Ashkera's Plans

Once his daughter fled the study, Ashkera settled back into his armchair, a little more at ease at her agreement to marriage.

Scaring her into an attempt to seduce the Gith Emperor worked so well!

Even so, Ashkera hated that obstinate streak in his daughter, that stubborn trait that was ever so present in her mother. Maybe it was that rejection that she gave him that made him so desire Melisse in the first place.

Ashkera flipped open the book that laid on his desk, revealing not the pages of a book, but the inside of a box in which a pendant of gold and rose quartz lay. Shaped like miniature roses, the piece of jewelry shone with its own light, making the box's edges gleam gently.

Lazily, the Elohai lifted up the pendant, flipping it over with a casual twist of his wrist. The soft glow bounced off his fingertips, glossing off an inscribed name at the back.

'Rosalia Mithendair'

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