Coming To Camden

The Streets of Camden
The street ends abruptly at a wrought iron fence that separates the land from the sea. Twining their way over the metal railing, morning glories bloom brightly, seeming to glow with an inner light. Overlooking the crashing waves below, a statue of a lonely, young fisherman bravely stares out towards deeper waters. At the base of the statue, a granite marker rests, names engraved upon its surface in memory of those who met their fate in the seas cold grasp.
Exits: north west
(Hide) Bethani Ainamira de Saindora is standing here.

Rain pours down on a cloudy night and a slender figure makes its way up the road in the direction of the town. In its hand is a flickering lantern that appears the sort that would normally been hung upon a carriage for the coachman to see properly during a long carriage ride. "Hello? Is anyone out tonight?" calls a feminine voice through the sound of the downpour. [Bethani]

A older man, together with a dark haired youth stands together in soft conversation near to the shelthered porch which leads into a large building, the infrequent flash of lightning across storm clouds lighting up the metal cross upon the highest pinnacle of the building, presumably the church of that town. Covered lanterns hang about the pillars supporting the porch and around the church itself, providing beacons of illumination for late night travellers. [Alexi]

The youth raises his head and away from the conversation, his hand lifting to pause the older man for a moment, upon hearing the call of a female voice through the splattering rain. The older man looks up as well, peering past the youth's shoulder and looks puzzled. He sees no one. [Alexi]

But the youth breaks from the porch and walks to its edge, his boots just barely reaching the sodden edge of the ground before him. A lantern is pulled down from the pillar, and waved in the direction of the female voice, to guide her here. [Alexi]

The flash of lightning and the light from the lantern briefly illuminate the face of a young, pale-faced woman with blue-green eyes. Her hair is covered and she wears the garb of a nun. "Praise His name…" she cries out as she makes her way towards the waving lantern and the figures on the porch of the assumed church building. Her stride is fast and smooth, her youth becoming all the more obvious as she finds the steps up to the porch and bows herself politely towards the men "So lucky I am to find a Church in this hour…my carriage…oh, what a walk I have had." She gives a tired chuckle of one who has likely had a long day and she looks to her would-be greeters. "I apologize, I am Sister Bethani of the Sacred Heart convent of Sanctus Irae…is the Priest who leads this church available, do you know?" [Bethani]

The dark haired youth who held the lantern high has retracted the object and replaced it to the pillar, tapping its waxed surface lightly to shake off the droplets of rain. "The Church of Irae?" The youth peers at the young nun, and then glances back to the older man who has been hurrying up behind him, his lips parting to pant a little. [Alexi]

"I believe he is, Father Lucio." The dark haired youth introduces, and then his head lowers a little in respect towards the older man in his priestly vestments. Another side-long glance is sent to the young woman, the dark haired youth's own expression wrought in a delicate frown, as if the name matched something in the records within his mind. [Alexi]

"What can I do for you, Sister Bethani, and in the name of the Lord, heavens, why is a young Sister travelling by herself without a church guard in the dark of the night and in the rain!" The Father appears concerned and perhaps angry to an extent as he speaks to the nun. [Alexi]

"Yes, Irae, good Sir," the nun replies to the dark-haired youth before her brows lift in a thankful expression of surprise and she dips her head towards the one addressed as Father. "Greetings, Father Lucio. I…there was not much of a guard for my carriage. I had been sent to assist a convent in need of help with their orphanage…a sickness had struck the town and they'd had more orphaned children than they could manage with ease. My carriage driver and the lone guard they sent with me, rest their souls," the young woman's features sober as she crosses herself, "There was an ambush. Thieves…I do not know why they would attack a carriage bearing the symbol of the cross. They spared me, for whatever purpose God may have, but I alone have made the trek this far. I was bound for the Harlin Ridge, if you know where that is." [Bethani]

"Harlin Ridge would be another day's journey from here if you go by carriage, Miss." The dark haired youth provides pleasantly, giving the young woman another long look; assessing even. He gifts a glance now at Father Lucio, who seems absolutely indignant and angry. [Alexi]

"How dare those brigands attack one of God's servants. This is presposterous. Have there not been any guards along the road to Camden? Or are they sleeping on the job again?" Father Lucio covers his forehead with his large hand and shakes his head in regret. Then he bows his shaven head towards the young nun. "Come Sister Bethani, you need a change of clothes and warm food in the Church. I will speak with the Earl later and see if he can retrieve the bodies of your guard and driver." [Alexi]

