Crossed Paths

//National Visions

The path from the south widens and leads you into a large, open clearing in
the forest. The grass blows softly in the wind as you admire the tranquility
of your environment. A large oak tree juts forth from the ground before you,
and you notice that it has been remarkably crafted to serve the purpose of a
note board. Parchments of all sizes hang from the tree, each exhibiting a
definite style of writing from a great variety of races… from the elegant
script of the Elves to the harsh scrawl of the Orcs. This board is used by
all of the members of each Nation to plan adventures, communicate with other
Nations or to tell tales. The path before you heads towards a large cave.
There is a large sign nailed to a tree that proclaims:
Please do not speak above a whisper here.
Exits: north south
An oaken board is here, displaying the handwriting of a multitude of races.
(Hide) (Translucent) Alerious Kalistro, Reflection of the Green Tides is standing here.
Lilandra Dae'Emelia is standing here.
Doyle, The Dragonslayer is hovering here.//

Doyle grunts, "would not do any good.." he says, voice still scratchy..

Lilandra asks Doyle, 'Why is that?'

Doyle coughs and spits up another clod of blood, "nothing can help me.." he pulls his hood far down his face and slides down to a half resting position as he crosses his arms.

Lilandra looks at Doyle for several moments, " Their is one thing that could save you."

Doyle grunts again, "oh? and what would that be?" he says harshly.

Lilandra grins, revealing her fangs, " What do you think?"

Bhuta walks slowly and with measured steps glancing around himself while he approaches the tree with the notes…

Doyle eyes Lilandra for a moment from under his hood, "I hope your not suggesting what i think your suggesting.." he says sharply

Lilandra nods, " I am. Certainly I would never be the one to bless you with such a giftbut another vampyre might"

Bhuta places his back to the tree and glances at the two gathered, having percieved the talk of vampires.

Doyle responds quickly, "no thanks." he coughs again for several moments.

Bhuta looks at the coughing man, and glances quietly at elf vampire, as his eyes depart her his cloak instinctively closes around his chest, and his hood lowers to cover his face.

Doyle wipes the blood dripping from his chin with his arm and licks it off to keep his arm clean..

Bhuta percieves uneasiness in the two gathered and offers a solution, 'Impassive curing from the curse is not the last resort for most.'

Bhuta tugs his hood as low as it can go as he continues in a whisper ignoring the elf, 'Take, for example, the druidic tribes of trolls, the Ng'nachtak, they are able to heal most ailments.'

Doyle shuffles his arms while their crossed, he coughs to clear his throat, then coughs uncontrolled a moment later.

Bhuta places his hands at his sides, 'I… used to deal with them… a long time ago.'

Lilandra yawns, allready bored hereing Bhuta's continued advice.

Doyle looks back up to Lilandra, "well your awfully quiet for a change.." he tries to say clearly, but fails and says in a forced quiet scratchy voice.

Bhuta smirks as he continues, 'It is no foolish game, these druids are powerful indeed, but… ever since the shattering, I have not seen them, the only remnant I have from them…' he breaks off as he produces a bunch of grapes from a pocket within his cloak.

Bhuta carefully eyes the grapes, 'These cursed grapes are but an example of their power.'

Bhuta eyes the human, 'Want a demonstration… human?'

Doyle sighs, he struggles to his feet, and staggers over to the center of the clearing and slumps down to the ground arms crossed again.

Bhuta removes his hood revealing his grey skin, and consumes one of the cursed grapes, as he does so, his form ages until he looks almost decrepit, slowly, he smiles, you notice his fangs are gone.

Doyle glances at the drow, then looks over to Lilandra hoping to exchange a look.

Bhuta continues in a broken, old drow's voice, 'all… abilities… are… diminished… innate… or… otherwise'

Bhuta slowly and shakily produces a vial from a pouch and consumes its content, a swirl of magic overcomes his form and his skin reverts to its previous state…

Bhuta shakes uneasily as he replaces his hood, 'only complete dispelling of all magiks in the target cure the curse, and even then, it has some lasting effects, if not dispelled, it lasts indefinitely.'

Doyle sighs loudly, "I think we both are tired of listening to this damn drow ramble on?" he says sharply.

Bhuta shakes his head, 'I sell nothing but hope that he does not allow himself to be turned, for it would be idiotic.'

Lilandra listens to everyone speak, trying to figure out whats in everyones head at the moment.

Doyle looks back to the drow, "listen, there is only one thing i know that will help me, and your little drow queen has it. you want to help, talk to your queen." he says angrily, breathing heavy..

