Between Three Of Us

Summary : …
Characters : Khaimran, Arlencia, Sneg
NPCs : None
Date : 24 February 2001

You tell Sneg 'Greetings, friend!'
Sneg tells you '*bows deeply,a smile on her face*'
You tell Sneg 'Vedui, how are you today?'
Sneg tells you 'fair enough..My head is a bit aching from an unpleasant fall yesterday,but besides that it is alright.'
Sneg tells you 'and you?'
You tell Sneg 'You fell? Are you alright? I am fine, my arms are aching a little though.'
Sneg tells you 'Aye,I am alright now.And why is that that your hand aches,my friend?'
You tell Sneg 'From carrying too heavy a load *sighs slightly* I thought I could earn a bit more coin carrying more casks of Berdruskan to my dwarven friend.'

Sneg tells you '*laughs softly* aye,that happens…'

Hall of the Fallen
A circular chamber carved of rough stone presents itself. A moment of shock passes as you see that the room is filled with dozens — nay — hundreds of corpses. You quickly surmise that the fallen with no family are brought here and embalmed for burial. The Altar to Thoric lies behind a large door to the west.
Exits: west
Carved into the living rock of the chamber is a shrine to the fallen.
Sneg the Scholar of Blood is standing here.

Sneg bows before Arlencia.
Sneg looks at Arlencia.

Biting, lichen-green eyes set upon a lightbrown face, accentuates
tightly drawn lips. Three bows she carry - one of simple dark wood,
one wrapped tightly with mud-streaked linen and bound with tiny
silver chains, tinier amulets hanging from them, and the last,
shaped like a rearing serpent, glided with gold and a gleaming
opalescent material.
She seems unaffected by the weight of the three bows.
Why three bows?
And all of them unstrung…

Arlencia pads carefully into the room. She smiles at Sneg and bows.
Arlencia says ' Vedui'

Sneg nods solemnly.
Sneg says 'vedui,friend..'
Sneg says 'what brings you to this dark room?'

Arlencia peers around the room curiously, eyeing the corpses lain around with a slight distaste in her eyes.

Arlencia says ' I visited Sonoria to pay a tithe to her, and I saw you in here'

Arlencia looks at Sneg.

//As you look across the room,you are strangely drawn to the figure of an elven girl. You approach her,and your heart beats unbearably fast as she steps out into the light…

Her golden hair slides as a waterfall down to her ankles,and her big sapphire eyes glow with tenderness from her silvery pale face.

She smiles softly towards you, and you are filled with fear as you see her sharp white fangs… You tremor,and step back in fear. A silver tear appears in Sneg's eye corner,and she turns away from you and steps back into the shadows… Is this a polite way to treat a person so kind? You begin to wonder,but it is already too late,for the wounds in her soul never heal….
And the child of destiny remembers best.
Sneg is 5'5" and weighs 120 pounds.
Sneg is in perfect health.//

Arlencia says ' What brought you here? I don't suppose…. you came here by chance?'

Arlencia carefully toes around the room, stepping over a corpse lain on the ground.

Arlencia says ' I am wondering do you come here often.'

Sneg shakes her head.

Sneg says 'not often…'

Arlencia says ' You came here by chance?'

Sneg says 'no..'

Arlencia looks around with a expression of mixed awe and uneasiness. She would prefer the living forests to this place of death.

Sneg says 'I intended to come here…I had something to do..'

Sneg agrees with you…this is not a place of joy or even easiness..

Arlencia pulls her bow closer to her. "You have something to do?" An apologetic look comes over her face.

Arlencia says ' Am I disturbing you?'

Sneg says 'no…not at all'

Sneg smiles softly.

Arlencia nods, feeling more at ease. She looks around again, half certain that a corpse might leap up and start grinning at her.

Sneg says 'wait a bit,alright?And we will go away pretty soon'

Arlencia nods in agreement to Sneg.

Arlencia says ' Of course, I really shouldn't be disturbing your business here, Sneg.'

