A collector of books and antiques, knowledgeable and frightfully aware of the ambitions of mortals, half-fae Christian von Karlach's aims in his kindred life appears ambiguous to his own Clan and the Court as well. Touted daring enough to become Prince and rumored to have diablerized several other of his peers, the Lasombra is held in disregard, fear and suspicion by most of the Cainite Circles.

Christian's moods are as variant as the shadows he controls, and yet, masked in intrigue and purpose. He regards mortals with a notion of respect almost bordering on thinly-veiled envy of their fragility. Towards certain individuals whom he has sworn to protect and to aid, his loyalty to them does not waver even in the face of his own peril. Towards those whom he cherishes deeply, he lays bare a weakness to them which even frightens himself.

Character's Description


If there is one word to describe this pale-haired man's dressing and mannerisms, that would be it. His long, thin locks of white-blonde are tied together, each strand twined to form a perfect braid down his nape, the end secured with a velvety black ribbon.

His face appears almost babyish in its youthful translucency, but there are lines of hardness present in the way he clenches his jaw, or the single conspicuous movement of quirking his eyebrow, to that sharp, critical look in his manganese-green eyes. The way he stands appears rather courtly and elegant, belying a hint of the nobility in his blood.

A dove-gray linen shirt covers his upper body, buttoned up to his neck. A midnight black silk cravat, knotted and wrapped around his throat, a silver clasp wrought in the shape of traditional teutonic dragons, is pinned to the knot tucked right below his chin. A black velvet long coat, with long, comfortable sleeves, is thrown over the shirt, immaculately tailored till the seams are almost invisible, completed with pants of the same make and color. A journal, bound with dyed gut and lambskin, is usually tucked under one of his arms or held in his hands.

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