'Come With Me'

The Fallen Drake Cafe
Continued from the grand lobby to the north, this hallway is also made of brilliant white marble, with three archways leading to small shops. In the centre of the hallway, however, is a small round kiosk, called The Fallen Drake Cafe, providing coffee and sandwiches to the visitors and workers of Town Hall. A few tables, with two chairs each, have been set out for the patrons of the cafe, so they can relax with their purchases.
Exits: north east south west
Ceana stands behind the Cafe counter, awaiting your order.
Aubrey R'aw is standing here.

Aubrey's eyes grow wide as she gazes over the assortment of foods displayed for sale.
She squeezes her tiny hands tightly before running her hands to smooth the dust from her dress.

Aubrey asks Ceana, 'Do you have any day old bread for purchase?'

Aubrey mutters distractedly.

A young man glances up, looking at Aubrey directly.

Aubrey mumbles under her breath "It is impolite to stare".

Aubrey curtseys gracefully for the young man who has just looked at her.

The young man who had looked up from his book to glance at the smallish girl who had walked in, asking for bread blushes a little.

Then he puts his book down, and bows towards the girl who had decided to curtsey to him. [Alexi]

"My apologies." The dark haired youth begins slowly, looking quite embarassed. "It was just that I heard a noise and I

Aubrey looks at herself.

"The city here is full of rude people." A soft sigh comes out as she looks up at the woman behind the counter again who has turned

away as if she had never spoke." [Aubrey]

Aubrey says 'And by rude I did not mean you. I.. I just am use to the stares. There are not many of my kind her.'

Aubrey looks away towards the streets, her pale eyes gazing far beyond.

The dark haired youth looks puzzled by what she meant by not many of her kind and he frowns softly, looking at her again. She seems rather worse for wear. [Alexi]

Aubrey looks at the young man.

"Are you trying to buy something from Ceana's?" The youth asks, putting down his book and lifting a finger to point at the busy woman behind the cafe's counter. "Why don't you come here and sit with me?" [Alexi]

Alexi says 'I'll buy you a coffee and a cake to apologize for what happened earlier.'

Aubrey purses her lips and turns to face the young man. "I… I have no need of handouts. I work hard for what I get." She pauses, her stomach audibly growling. "I should go. I think there are places on market street where the workers … well.

Aubrey sighs loudly.

Aubrey breathes in deeply and turns gazing one last time at the succulent sandwiches.

"Wait, wait, Miss." The youth looks flustered. Maybe he'd said something wrong! "It's not, not a hand-out. I am just very sorry how I treated you earlier. I am brought up to be better than that." [Alexi]

He pulls one of the chairs at the table, and beckons towards the smallish girl, smiling widely, "Please, Miss, do take a seat with me" [Alexi]

All confused by the pains of hunger she turns and sees the young man standing with the chair pulled out for her. For the first time she sees him. [Aubrey]

"Miss?" The youth smiles at the smallish girl with those auburn braids with infinite patience, now both of his hands are placed on the chair, moving the furniture to face her. [Alexi]

He looked like the kind that use to come to Lady Ophy's to get his things mended when his servants were away. He was tall and had the delicate air of nobiity about him. She bites her bottom lip and slowly approaches unsure if he works for the Duke here or is from somewhere else. His voice was soothing, she could not place his accent though from her limited travels it would not matter. [Aubrey]

Aubrey timidly sits down on the edge of the chair and smiles upwards at him. Her face dirty, eyes dull and pale blue. She speaks in almost a whisper, "Thank you."

The youth smiles genuinely, the smile lighting up the oceanic hues of his eyes. "There." He murmurs as he pushes in the chair lightly with her seating upon it, so she will be closer to the table. Such a tiny girl. He wondered how old she is. [Alexi]

"I'll get you a cup of coffee and a cake. And you're welcome, Miss." He smiles again, the smile going into the blush of his cheeks and his blue eyes. In haste and quickness, the youth purchases coffee and a slice of warm chocolate cake from the counter, Ceana herself though arching an eyebrow as she sees the small auburned hair girl seated with him. "Mister Klein." She whispers, though not short of hearing distance from Aubrey. "Do you know her?" [Alexi]

The youth good-naturedly shrugs his shoulders and just returns to his table without answering Ceana. "Here." He places the cup of steaming latte infront of the smallish girl, together with the slice of cake seated on a white plate, with all the air of a practiced waiter. "For you." He smiles yet one more time. [Alexi]