"It would not be that difficult." The dark haired youth murmurs, resting his arms in a clasp about his chest. He tilts his head again, smiling faintly at the nun. "The Earl of Camden is very concerned of the safety around this town." [Alexi]

The young woman gives a greatful little nod to the youth at his words, seemingly a little relieved at the news, though her gaze shifts to the Father as he speaks and she gives another nod holding utmost respect, "Thank you, Father. Your generosity is most appreciated, and no…I'd seen no guards, but then again, I did not stick to the road to be seen after we were attacked. Mother had taught me as a youth to travel by the forest in hiding." [Bethani]

The apples of the pale woman's cheek redden as she slips back the very edge of her veil's band to show her pointed ears, just enough to belie a heritage that could only be at least half elven in origin, as if her angular features were not at least a partial clue. She carefully returns the band to cover that fact as much as she is capable of obscuring it before offering a small smile to the Father and youth both, "I had studied the maps in the library of the Church before. We had left out of curiosity and I was fortunate that I had. I cut out perhaps three hours of the walk, it was some ways away that the carriage was attacked -just past the thickest woods." [Bethani]

"You must be very tired then, Sister Bethani." Father Lucio is all sympathetic and of course listening very intently to what the young nun have to say. Before he could continue, a gust of wind howls from behind them, the all-too terrible rage of a sea storm, blasting another riot of salty rain into the faces of those at the porch. "We should go into the church, Sister. You will catch a cold here." The Father urges, stepping forward to lead the way lighted dimly by the swaying lanterns. "And you too, Signore Klein. You have to come with us." [Alexi]

He calls to the tall dark haired youth who laughs a little, his blue eyes seemingly amused, and he nods, stepping behind where the young nun stands, his hands drawn back into the pockets of his long black tailored coat. "Yes, of course, Father Lucio. Our conversation is not over yet either. And after you, Sister." He dips his head towards Bethani shortly, urging her to make a move into the warmth of the Church. [Alexi]

Shuddering at the howl of the wind and giving a slight jump as a flash of lightning startles her, Bethani gives a rather eager nod, her expression almost comical as she admits, "Gladly, my mother's lessons did not focus on braving storms so much, and I would prefer to avoid it." A tired little laugh escales the pale-faced woman as she moves to follow the Father, her habit dripping to leave a trail of wetness behind her as she goes. "I guess it would not do me much good to go to help children of those having fallen to sickness only to fall sick myself for not having sense enough to get out of the rain, would it?" the nun muses quietly as they walk along, her steps near-silent as she goes. [Bethani]

"You seem worried about the orphanage in Harlin Ridge, Sister. More than yourself." The dark haired youth speaks in his vaguely affable tone now he draws up next to her to match her stride. A blue-eyed glance is gifted her way once more. [Alexi]

"If you so insist to go there by tomorrow, I am sure the Earl can arrange another ride towards Harlin Ridge, he is very much willing to aid the Church in any way, as much so as God-fearing on his part." The youth almost seems to. laugh at the statement he has made, and yet his humor is checked, carefully smoothened over to avoid any suspicion that may arise from the young nun. [Alexi]

"Here." Father Lucio breaks whatever conversation the two may be having behind him, and his hand moves to wrench open the door of the dormitories built by the side of the main Church itself; a pretty white-walled collection of small buildings linked together with sheltered walk-ways. "Sister Verona! Sister Verona!" He calls, his voice booming as he walks easily into the hall, standing almost on tip-toe to try to find the nun he is looking for. [Alexi]

"There you are, Sister." He appears flustered but pleased now that a thin, tall woman clad in a blue-edge habit and nun dress comes hurrying out of what seems to be a kitchen. "This is Sister Bethani, she came from Irae and is going towards Harlin Ridge. She will stay for tonight. Get her a fresh set of clothing and some food, will you?" The Father rambles all his instructions out in one breath, while the dark haired youth just stays easily by the door of the Hall, his expression remaining quite genial and cheerful. The tall, thin nun takes heed immediately, and waves the younger nun to the large table with their heavy chairs just outside the kitchen's open doors.[Alexi]

