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List of Roleplaying Characters (Names), Past and Present.


  • To add your character, please place your name in the correct alphabetical sector.
  • This is intended to be just a name-list. For more specific additions including with ranks, you may wish to use your own nations page to do it.
  • Listings are based on contributors' trust.
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Falennt Farlina Faeaonna Felwyn Fixen Fennel Faradhi Fentrissa Feist Funenamon Ffalenn Fanelyn Faendyll


Gliowien Gildeth Griak Gelroos Gendalf Gwendolin Grivalia Gavilan Gwyen Gwvyrn Grador Geriand Gundakl Gilcrist Garland Gallant Glissant Geandakin Grag Galen Gossamer Goomra Graem Grishnakh Gnuggat Grethell Gwyn Garl Gael Graelynia Gawen Gallant Gruhar


Harger Hilgendo Hammet Hoerkin Hamish Holly Hanbamlous


Israfel Ingvarr Ikses Isabella Ilsankin Ishundar Itolea Ilari Ilena Ilusia Istalia Ivana Inka


Jurevicus Jhethen Jahsel Jotun Jessail Jaralie Jermyn Jhary Jutte Jaele Jenni Joralk Jago Jherenais Juliana Jeris Jeffrey Jancia Jarone Jadaria Jesnar Jocelynn Jeraef Jayalria Jhahala Jarym Jacqueans Jeraxle Jinnai Jackson

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