Assumptions And A Spy

Darkhaven General Assembly
This vast room, the largest in the whole building, was designed for meetings of massive segments of the population. Rows upon rows of blue-padded benches line the walls like bleachers, and a small stage rises above the floor at the south end of the giant room, lit by gigantic torches. The floor of the room is tiled in glimmering silver-veined marble, and the walls are draped in luxurious gold velvet. Crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling like icy stalactites. Despite the ample seating, there is still plenty of room to walk, and grand balls have been held here in the past.
Exits: north

Seated at the far end of the assembly is the tall, thin frame of the Quendi Elear; most elves who have come by this Hall recognize him and accordingly bows in that recognition. They do not try to attempt small talk though, since there's a rather foreboding expression on the male elf's features. It is odd to see someone of his station here without his usual congregation or Arborlon's own guards, and even stranger to be meeting in this rather public place. [Israfel]

The sounds of angry peasants paying their damned taxes fills the Town Hall.

Ashandra throws the door aside as she enters the hall, the force behind the action actually causing it to bang loudly into the wall it was attached to. Too many damn doors on the surface, too many enemies that can hide behind them, and worst of all and worst of all she made it all the way to the assembly hall without even a single ambush or sign of an enemy to sharpen her claws on. Of course her travel had not been long, her mage was more than happy to teleport her
directly to the city gates, she did not have the time to walk.[Ashandra]

Ashandra wonders 'Vedai Israfel. I came with the most haste I could. What did you need me for?'

The Elear of the Quendi stands straight up from his seated position on the hasty arrival of the Aerandir Speaker and his upper lip twitches just faintly at the sea elf's rushed appearance. [Israfel]

"Vedui, Arwen Ashandra. I have to apologize for the sudden notice to meet." He gives the assembly a short glance as if checking for something and waves his arm at the empty chair at the meeting table for her to sit. [Israfel]

Israfel says 'As you know. The halflings have come to our lands and set up a refugee camp near to the port of Irrybis. They have been there for almost a month, citing this creature that has devastated their hometown.'

Israfel wonders 'But before we go on to speak of this matter, Speaker. Would you take a seat?'

Ashandra nods. "Of course." she says as she takes the seat. She leans the chair back and places one foot against the table as she sits. The action is most unladylike, but she had not survived this long by standing on rituals and customs that served her no purpose. [Ashandra]

Israfel settles himself back into his seat, folding two fingers over the bridge of his nose. He would care less about how the Aerandir Speaker herself sits; since their sea cousins are starting to become more of a barbaric race recently.

Israfel wonders 'A matter of grave importance, Arwen. Regarding these halflings, it seems that they acknowledged the Aerandir has pledged to help them save their hometown. Is this matter true?'

Ashandra shakes her head, she had actually heard nothing of the situation that Israfel was talking about. "I have not been in Mathlaan recently, I am attempting to amend a situation elsewhere. I know nothing about the trouble you speak of with halflings nor what anyone is doing to solve it. The people of Mathlaan are naturally helpful, and are encouraged to be self directed. I would not be surprised if some of them have made such pledges." [Ashandra]

The Elear's pale eyebrows rise a notch while his head droop askew in thought. "I'll just quickly enlighten you then, Speaker. Perhaps amongst your own people you may glean more information." [Israfel]

Israfel says 'News came that the gnomes have accidentally released a creature from the Abyss through their portal magic. This very beast ravaged the Burrows and the Shire, causing the halflings to flee.'

"Many of whom came, with their leader to set up a refugee camp on the shores of Irrybis." The Elf continues, his hand resting on the edge of the table, his fingers lightly arched. [Israfel]

Israfel says 'Myself, and our patrols have seen one of your people, an Aerandir, berth ship at the port, and consulting with the halflings. To sell them weaponry, apparently, that is my partial guess.'

The Elear's eyebrows continue to linger upwards in a meaningful notion. "Perhaps you may wish to clarify if this is a official stand of your nation to aid the halflings, so the Quendi would have reason to continue with plans." [Israfel]

Ashandra produces a scroll from a bag resting at her side. "So that is where those spears went. Those hobbits are going to find themselves paying a steep price for those weapons, aside from the armory they are in short supply recently." [Ashandra]

Ashandra says 'As for an official position, if you are asking if I will intercept the shipment before it gets to the hobbits, I'm going to say no. Aside from the fact the hobbits likely need the aid, it will open up a trade channel that is brand new to us.'

Israfel laughs a little, the irritation breaking from his voice. "No, the Quendi is not even thinking of asking you to withdraw aid from the halflings — in fact, we are going to attempt to help ourselves. As long as —

Israfel says 'We know what the Aerandir wish to help in, we do not need to re-double our efforts.'

Israfel's voice however, now takes on a serious edge. "I expect that your advisors would keep you up to date regarding the current situation though, Arwen Ashandra. The Abyssal has ravaged the Olog'hai territory, and the entire situation is not exactly wonderful.'

Ashandra says 'My advisors keep me informed of things that go on in Mathlaan, and developements in the kingdoms. Information about the surface world only comes from adventurers and travelers. People are still afraid to travel thanks to the pixies.'