With a soft smile on her lips, the young sister speaks to the dark-haired youth, her voice holding a hint of a melodic tone that she had seemed to be supressing before allowing the revelation of her race, "The Church is my purpose, good Sir. Of course it would be the orphans I would be worried about, though to arrive there by tomorrow would be perhaps too much haste after so long a travel as I have had. Father Lucio is right, a change of clothes, meal and a bed would likely do more to prepare me to be of help than to arrive tired enough to be of no use to anyone, much less children with enough energy to make even the most vital person appear a laggard." She gives a soft laugh before the priest pauses their journey and calls out to Sister Verona. Bethani smiles politely and dips her head with a note of greeting before she is waved off in the direction of the Sister. She does turn to give a greatful nod to each, "A pleasure meeting you Father Lucio, and thank you. You have both been kind and….I did not catch your name did I?" Her brow furrows with a note of surprise as she regards the dark-haired individual for the second sentence. [Bethani]

"Alexi Klein, Sister." The dark haired youth lifts his gloved hands from the pockets of his coat and bows quite formally to the young nun. He just smiles again and straightens, his head tilted again sideways to look at her, and past her. [Alexi]

"He has a shop, Signore Klein, in the market district." The tall thin nun says in a cheery tone, her mouth curving in genuine affection towards the dark haired youth. "A shop of dolls. The girls in the orphanage here love going there. Such wonderful dolls he makes. Perhaps you can go there before you leave tomorrow evening." She tells Bethani now as she places a bowl of hot soup, and fresh bread on the table for the young nun, and hastens off to put together some new dry clothing for the latter. [Alexi]

Father Lucio nods in agreement, adding his own compliment regarding the dark haired youth; and then settles himself into a chair at the table, another Sister with a chubby, friendly face coming to place a cup of hot tea for him. [Alexi]

"Oh…a pleasure it is, Signore Klein," Sister Bethani intones warmly befre smiling to the thin nun at her words, a note of surprise in her voice as her face lights up a little, "I do believe I will. It would be a shame to miss the sight of a man that God must have touched with a gift most wonderful. The gift to create beauty, as He would wish." The empthasis of the word 'He' indicates she speaks of the Almighty as she moves to sit at the place set for her by Sister Verona, breathing in the smells of the warm food and giving a contented sigh before she bows her head in a silent prayer that takes a couple minutes, crosses herself, and then begins to eat, delicately breaking the bread to munch upon between spoonfuls of the steaming bowl before her. A softer smile rests on the young woman's features as she considers between bites, "I have seen many smiles here so far, this would seem to be a happy city, upon first impression." [Bethani]

"You can join me tomorrow morning when I go to the markets, Sister Bethani." Sister Verona warmly invites as she pours out a cup of hot tea for the younger nun, and the chubby-faced Sister arrives with some towels to place over Bethani's shoulders and garb to soak off the rainwater. She smiles the moment the cup is filled, and holds the teapot carefully in her hands, adding. "I can show you around Camden. It is a small town but the Earl is very proud of it." [Alexi]

Father Lucio chuckles as two mouthfuls are taken from the cup of tea given to him. "We are very blessed by God here, Sister Bethani. The Earl makes sure all of us sleep safe at night, no brigand dares come near to even the furthest guard-post of Camden." [Alexi]

"And perhaps take a gift or two with you for the children of Harlin Ridge if you so wish." Alexi adds, and then moves himself fluidly to the door of the Hall. "I shall take my leave now, Father Lucio, Sister Verona, and Sister Bethani." [Alexi]

"May the night finds you safe and well in His House." The dark haired youth adds sincerely, his blue eyes caught in another of that silent ocean-tossed laugh and he opens the door silently to depart. [Alexi]

"My thanks, I would like that, Sister Verona," Bethani replies with a smile, carefully taking the hot cup in both hands and having a sip of the tea as she listens to Father Lucio. She places the cup down and presses lightly on the towels in a few spots to aid in their drying of her clothing. The warm food or the aid of the towels or both have stopped the thin young woman's shivers and her eyes seem much more alive now. "Then Camden is as I'd hoped. It will be a much more peaceful night of rest then." Alexi's words bring a warmth to her gaze as she gives a nod and a bright, winning smile, "That would be wonderful, Signore Klein. [Bethani]

I am certain the children would love that. Do be well…The Lord keep you." At the departure of the young man, her attention returns to the Father and Sister as well as her food, seemingly content at the company and respite from the storm. [Bethani]

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