Sneg walks around the room,her face filled with a blur of thoughts.

Arlencia adds after a quick pause. "I thought you might be free to take a trip to Arborlon…" She wonders again at the vampire pacing around the room.

Sneg walks over to the northern wall,and looks at it from top to bottom.She then looks carefully at all the walls,and even the ceiling.

Arlencia 's gaze follows Sneg curiously. She wonders at the vampire again. What is so interesting about walls? Give her forests and trees and animals anytime.

Sneg turns to Arlencia ,and you see sadness and deep thoughts in her eyes.

Sneg says 'do you have a place…where there are records of the fallen?'

Sneg 's voice is low and almost undeard.

Arlencia peers at Sneg, curiosity bright in her eyes. "Records of the Fallen?" She rocks a little on her heels, puzzled.

Arlencia says ' Why do you seek the records?'

Sneg 's voice is low and almost unheard.
Sneg says 'I need to see…if he's dead…'

Arlencia fixates a wide green stare at Sneg. "He's dead? Who are you seeking for, Sneg?"

Sneg 's eyes are filled with silvery tears,and her aura of strength is breaking.
Sneg says 'him…'
Sneg says 'my first love…and only love..'

Arlencia hurries to Sneg's side, carefully avoiding stepping onto a corpse's outstretched limb.

Arlencia says ' Your love?'

Sneg nods solemnly.

Arlencia puts her hand on Sneg's arm. "There are no records here, too many die each day for the priests to record, and they give it up totally."

Sneg says 'he went…in a search…to achieve his destiny…and never came back…I thought..he might have gotten here…and died'

Sneg says 'oh…I see'

Arlencia frowns, wondering how she could help the vampire. "Was he elven, like you?"

Sneg nods solemnly.
Sneg says 'he was…'

Arlencia says ' How did he look like?'

Sneg says 'he was slender,with long blond hair…piercing sky like eyes…and he was wearing dark robes…'

Arlencia nods quickly, taking the information in. "Dark robes? He was a mage, or a cleric?"

Sneg looks far away,pictures of forgotten places in her mind.
Sneg says 'none of that…'
Sneg says 'he was…they're hope..'
Sneg says 'the only one who could have led this world to doom'

Arlencia chews on her lip quickly. "Hope?" Arlencia's expression is truly puzzled.
Arlencia says ' What are you talking about, Sneg?'
Arlencia says ' Was he vampire like you?'

Sneg says 'a vampire?'
Sneg chuckles politely.
Sneg says 'no..'
Sneg says 'perhaps…the prince of evil would be the most right term for him'

Arlencia frowns at her own mistake. "Wait, if he was a vampire…." She blinks her eyes rapidly, shooting a quick stare at Sneg.

"Prince..of evil?"

Sneg nods silently,tears still filling her eyes.

Arlencia says ' But if he was a vampire, he couldn't have just .. died.'

Sneg says 'please…can we just get out of here…'

Arlencia nods quickly, sensing Sneg's discomfort.

Sneg says 'this place…it makes me feel bad'
Sneg opens the door.

Arlencia says ' We can go to Arborlon.'

Outside the Gate of Arborlon
Standing on the outside of the gate of Arborlon, you notice two large stone towers on either side of the gate containing Elven archers on the lookout for a troll attack. A guard stands beside the gate watching everything that enters and leaves Arborlon. In the distance, you can see the eastern coast of the island just beyond the forest.
Exits: east [west]
Padishar is deep in slumber here.

Arlencia says ' The gates are locked'
Arlencia looks at the gates in dismay.
Arlencia says ' Padishar always lock them up at night.'

Arlencia glances at Sneg in apology. "I suppose we have to spend some time here…."
Sneg nods solemnly.
Sneg says 'sorry,mistake..'

The day has begun.
Padishar ACKS at his big mistake.
Padishar says 'I could have got in a lot of trouble if I had been caught sleeping.'
Sneg chuckles politely.
Sneg says 'lucky you woke up..'

