The Daergar claim themselves to be the closest original heritage of the dwarves of old, as both races used to be known to live under the surface at one point. Little is known about their politics and beliefs (except that monarchies still reign) as very few venture out for more than a few days a year. Leading such secluded lives, the Daergar tend to be less open minded than their surface dwelling brothers. Most live in small pocket kingdoms, deep in the underbelly of the Mountains of Desolation. Even though contact between the two subraces is limited, word has spread of a revival amongst those underground, the once central Kingdom of Juargan is said to be reunififed and gathering the smaller kingdoms into one superior force. While news of this does come as a shock, since the kingdom has been believed to be disassembled for several centuries now, it does not come across as a threat to the Daewar, as both subraces still have a respect for one another.

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