Israfel wonders 'Do the Aerandir have ambassadors then, Arwen Ashandra?'

Israfel wonders 'Or do all your news from the lands are just purely the tales the adventurers and travelers bring?'

Ashandra says 'Several joined the Free People, some left their towns and came back. currently we only have one embassy still functioning on the surface.'

Israfel looks thoughtful for a moment, then his gaze shift, catching some motion of clearly someone who has intent of listening in on their conversation hovering just near to a congregation of humans nearby.

The Elear holds his sight on the man for a moment; seemingly a nondescript looking character of common brown hair and a farmer's build. This same fellow slips away the moment the elf turns his head. [Israfel]

Israfel wonders 'One embassy, you said, Arwen?'

Israfel glances back at Ashandra momentarily, his body shifting to accommodate a little more space on the chair, and a little more vantage point to watch the human congregation. "I will see to my ability to update you and your nation then on this crisis."

Israfel says 'If you would like that.'

Ashandra watches Israfel closely as he gains notice of the man, ready to leave swiftly should her suspicions prove true. She stares at a spot over his shoulder until he shifts in the chair. She relaxes again ready to speak.

Ashandra says 'I would appreciate it greatly. As it is I will be busy reinstating each embassy personally over the coming months, information on the surface will help greatly in finding which order they should be done in.'

Israfel says 'It will be done then, Arwen Ashandra.'

Israfel lifts up his head again, slipping another glance sideaways. The human congregation appears to have moved off and left. He turns back to look at the Aerandir Speaker once more. "So I can expect more Aerandir to be berthing their ships at the port of Irrybis then?"

Ashandra shrugs. "If you do not wish them I can stop them from going there. But should there be anything your people need, there will be plenty of Aerandiri willing to bring it to you." [Ashandra]

Ashandra says 'I have some… knowledge of the abyss and its inhabitants. If there is any information you can give me on the creature, I may know enough about it to more effectively hunt the beast.'

Israfel folds his arms lightly, leaning back to look at Ashandra in a rather new light. "Traders. Far from what I have known of the Aerandir since their first written history." At the Speaker's mention of her abyss experience, Israfel seems to ponder.

Israfel says 'According to the guards who accompanied my Tari on her visit to the hobbit refugee camp leader, the creature has the ability to guise as any being or thing it previously ate.'

Israfel says 'Be it animal, man or plant — though it seems to be this Abyssal has a penchant for mortal flesh, and not your usual roast or steak.'
nd arching up a little in elaboration.

"To put forth a rather ugly example then, Arwen. If it ate me, it will look like me, until it finds another target of sustenance, perhaps yourself. And it will change disguises." Israfel explains quietly, his hand arching up a little in elaboration. [Israfel]

Ashandra loses her grip on the table with her leg and barely manages to work herself forward to keep the chair from going backward. She stares for a long meaningful moment at an empty space at the table. "I should have suspected that if the gnomes were involved, something at least that bad would have passed through." [Ashandra]
Israfel leans forward now, crooking an elbow on the table. "Is it worse than what I have described then, Arwen?"

"There's a few creatures with that talent. Though I assume that scrying has not been effective, and that the creature has been strong enough to crush a squad sent after it. That means the possibilities left are not good. Though since it has not completely destroyed everything in its path, it is at least not likely to be Aldinach. Unfortunately that means it is something I know little about." [Ashandra]

Israfel says 'The most imminent concern I have, Arwen, is whether the creature is sentient and has a goal, apart from just apparently mindlessly roaming through the lands and eating up mortals.'

Israfel leans further forward, dropping his voice to a whisper. "We had our suspicions that it is a ploy set by the halflings for what ever domination purposes unclear, but since they are poor in magical ability, we are proved wrong."

Israfel says 'If someone is indeed harnessing the beast's ability to do certain bidding, then we might be in more trouble then we think.'

Ashandra nods, the elves at least would not suffer treachery, but she could see nothing curently for the halflings to gain from such actions. "Most of these creatures are intelligent, but in ways that are completely alien to us. If the creature is being controlled by another, it is likely sentient. Were it not, the master would have to make mental contact with it." [Ashandra]

Her voice wavers as she looks into space for a moment. Considering her normal monotone expression and lack of visible emotion, the effect almost seems to come from a completely different woman. "Even the most well trained mind would lose touch with rational thought within days of such an action." [Ashandra]

Israfel continues to appear considerably thoughtful before he gathers the cloak that he has lain upon another chair, preparing to leave. "The Quendi magi will as well investigate the manner of this creature then, Arwen."

Israfel says 'If there be any news and changes, I will send a scout to inform you immediately. Perhaps with your expertise of the Abyss, we might have some discoveries.'

Ashandra says 'One last question, if anyone has seen the beast. Is it always whatever its last meal was, or can it be anything it has eaten ever?"'

Cloak gathered in hand, the Elear frowns a little at the Aerandir's question. "I believe, from what the hobbits have said, it is just the last meal. But a halfling's word, I do not trust." [Israfel]

Israfel steps away from the table and bows towards Ashandra. "I must bid my leave now, it seems that we must complete more investigation. Thank you for your time, Arwen."

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