Lilandra lets out a low growl at Bhuta's words, not caring to hear her gift being referred to as idiotic.

Bhuta smirks as he exclaims, 'I have no queen.'

Doyle grunts, "unfortunate dilema."

Alerious grins, looking to the ground, "Why not just go to their front door?"

Lilandra rises to her feet and sighs, "Sitting around while you slowly rot avails you nothing"

Bhuta produces a transparent shaft from his pouch, and offers it to the human.

Bhuta says 'Take this, it is a remnant of what it was, but, it might help you, it is a long lost art to craft items out of diamond that are of such purity.'

Bhuta says 'Some say it has… powers.'

Doyle takes the item from the drow and chucks in the nearest bush.. he brings a hand inside his hood and wipes the feverish sweat from his forehead, then crosses his arms again.

Bhuta says 'It is a healing diamond of the druidic trolls, it is your loss if you dismiss it like that, it is said that very few plagues and sicknesses can widthstand the curative prowess of the diamond.'

Doyle luaghs loudly, then is disrupted by loud coughing for a long time, "this one can.." he says very softly..

Bhuta chuckles at himself, 'Here lies a king that said nothing would work, but was afraid to try anything but the worse curse, what a fitting headstone.'

Bhuta opens his palm as the diamond is called to it, as it returns he mentions, 'Go ahead, get turned, suffer from the curse if you will, but that will never cure a plague, because it IS a plague on its own.'

Doyle growls, "I am not a king." he says sharply, "you can't get it through your thick drow head that i have not tried every thing i could think of?!" he yells out of anger, agitated by the fever.

Bhuta says 'Maybe a demonstration is at hand.'

Doyle pulls his hood back revealing his pale corpse like face, "i need no demonstration." he snarls, the fever obviously agitating his emotions.

Lilandra looks down at herself, " I don't think a plague could look this good…"

Bhuta closes one of his fists around the diamond, and with the other starts placing grapes on his mouth, he munches on all but three remaining grapes, his form remains unchanged.

Doyle turns himself around where he sits and faces towards where Lilandra is standing, his back to the drow.

Bhuta says 'Fine, get turned by the elven servant, but if you do, you must know the consequences.'

Doyle grunts again, "I have no intention of doing that." he coughs, "id rather die."

Bhuta says 'Then why not try the diamond, you are more stubborn than most of your kind.'

Doyle places his elbows on his knees and places his hands together as he puts his chin down on it, staring at Lilandra, "and i dont think she has the heart to do it to me anyway.."

Bhuta laughs outright, 'The heart? A vampire, with a heart?'

Lilandra shakes her head, " I only suggested a cure. I never said I would be willing to give it to him"

Shadia enters from the south, she instantly transforms from a common day merchant, her posture straightening to its' full height as she notices people conversing into clearing. Her head stays down as she walks towards the noteboard.

Bhuta grins as he whispers loud enough to hear, 'Ahh, the servant of the spider comes and walks amongst the common, what a day to be out of throwing daggers.'

Doyle eyes the newest enterance as they pass by him.. he looks back over his shoulder, "i really have nothing else to say to either of you.." he coughs and spits out more blood to his side. He wipes his chin of blood, and pulls his hood back over his head so his face is concealed.

Lilandra snarls at Bhuta before turning her gaze to Shadia and smiling, " Vendui Shadia, how nice of you to stop by."

Doyle looks to Lilandra quickly, then eyes the commoner by the board..

Shadia raises her head, her eyes fall on Lilandra as she walks away from the weather worn board, "You called, Lilandra? I come out in the open to seek the cool air of the night.. what of you?"

Bhuta twirls the diamond shaft in his hand, 'And a stubborn human looses his health a cough at a time, I will take bets as to when he will die.'

Lilandra walks towards the drowess, her hands resting on her hips, " Just having a medical discussion with an old friend"

Bhuta carefully eyes the drow, measuring her steps, he whispers softly to himself before chuckling.

Doyle pays no heed to the foolish drow behind him, he struggles to his feet as his eyes stay peeled to the newest drow in the room.

Bhuta says 'Indeed, what a day to be out of throwing daggers.'

Doyle his body moves as if it is shivering, he struggles to keep himself upright, "…..shadia…." he murmurs under his breath.

Shadia moves with fluid movements towards the female elf, "Medical? Explain to me, why you. One of the dead would be amongst this conversation…?" Her eyes stay trimed on Lilandra as her other senses pick up others' not so familar in the clearing.