Arlencia laughs at Padishar.
Sneg looks at Padishar.

Arlencia says ' I hope he will open the gates soon. It is lovely to see Arborlon in the morning.'
Sneg smiles happily.

The sun rises in the east.

Padishar smiles happily.
Padishar says 'What a beautiful sunrise. Don't you agree?'
Padishar unlocks the gate with an oak key.
Padishar opens the gate.
Sneg shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Arlencia says ' Thank you, Padishar'
Arlencia says ' Come, let us go into Arborlon'

Inside the Gate of Arborlon
Two large towers loom over you as you pass through the gate of the city. Glancing up at the battlements, you notice the captain of the guards organizing the gate's defense. A guard standing at the gate stands ready to defend the city from an attack. The Square of Arborlon lies to the west,and a dirt trail lies to the east leading to the Ellcrys Forest.
Exits: east west
A stern Elven guard patrols the area inside the gate.
Sneg the Scholar of Blood is hovering here.

Dayel bows before you.
Dayel says 'Hello there, Arlencia.'

Arlencia beams a smile at Sneg. "Do you want to explore it by yourself? I can follow you and tell you about things."

Sneg nods solemnly.
Sneg says 'that would be nice'

Arlencia nods in agreement to Sneg.

After a few hours of exploring, the two end up at Shirl's.

The Fox and the Fiddle
A young Elven waitress brings you to your seat as you enter this rather large tavern. A bartender can be seen mixing drinks behind the bar on the south wall. Looking over to the table next to you, a slim looking elf is eating a large piece of venison with potatos on the side. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to stay here a while and have something to eat while you're here.
Exits: east
A young waitress shows you to your seat, and awaits your order.
Shirl glows with an aura of divine radiance.

Arlencia waves at Shirl and grins. "Vedui, Shirl." She chuckles. "No Berdruskan today though, my arms are aching from carrying too many yesterday."

Arlencia smiles at Sneg and leads Sneg by the arm to an empty table.

Arlencia says ' Have a seat, what do you like?'

Sneg sits down.
Sneg looks carefully at the menu,pondering what is teh best offer of this place..

Arlencia says ' Do you want to try bruschetta?'
Arlencia says ' It goes very well with Shirl's ale. '

Arlencia quickly gets a plate and a mug of ale as well. At least it does not smell as bad as Berdruskan liquor.

Arlencia seats herself quickly, drawing a deep drink of the ale. "Sneg?" She wipes foam from her mouth. "You said something about woods earlier?"

Arlencia says ' Did you live in the forests?'

Sneg looks at the food hungrily,and smiles over to Arlencia as she sinks her teeth into the bruschetta.

Sneg eats with pleasure,and sips the ale slowly.

Arlencia bites at her bruschetta slowly. "So, Sneg, tell me about the forests you lived in?"

Arlencia bites off another mouthful of bruschetta, leaning closer to hear what Sneg has to say.

Sneg says 'those were the most beautiful woods you will ever see,I assure you that..'

Sneg says 'the trees were so tall and widely branched,that the sun would sometimes be no more then a dream to the eyes of my elves..'

Arlencia nods quickly, mouth stuffed with brushcetta. "Really?" She looks excitedly at Sneg. "Where are these woods?"

Sneg says 'but where there were dark woods there were also forest circles,where the sun and the clouds would be the most beautiful ever..'

Sneg says 'at one of these places layed my monastery…'

Arlencia takes a long drink of the ale. "A monastery?" Her eyes widen in puzzlement. "You hail from a monastery?"

Sneg nods solemnly.
Sneg says 'aye…'

Arlencia puts down her mug and stares at Sneg. "Forgive me, but… " She fidgets. "uhh.. you are from a monastery, and you have a love?"

Sneg nods solemnly.
Sneg says 'that must seem strange to you…but all my life are'

Arlencia says ' It is strange to me, what kind of monastery is that?'

