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List of Roleplaying Characters (Names), Past and Present.


  • To add your character, please place your name in the correct alphabetical sector.
  • This is intended to be just a name-list. For more specific additions including with ranks, you may wish to use your own nations page to do it.
  • Listings are based on contributors' trust.
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Utinni Uraj Ulster Unuie Ulrant


Vermicio Vokith Valdor Vivienne Vindhya Vorya Vortex Vestia Vaelyn Volki Vaneranin Vythien Vespers Valiante Vizal Vyla Veresi Vernese Vrakk Vrien Venita Varrick Velkyn Vorcanny Veltheera Vilari Vorkhah Viktoria


Welles Wavin WildSage Wren Willow


Xioj Xerthiss Xanthia Xenolyn


Yoshio Yeroc Yallin Ynnug Yandall Ylysarah Yallin Ysaena Ylliana


Zasperlyn Zellon Zeon Zenora Zulix Zosdar Zya Zenobia Zenallyn Zoes Zyandra Zoe

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