She involuntarily licks her lips as her fingers tremble as she reaches for the cup first. She stops and moves her tiny hand to the cake instead. She had never been so hungry, her inner fear at shaking too hard and spilling the latte. She broke off a piece of the cake and brought it to her mouth. The delicate and moist cake tasted like a slice of heaven itself as it filled her

The hint of frosting danced on her tongue before she forced it down her throat with an almost audible swallow. She licked every bit of the crumbs from the corners of her mouth carefully before reaching for another bite. She did not want the man who was so gracious in buying her the cake to think ill of her. She must eat slowly. [Aubrey]

The youth has seated himself already opposite her and folded his hands on his lap, watching the girl take to the cake with such gusto with a tiny smile hinged to his lips. His book is all forgotten in the company of a new acquaintance and then he sits up, looking directly at the auburn haired girl once more.

"My name is Alexi. Alexi Klein." The youth introduces himself, slowly and pronouncing every word clearly that she may hear it. His voice is crisp, unaccented, easy to understand. [Alexi]

Now his hands move themselves in practised grace from his lap to be placed on his own cup of now-cold tea. "Do you like the cake?" The youth asks, a little concerned at the way she's eating, so carefully as to not waste any crumb. [Alexi]

Must eat slowly. She kept telling herself as she ate bite by bite of the cake. Finally, about half of the way through the cake she took a sip of the latte. She blinked and looked up to find the man sitting across from her still. She smiled and picked up a napkin, wiping it across her mouth. "I am Aubrey R'aw of the Shire." She looked down at the cake "Yes, I do like it." She dipped her finger into the frosting of the cake and kicked her legs back and forth as she finger into the frosting of the cake and kicked her legs back and forth as she brought it to her lips, savoring the taste of the sugar against her tongue." [Aubrey]

"The Shire?" The young man draws himself up against the edge of the tiny table, rocking it just barely as he places his coat-clad elbows against it. "I remember reading about the Shire. Halflings, they live there." [Alexi]

He maintains himself, trying not to actually slip his gaze downwards to her feet to check and smiles at her again. "I'm glad you like the cake, and the coffee as well." His voice carries a certain notch of pleasure, as if quite pleased with himself about something. "And shall I walk you home after this? We can call a carriage, it seems like a rather long walk."

Alexi offers, one hand moving to pick up his half-read book and closing it, settling it on the table next to his cuppa. [Alexi]

"Yes, I'm a halfling. And the only thing better than cake is pudding." Her eyes sparkled a bit brighter than before, the food and a friendly face having added some to her spirit and health. "The pudding in the Shire is best served warm and oh the cookies. So sweet." [Aubrey]

"I do appreciate your offer but I am living in the city of Irae right now. I can't go home to the Shire." A sense of sadness filled her as she remembered her home. She breathed in deeply. The scents of the city were so different here in Darkhaven. [Aubrey]

Aubrey says 'Is it getting late? I live above a fisherman's workshop. If it rains I will have to hurry home, the roof leaks and I have to borrow the buckets.'

Alexi props up his chin lightly with a set of curled fingers, watching Aubrey with a thoughtful look to his blue eyes. "It will get dark soon, and in no way you should be traveling alone by yourself in the dark. I'd suppose this City you are in, it is quite a distance too, is it not?"

He asks, plucking up his book now and slipping the small volume into the pocket of his coat, his feathery ebony brows setting to a frown now as the patter of rain droplets sound above the roof over them.

"And it is raining now, Miss. I don't think you can hurry back in time" The dark haired youth tells her now, his lips pursing upwards as he sights one of the windows in the cafe being
haired youth tells her now, his lips pursing upwards as he sights one of the windows in the cafe splattered with rain drops. [Alexi]

Aubrey jumped down off of the chair and ran to the window. Her tiny hands pushed against it as she gazed out and upwards towards the stormy sky. "No, the rivers will rise and I won't be able to get back."

Pulling her cloak up over her long dirty braids she turned. "Thank you but I don't even think your carriage could make it across if the river rises. I can try to cross a log or something." She smiled "It beats the streets and thieves in this city" [Aubrey]

Would she wait? This girl seems to be in such for a hurry for everything. It seems no wonder that she is in such a bad rush. "I doubt you can get back now in such heavy rain." Alexi sighs and he stands up as well, arching his back a little to relax muscles stiff after hours of sitting. His chair is pushed back with a soft creak, its legs running over the flooring.