Sneg says 'the education I got…was not the thing that influinced my life the most'
Sneg says 'I learned to respect and to love all beings,yes…but that was the end of my education in that place'

Arlencia says ' Why did you leave?'
Sneg says 'I left because I was old enough to leave…but you are getting too fat too fat..'

Sneg says 'everything in it's time,Arlencia…'
Sneg says 'if you want to know my story,allow me to tell eat'

Arlencia nods in agreement to Sneg.
Arlencia says ' Of course, Sneg. Do eat your fill first.'

Sneg smiles softly at you,and you see tenderness in her eyes.

Arlencia quietly brushes crumbs from her fingers and takes one more sip from her mug.

Arlencia smiles back at Sneg over the rim of her mug. She looks excited still, hoping Sneg will tell her more.

Sneg nods solemnly.
Sneg says 'well…'

Sneg says 'I have no memories untill the age of 3,when I found myself in a monastery in the woods…'

The sound of waves crashing against the coast can be heard in the distance.

Arlencia nods solemnly.

Sneg says 'the high priest and the nuns there told me my parents died and left me to their care…which I lately found out was not entirely true'

Arlencia 's eyes blink quickly.
Arlencia says ' What did you find out? Uh.. If you would tell me.'

Sneg says 'I was raised as a normal elven child,and no mentiones of my…ahem… *coughs* special nature ever got to my ears..'

Sneg says 'I was always attracted to the woods,a place not entirely forbiden,but also not recommended by the nuns..'

Arlencia nods, waiting to hear more. Her left hand clutches at the side of her seat.

Sneg says 'when I was 5 springs old I first went into the woods instead of praying…what the woods revealed to my eyes will always remain with me..'

Sneg smiles dreamingly.

Arlencia says ' What did you see?'
Arlencia bites her lip, half-guessing Sneg's answer.

Sneg smiles happily.

Sneg says 'I can not tell,my friend…'
Sneg says 'it was my first induction…to the circle..'
Sneg says 'anyway,going into the woods and exploring then became a regular part of my day..'
Sneg says 'the nuns never said anything,although I suspect they knew.'

Arlencia hides a smile behind the rim of her mug and waits for Sneg to continue.

Sneg says 'one day,I went further in my travellers then usually..'
Sneg says 'I reached a pond…the water were dark,and huge black lilies floated on it..'

Arlencia nods solemnly.

Sneg says 'I was a little girl then,only 13 years old…no memories,no knowledge…'

Arlencia nods solemnly.

Sneg says 'I was curious,and decided to try and touch the water..I fell'
Sneg says 'sure of my own death,I closed my eyes and gave up any struggle…when suddenly someone pulled me out…'
Sneg takes a deep breath,and continues.

Arlencia holds her own breath.

Sneg says 'the high priest…had a son..since my early childhood I was told never to go near him…he was said to be a bad influence…'

Sneg grins sadly.

Arlencia looks at Sneg, trying to offer a comforting smile. "And? What happened?"

Sneg says 'as you imagine,I never cared much about forbidence…'

Arlencia shifts a little on her seat, staring at Sneg, a wondering expression on her face.

Sneg says 'when I opened my eyes,I saw a young lad sitting by me,a wide grin on his face.'
Sneg says 'he had long blond hair,and piercing blue eyes…and the most lovely smile ever..'
Sneg says 'I fell hopelessly in love with him ever since that moment.'
Sneg says 'we courted,out of the nuns and the priest's knowledge,of course…'

Arlencia swallows something in her throat. She couldn't really feel what Sneg felt (she has never been in love with another being before, and trees and deer don't count.)

Sneg says 'after all,he was the forbidden one,and also much older…he was 18..'

Arlencia just nods, feeling something hot on her cheeks as she hears Sneg recount the story with that blissful expression.

Sneg says 'he taught me all I know.Dreams became reality with him,every one of my desires came true..and I took it for granted'

Arlencia nods solemnly.

Sneg says 'I felt that is the way it should be,and that is how it will always stay…how wrong was I!'

