Cersei's Blessings

"Find the path of red roses and the ice-white stag. Then you will find the one who will bring Cersei's blessings back."

Aranvar sat by himself out at the pier, one of the many that stretched out across the Lake, repeating his grandmother's words to himself.

That beast Ashkera was still alive… and he innocently believed that criminal died in exile. He celebrated that man's death even. What Ashkera did would not even suffice a thousand deaths - the way that he murdered Melisse after raping her; the way he cut her up into pieces and buried her along the river, piece by piece till he hung her head off from her favorite tree in the forests.

The monstrosity will not be Speaker. He must not be.

First, the path of red roses, and someone who can hunt down a stag.

Aranvar glanced behind him, scanning the expanse of the Lake's shoreand beyond upwards, as the setting sun saturated the roofs and walls of each building in deep, orange hues.

Then, a sign caught his eye.

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