"I am staying at the inn nearby for the night and could get you one of the smaller rooms there."
He offers again, stepping out, pushing his chair in and picking up a brown-wrapped package as well as a slim, black umbrella. "Once the rain has cleared and it is tomorrow, you will be safe to travel. Wouldn't that be better?" [Alexi]

The dark haired one looks at the smallish girl for a moment, his tone brushingly persuasive as package is placed over one arm protectively and the umbrella hooked over another. [Alexi]

"I couldn't impose really.. I don't have much choice." She turned towards the window and leaned forward. How cool the window pane felt against her skin. Her brother would kill her if he knew that she had been living like she had the last few months since she ran away from home. The rain splattered against the window. She traced one of the drops as it slid down slowly on the glass as it fogged from the warm moist breath from her body. [Aubrey]

Aubrey says 'Yes, thank you. I will have to repay you. Maybe I can wash your things or groom your horses?" her mind turned as she thought. "What about fish? I can clean them pretty fast you know"'

Alexi laughs, his shoulders lifting an his head tilts to a side as he indulges in a moment of mirth. "I have no need of a groom or someone to clean fish. I am a businessman but I do not sell fish." With the tip of his umbrella tapping against the marble of the cafe's flooring, the dark haired youth makes his way over to the window where the smallish girl is standing, coming up from behind Aubrey.

"Repayment is not neccesary for now." He tells her faintly - his visage poorly reflected in the hazy surface of that window pane. The package he's holding, small, neatly tied with red silk ribbons is placed upon the sill, small enough for a young girl to carry without much effort.

"I am, however going to have to deliver this to a young lady in this city." He leans forth slowly, the sleeve of his coat brushing against Aubrey's ear and cheek as one hand reaches to tap the ribboned package placed on the sill in front of Aubrey. [Alexi]

Alexi says 'If you would carry this and walk with me to where the young lady stays, that would be sufficient. Miss Aubrey.'

Aubrey slowly turns her head as she catches the perfumed scent of the sleeve as it touches her cheek. The material was softer than anything she had ever felt. Then it was gone. She liked that, wished it had lingered longer.

As she continued to turn her head she saw the package. She didn't know what to say, she had never seen anything so sparkly in her life. the red ribbons seemed to catch the light in the room and cause it to dance on the surface of the package. [Aubrey]

Aubrey carefully picked up the package with the tips of her fingers as she feared smudging it with her dirty little hands. "What is in it?" She inquired without thinking as she moved to follow him towards the door.

Alexi glances back, tilting his head gracefully once more and that the strand of tousled dark hair upon his head sweep across his brow. "A doll." His lips curve into yet another smile, a wistful one that seems to bring him faraway suddenly. [Alexi]

Then he snaps back, returning to the reality that of falling raindrops, wet streets and the umbrella on his arm; and of course, the smallish girl who is holding the package and following him. "I am a doll maker, Miss Aubrey." [Alexi]

The youth tells her, purposefully summing up his vocation in one sentence and yet the tone of his voice leaves much more to be questioned, asked and pondered about. "Come, we have to go to the Fairwoods household. They have waited for this doll for a long time." [Alexi]

With that, the tall youth moves to the door of the cafe and opens it, settling his umbrella outside to shelter the both of them, him and the smallish girl who is carrying the wrapped up doll. [Alexi]

Aubrey's eyes sparkle at the thought of a doll so precious that it would be wrapped up in fancy paper and tied with a glorious ribbon. She watches him from the corner of his eye and stifles a giggle as she thinks of how he is all but tied in a ribbon too.

Having never seen such a man up close she wondered at how beautiful his creations must be to afford him such attire. Her large, combersome shoes clanked on the wood floors making her a bit self-conscious, the length of her dress covered them so no one would know she was obviously a halfling. Her long braids swayed back and forth under her shawl as she stepped under the umbrella. She smiled over her shoulder up at Alexi. [Aubrey]

Alexi makes sure that the umbrella is adjusted sufficiently to shelter the both of them from the rain, or more so — the smallish girl by his side. With the excuse of her holding the precious package, he just needs to make sure that once she protests that he's getting rained on, that would be what he'd say to her.

"Shall we go then?" He edges out into the street and holds the umbrella over her, much like how a butler would take care of his young lady. "Careful of the puddles! [Alexi]

Aubrey pushes close to Alexi and tries to keep that package under the umbrella. "I am trying. The rain is coming down so hard." The two continue down the streets towards the house to deliver the precious cargo and into the night.

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