Sneg 's face fill with unknown sorrow,and her cheeks burn.

Arlencia tries to comfort Sneg with a tiny smile. "Sneg, if you don't want to talk about it… we can talk about other things."

Sneg says 'no,it helps…talking to someone after all this time…'

Sneg says 'He practiced black magic,and taught me all about it…he tried to make me use it,but with little succsses…I was a pure

soul,and as I gotten purer,he became darker… '

Sneg says 'one day he came to me,with eyes burning of wierd fire..I knew at that moment I lost him..'

Arlencia says ' His father did not fin..find out?'

Sneg shakes her head.
Sneg says 'never…'

Arlencia says ' What happened next?'

Sneg says 'he said it is time for him to go,and that he is tired of it all..That he has great destiny before him,and that I hold him back with my stupid love for trees and nature..with my caring and tenderness…'

Arlencia leans forward, eager to hear the rest of the tale.

Arlencia 's brow comes together in a frown. "He said that?" Her tone is chiding. "How can love for trees and nature be stupid…."

Sneg says 'I cried,and he wore his robes and just smiled as he said his goodbye….I saw no sign of the man I loved in him…only a shadow remained…'

Sneg says 'I cried for a year,all that year I had minimal contact with the other people… all I cared about was the woods'

Sneg says 'I came every day,and sudenly they talked to me…'

Arlencia raises an eyebrow.
Arlencia says ' Who?'

Sneg says 'they..'

Arlencia says ' They?'

Arlencia peers at her quizzically.
Arlencia moves her mug out of the way, and the plate as well. "Who are they?" She asks the vampire again.

Sneg says 'I can not reveal them,I am sorry…but they are my gods,and I will devode my life to them'

Arlencia nods, understandingly. "So, what happened?"

Sneg holds your hand,and smiles softly to you.You feel it will be alright.

Sneg says 'then I learned.I knew more of my destiny each day,and I even found out about my parents…'

Sneg looks more stiffened.

Arlencia says ' Your parents?'

Sneg says 'Aye'
Sneg says 'I accedentaly heard the nuns talk about them one day…'

Sneg says 'They said…my mother was the goddes of destiny…and my father the high cleric and mage of the elven village near by.'

Arlencia looks at Sneg in amazement. "Go.Goddess of destiny?" She cocks her head, staring at Sneg, wondering where ever did this vampire come from.

Shirl says 'Hello, Khaimran.'
Shirl says 'What will it be for today?'
Shirl smiles happily.

Someone nods in greeting to everyone present.
Someone smiles happily.

Arlencia rises from her seat, greeting Khaimran with a nod of her head.

Sneg bows deeply.

Sneg whispers to Arlencia 'My mother…was highly upset because of the..mistake that led to my birth….so she left me at the monastery,with a promise that one day she will be back for me, because I had a great path before me..'

Arlencia glances at Sneg, deciding to introduce her. "Khaimran, this is Sneg.. she comes from a different realm."

Someone walks over from the entrance, his clothes dripping slighltly from the rain. "Vedui… Arlencia, correct? Yet the other I do not know… I am Khaimran."

Sneg bows deeply.
Sneg smiles at the shadowy figure which is called Khaimarn.

Arlencia nods at Sneg's whisper, and offers the vampire a comforting grip on her arm. She gestures to the empty seat at their table, and smiles at Khaimran "Aye, I am Arlencia. Will you join us?"

Someone smiles warmly at Sneg before walking over to the counter and makes an order.

Arlencia ooc Khaimran you are invis :)
Someone ooc *d'oh*

Khaimran nods to Arlencia, "Aye, I shall.", before collecting a plate of venison and taking a seat.

Khaimran looks at Arlencia.

Arlencia wonders if Khaimran would add some cheer to the dark atmosphere descending on them, after hearing Sneg tell her tale.

Khaimran looks at Sneg.

Sneg smiles softly at Arlencia.
Sneg says 'do not worry,my friend..'
Sneg says 'I am not sad,why should you be then?'

