Words Of The Wise

[ 66] Chubbs: Words of the Wise
Mon Dec 8 23:49:34 2008
To: Peoples of the Realms
Over the buffet tables of the Sleeping Dragon Inn, people chatted anxiously about the tidings. "Arborlon fell! To pixies!" they whispered nervously. Many discussed about this new empire while stuffing their faces, expressing their fears, concerns, and anticipation. "I think it it wonderful, a new era brought about by King Vermicio!"

A loud, choking laugh rang through the buffet hall, like one made by snorting noodles through one's nostrils. Everybody turned to look. Some glaring, others out of sheer curiosity.

A rather large figure sat in a stool, a plate of half-eaten chao-mien in front of it. Tipping its straw-hat upwards, people gasped as they saw the dark, bagged eyes, the pale white furry skin, and a pair of wisdom-filled eyes. Panda eyes. The panda speaketh, "Ying and Yang, Peace and War, it is a perfect circle. This war brought you peace, but this peace will be ravaged by another war. The glorious King will become a beggar once again. Thus is the way of the universe."

People flocked towards him, some impressed by a talking panda, others irritated by the words it spoke. They asked him questions after questions, yet the panda did not speak. It simply finished its noodles, chewed thoroughly, and then drank its soup. (Oh, did I not mention soup?)

The panda stood, tipped its cap, and walked out of the Inn without paying.

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