Brodo was born in a small home in The Burrows. He was a neighbor of Bilbo Baggins and used to run to his house and talk to Bilbo about his fantastic adventures.

The story that Brodo was most interested in was when Bilbo stole the One Ring from Smeagol (Gollum). Now Brodo dreamt everyday of being a great thief and stealing cool stuff from evil monsters, so he decided that he would become a thief.

Brodo trained with his father's dagger which had been passed down the generations. Brodo was extremely excited and started to use his dagger when he was 15. He poked at trees and stabbed the ground, and over time he gained much experience and proficiency at daggers. When Brodo finally became 17 he went to Darkhaven, the city of the famed Academy.

Brodo was a stranger in this huge metropolis and could barely find his way. Luckily a Saint by the name of Micha appeared from nowhere and taught Brodo the directions around town. She showed Brodo to the academy and there Brodo went alone into the battlegrounds to test his skills. To his surprise, Brodo did well at killing carrion crawlers, dread wolves, spirit nagas and even Asp herself! After Brodo was confident of his abilities he walked to the Guild of Thieves and got inducted! Now Brodo was a successful young thief who loved to run monsters with others like Kahl. Brodo is still a powerful thief to this day.

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