Arlencia quickly finishes the rest of her drink, wiping foam from under her lip. She nods, still wondering if she should indeed worry about Sneg.

Arlencia says ' But you want to find him, don't you?'

Sneg shakes her head a bit sadly.
Sneg says 'no…'
Sneg says 'It will be foolish'

Khaimran pokes at the venison with a fork, "You appear to be downcast, friends… May I ask why?", he inquires, though it seems he has his mind on other things.

Shirl brings someone across the room their meal.

Arlencia eases the mug away from her, without noticing Khaimran's plate is in the way. It knocks at the plate with a loud 'chuuck'. Sheepishly, she apologises.

Sneg says 'finding him…will bring no cure for me,and no good for him'

Khaimran smiles at Arlencia, indicating no harm has been done.

Sneg sits still for a while,staring at the space,and then shakes her head as if to wear off bad thoughts.

Arlencia turns to whisper quietly to Khaimran. "She is searching for someone…" The ranger pauses for a while. "her love. I found her in the Hall of the Fallen. She thinks she might have died here."

Arlencia takes up her mug and discovers it is empty. Chewing on her lower lip, she wonders if she should ask for a second drink.

Arlencia ooc She thinks -he- might have died here.
Arlencia ooc :P.

Khaimran turns his gaze to the newcomer, looking her up and down. "She may have died here? Here in Arborlon?", he asks of Sneg.

Khaimran ooc again, he, not she <g>

Sneg shrugs helplessly.
Sneg says 'maybe…although not likely'

Arlencia shifts in her chair. "Nay, this is her first time here in Arborlon… But he could have come here. But I have never seen the elf she described."

Sneg nods solemnly.

Sneg looks over to Arlencia and says softly "Do not worry,please…it is alright"

Khaimran nods in concurrence, setting his fork down by his plate despite not having touched his food. "Aye, there have been no reports of deaths here in Arborlon recently. It is likely that either your love is still alive, or has died elsewhere.", he responds.

Arlencia adjusts the bows on her shoulder and leans back, trying to ease some gas from her stomach. She peers at Sneg. "You are sure… you don't want to find him?"

Sneg nods silently to Arlencia.

Arlencia links her fingers together in puzzlement. "But you were searching for his record of death in the Hall… and now you don't want to find him?"

Sneg says 'I have…other goals'

Sneg nods. "I just wanted to see if he has died here,so I can depart form his body forever…but I suppose it is not"

Arlencia says ' Other goals? What kind of goals?'

Arlencia drums her fingers on the table. The story is getting a little too fantastic for a down to earth person like she is. She rather have solid things to grasp - like trees, animals.

(Sneg went linkdead and Arly and Khaim went ooc)

Sneg says 'aye…my goal is mainly to explore…and another thing..'
Sneg smiles sotly,and she seems almost vibrant.

Arlencia stops drumming her fingers. "What other thing?"

Sneg says 'I need to find someone…and to teach him'

Khaimran cuts out a piece of venison, and brings it to his mouth…. Its gone cold. He swallows it, and pushes the plate away.

Arlencia says ' Can we help you?'

Sneg shakes her head.

Sneg says 'I do not know who I am looking for myself…but I was told that when I will find him I would knoe'

Sneg says 'know even.'

Arlencia nods solemnly. She glances at Khaimran, wondering what is bothering the other elf. "Sneg, if you need help, you can ask. The elves will help. Definately."

Khaimran raises an eyebrow, "So you are still searching for a person?", he asks.

Sneg nods silently.
Sneg says 'yes'

Sneg says 'but still…I have a lot to do…to explore myself…and I would love some friends'

Arlencia smiles warmly at Sneg. "You will find many here, you can talk to Shirl too… She likes to chatter sometimes, when it is not so busy."

Khaimran smiles, "Yes, the friendship of an elf is not given lightly… though I am sure you shall find it here, given time.", he says.

