A Flyer Handed Out To The Refugees

[ 86] Ashandra: A flyer handed out to various bands of refugees
Sat Apr 25 07:46:34 2009
To: You!
This note is posted on an unusaul type of skin, made of slightly reflective
scales causing the backround to shift in colour as one reads it.

Greetings to our future surface dwelling friends!
We have heard news of a war brewing, and several people fleeing their homes to
protect themselves from their percieved fear of "The Free People." Because of
this we felt it best to make it known to everyone that Mathlaan laggon has now
opened its doors to anyone in need of shelter in these trying times.

Mathlaan is a beautiful and peaceful city, filled with warm and welcoming
people (even if some of them are literally cold blooded) who will gladly help
you wether the storm raging across your homes. If you have any question,
please feel free to come on down to Mathlaan lagoon, we aren't far from Ocean

This message brought to you by the Mathlaan Trade Council

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