 'He would not have the power, your Majesty to take a soul with him. Aryella would have been imprisoned in his room, unable to leave.'

Kosaim says, 'ooOOooOOooOOoo.'

Kosaim says 'He wouldn't have'

Kosaim says 'I think I may know where the soul is'

Israfel looks a little serious now at Kosaim. "He wouldn't have. All perhaps you need to, your Majesty, is to open that door and free her."

Kosaim wonders 'Could she be trapped in a painting?'

Israfel folds his arms and looks thoughtful. "That would definitely preserve her soul and prevent her from leaving the room. That is brilliant, your Majesty."

Israfel says 'She might be in a painting. Aryella, she's young with long black hair, perhaps in a pony tail. She has silver eyes.'

Kosaim says 'There is a picture of Vermicio with 2 elves, one is you Queen, the other is an elf with black hair'

Israfel frowns a little and nods at Kosaim as he relates about the painting. "And where is this painting, your Majesty?"

Kosaim says 'It is in the throne room'

Kosaim says 'I was going to have it burned'

"That would be disastrous if it was burnt. Aryella's soul must be inside." Israfel's eyes widen, his brows rising in surprise. "Does the Citadel have a courtyard, your Majesty?" [Israfel]

Kosaim says 'It does'

Israfel says 'In Reomyr. I know from our Tari, Aryella's body is there.'

Israfel says 'The painting must be brought to where the body is lain, and the paints that is used to paint Aryella, be dissolved in blessed water, and sprinkled on the body. Then the soul will return.'

Israfel falls quiet and looks slowly at Kosaim. "Could that be done, your Majesty?"

Kosaim says 'yes. I will have my clerics start at once'

A smile breaks out on Israfel's face. "My gratitude to your, your Majesty. And my Tari's as well. By when would we know if this is completed?" [Israfel]

Kosaim wonders 'I shall make for Reomyr at once. May I send a messenger when it is done?'

Israfel says 'A missive, a mail or a messenger, your Majesty. '

Israfel says 'The Quendi is eternally grateful for your help.'

Israfel bows before him.

Israfel says 'I will make haste to Arborlon now and speak with my Tari of these news.'

Israfel says 'Fair winds, your Majesty.'

Israfel bids Kosaim farewell.

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