Arlencia rubs her aching arms, squeezing the muscles to relieve herself of the pain. She dearly regretted helping to carry the liquor for that extra few coins.

Sneg smiles softly.
Sneg thinks, 'Hmmmm.'
Sneg says 'can I?…'
Sneg looks at Arlencia softly.

Arlencia peers at Sneg. "Can.. you find a friend, you mean?"

Khaimran rests back in his chair, apparently lost in thought. He glances over his shoulder, seeing the rain still beating down upon the city. Sighing, he resigns himself to what has happened.

Sneg laughs softly,and shakes her head.She stands up from her seat and gets near Arlencia,and stands behind her.She places her palms lightly on her shoulder,and massages them throughly.

Sneg says 'I must leave now..'
Sneg says 'goodbye friends,see you again'
Sneg waves happily.

You wave goodbye to Sneg.

(Siatre appears)

Arlencia says ' Vedui, Siatre'

Khaimran rises from his seat to greet the newcomer. "Vedui, Siatre. How fare thee?", he inquires.

Arlencia decides to take a second drink. She rises from her seat and heads to the counter, gesturing with two fingers.

Siatre smiles beneath the hood of her robes that show a bit battered from travels, 'I'm alive.' she replies with a simple and quant answer.

Siatre asks, 'Is this a private conversation that I should be leaving from?'

Khaimran nods… but the simple statement seems to have drawn his mind back to another event.

Arlencia glances back at the group. She shakes her head slightly at Siatre. "Nay, join us. Furthermore, I never met you."

Siatre offers a nod and crosses the room back for the door.
Siatre flies east.

Arlencia 's brow lift considerably. "Did she misunderstand?" She takes her drink, making her way back to the table.

Khaimran shrugs lightly, "Maybe she had other duties to perform.", he says.

Arlencia sits, and takes a careful drink out of her mug. She looks at Khaimran. Perhaps she could talk with him.

Arlencia says ' You don't look very.. good as well. Something troubles?'

Khaimran nods after a few seconds of contemplation. "Aye… you could say that….", his voice drifts off.

Khaimran bites his lip, again dragging his mind away from past events. "So tell me,", he says while smiling, "what is it that you do here in Arborlon?".

Arlencia breathes in, the sharp scent of rain tight in her lungs. She looks at you, one eyebrow cocked. "Me?" She adjusts her bows again. "I hunt in the Ellcrys forest, and sell part of it to Shirl."

Arlencia leans against the table, linking her callused fingers together. "You can say, odd jobs." She adds, quietly, observing the disppearing foam in her mug of ale.

Khaimran glances over at the waitress who is busying herself with some work. He nods, and asks another question, "Have you… have you noticed anything strange in the Ellcrys recently?"

Arlencia looks up at you with puzzled green eyes. "Strange? What do you mean?" She bites her lip, her eyes still fixed on you. "I have seen less animals recently. As if… they are all hiding."

Arlencia adds hastily. "Hiding out of fear." She puts her hands down and leans back, cracking a sore knuckle.

Khaimran shrugs before responding, "The forest is still cursed. You are aware of the cause?"

Arlencia stops cracking her knuckles. A small frown constricts her brow. "Cursed? I am not aware of anything. What are you talking about?"

Khaimran sighs. "Perhaps I will be able to tell you the tale some other time… But now, I must leave.", he says as he rises from his seat.

Arlencia glances outside. The rain has stopped, and the sun made watery shadows on the dirt ground outside. She rises up as well, adjusting her bows.

Arlencia says ' Aye, I will head for the forest… and try to find out what you are speaking of.'

Khaimran nods solemnly.
Khaimran says 'Namaarie, Arlencia.'

Arlencia says ' Namaarie, Khaimran'

Khaimran utters the words, 'uizug'.
Khaimran fades out of existence.

Arlencia puts down a coin for her drink. Of course Shirl would not want her to pay, but it is only courtesy. Before the waitress could stop her, the ranger breezes out of the tavern quickly.

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