Face of the Month - August, Dyaeni

In this month of August 2001, Dyaeni, one of our more upcoming new roleplayers talks a bit more about herself and the wild and wet girl she really is!

RPC : What/Who got you started in roleplaying?

Dyaeni : Actually, I've always been a writer. I've written stories and "played roles" in my mind and on paper. Only recently did I get into MU*ing when my 15 year old sister pulled up the Thirteen Kingdoms and said "Hey you have to check this out." I didn't like killing the power rangers, though, so I found the Realms and got started. Been here ever since.

RPC : What's your preferred style of roleplay?

Dyaeni : I like nonconsentual roleplay. I think it gives the players a bit more freedom, because even when there's no rules against it, most are pretty good about asking first "hey, can I kill you?" As far as characters go, I like to choose an exact opposite of myself, or some quirky thing about the person. One character I like playing doesn't wear shoes, so it gets interesting.

RPC : What are your latest plans for roleplaying?

Dyaeni : I don't usually plan anything. I play on several different MU* and much prefer being spontaneous and reacting to the situation at hand.

RPC : When do you usually rp, and for how long?

Dyaeni : Oh, usually anytime I can find a partner. And for as long as the scene takes. I'm very good about not skipping out on people and even (I know this is weird) enjoy waiting for slower typers than myself.

RPC : What is the main thing you look for in what you consider a good rp plot?

Dyaeni : Interest. If it doesn't spark me, it's not likely to spark others. I like the odd and outlandish. If there's something I haven't seen before or haven't done myself, I'll usually do it.

RPC : What's your favorite scene/s you have ever participated in, or not participated in but watched or seen a log/s of? Why?

Dyaeni : My favorite scene is when one of my alts, Arlea, came face to face with an honest-to-gosh vampire. He had decked himself out completely and totally played the part. She is my easily-frightened alt and did the whole wide-eyed-quick-step-back-and-stumble routine. Afterward, I actually talked to the user and as it turns out, he was actually into the Vampyre culture. It was nice to have a partner with some background experience.

RPC : What current plots are you working on, how can people join in if they want to?

Dyaeni : As I said, I don't usually plan. I just go with it. Sometimes I'll stretch out a plot to where anyone can join in passing, but that's usually after I've started it. I suggest that if anyone wants to RP with me, they track Dyaeni down in mudmail or face-to-face or catch Ohntana, Arlea, or Torana.

RPC : What do you think is the most important element of a good character, a good story?

Dyaeni : I think it's very important to remember that the bad comes with the good. You could make the best character — strong, dependable, thick-skinned, etc — but not make it real or believable. If you're going to have a strong character, put a chink in its armor somewhere. Love is Dyaeni's weakness, but as most know, she's probably the closest to Xena the realms have.

RPC : Why do you roleplay a sea-elf? Does being a wet'n'wild girl mean anything to you?

Dyaeni : I read this and started laughing. I've always been a beachbaby IRL, yes, but when I got onto the Realms, I was looking and trying to decide what to be. I figured because it was a MUD, there would be a lot of fighting, so I'd need someone strong to survive. I chose a Warrior. I knew that being strong meant being smart too, so because the sea-elf learned at a 1.12 rate, I chose it. It was completely a fluke that it all seemed to work out. I also think that sea-elves are very beautiful, and I think that beauty is more inside than outside…and sea-elves are both, most times.

RPC : Was Dyaeni based on any prior personal experience or was she just a roll of the dice?

Dyaeni : In a lot of ways, I think Dy takes after me IRL. I'm very dependable, honest, hardworking. But on the other hand, I think she was an accident. She is so much braver and friendlier than I as a user am. She's also much more involved in her community, which is something I've always wanted IRL.

RPC : The Sea-Elven Nation has a long cultural history. How might you, roleplaying a historian, and a sea-elf, help to continue this history?

Dyaeni : Well, obviously, the written word will carry for ages. My website, if I should ever leave, will be turned over to the SEN. Also, as the acting historian, I tell the histories to the new selfies, and find that many want to hear. maybe we'll get a spiderweb started and me telling them will let them tell more and so on…

RPC : What is the most distinctive personality streak about Dyaeni which is totally different from you as a person/roleplayer? Why is this so?

Dyaeni : Dyaeni is very laid back, until someone gets her back up. Me, I'm more fire and temper. You could say that she's water and I'm fire. It's just that simple.

RPC : What are Dyaeni's goals in life?

Dyaeni : Dyaeni really wants a family. I think she's the sort that really wants to settle down and have babies. She's never really liked fighting, but she's known it's a neccessity. Finding the right ONE is the thing that is important to her. She also has this fascination with stretching herself out. She likes to be involved, currently holding position on the SEN council, and in the Guild of Warriors on several councils. She's just applied for the NC as well. I think she'll eventually burn out with responsibility, but without a husband and kids, that was to be expected.

RPC : If you are given a chance to add something to the current Coming of Age Quest, what might it be, and why?

Dyaeni : I think I would ask for a list of people the person met. Social interaction is possibly one of the most important things in RP and in life. A list of who and why they were important would add to the substance of a CoAQ.

RPC : Do you play other characters, or only Dyaeni? And why?

Dyaeni : Why? Because it's FUN! Yes, I have several characters. Torana's my cleric, my healer. Ohntana's my other sea-elf warrior, backup and storage, mostly. Arlea's my scardy-cat theif. I'm currently working on levelling the lowbies and possibly creating a mage or augurer. Could be interesting.

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