Bhuta smirks, as he interrupts, 'Yes yes, two options were offered, a turning, by the elf, and this… simple and painless, yet effective diamond shaft.'

Shadia does not wait for a reply from Lilandra, her whole form turns towards her name, her eyes stake on a..human. One she had seen before, but not for some time. Her voice carries through with a whisper, "…Doyle…? Shadia, aye." The previous uncertainity she had a second before, gone now.

Lilandra watches Shadia, her arms folded beneath her breasts.

Bhuta aproaches the human, and pokes a long sharp fingernail into the rotting flesh, and smells the finger, ,'This thing smells of… well, dead human.'

Doyle's body still shivers as he stands, he grunts, eyes glued to shadia.

Bhuta puts the blackened blood that is on his fingernail on his diamond, and it starts boiling, 'Indeed, a curse… a plague… a bad thing.'

Lilandra eyes Shadia, an annoyed look on her face, her eyes glowing a dull red, " Is that so.."

Doyle's legs almost buckle as he stands, he pulls his hood back revealing his pale corpse like face again, his eyes still glued to shadia, "lets get straight to it.. whats it going to take to cure my people?" he says, his voice scratchy and dry.

Shadia watches carefully as a newer figure comes into view, one she has never come into before, the dull sparkle of her eyes kneading into his face, "Who are you to speak such words to him..? " She points at Doyle, unblinking.

Bhuta simply glances at the diamond shaft with now clean, vibrant red blood which boils no more, 'Aparently, I'm a healer now.'

Shadia,without a second thought holds out a hand for Doyle, her heart working before her mind. She quickly drops her hand, looking from Doyle to the cloaked figure beside him. She covers up her thoughtfullness with a harsh comment, "Much has happened since.. we last spoke.. and I had almost forgotten what had become of the humans. A mindless race themselves, you want a cure and so you will receive it.."

Doyle has lost all sense of everyone but Shadia, "and whats it gonna cost?" he says sharply.

Lilandra stares at Shadia incredulously, shocked at her generosity and show of emotion.

Bhuta shakes the fist which is holding the diamond, 'Liar, perversing in the ways of the spider!'

Lilandra snarls at Bhuta, " Do shut up you addlebrained fool!"

Shadia focuses on only Doyle, her throat tightening as the tension raises in and around her, "The cure was something I once had.. alas with the destruction of my home.. It perished with all else." She shakes her head as she struggles to continue, but I remember the cure.. the recipe with every fiber of my body…Tis not something I could forget so easily."

Doyle nods slowly, "but what is it going to cost the humans?" he keeps pressuring.

Khajit walks in long steps which make his coin purse jingle and his colorful dress jangle to the old tree holding the notes, he seems to pay no attention to the gathered except to glance at their attire.

Khajit checks for new information.

Shadia lifts her arm from under her simple covered body, the brown cotton of her dress sliding from her wrist, resting at her now creased elbow, she waves her hand in slow motion from each person, showing the audience clearly, "This should not be discussed in from of others.. not when it involves a whole Nation."

Bhuta glares at Shadia, 'You have no cure do you!?'

Lilandra frowns at Shadia, " Do you not trust me?" she asks, glancing over at Doyle briefly.

Khajit perks up at the discussion of a cure, eerily smiles as he notices the putrefact human.

Doyle sighs, "then what did you have in mind, the longer we wait the more people die.." he murmurs quietly, he coughs loudly again.

Khajit approaches the human, 'Ohh, what beauty!'

Shadia moves swiftly in the direction of the unknown male, "I would not hold such a tone with me. Tis none of your business! So keep thy thoughts to thyself, understood?" Her voice raising a notch at she comments back to Lilandra, "I would not trust you with a ten foot wooden stake, my darling.." Her body mingles with her dress , her eyes dancing back to Doyle, " sun down. We shall meet and discuss our plans.."

Doyle remains quiet for a long time, he spits some blood from his mouth again then respondes, "…fine.." he murmurs.

Shadia simply puts, "This needs to end.. and I will not end it here and now. You, leader of the Humans.. should understand this. Your people would want dignity still…I am sure."

Doyle glares at shadia, then he pulls his hood back up concealing his face, "…it is set…" he staggers towards the exit struggling to keep his balance as he exits the area.

Bhuta takes a few steps back as the fist holding the diamond shivers slightly.

Khajit noticing the diamond for the first time gasps as he pulls the arm of the drow closer for inspection, " such craftsmanship… this is very old, where did you get this? " he whispers as he shifts his gaze to the drow's eyes.

Shadia watches as the King of humans departs, she keeps herself at a fair posture.

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