Dark Secrets Are Best To Be Kept

DATE: 07/18/2008
Players: Christian and Rasha
Setting: The Inn of the Singing Rose
Synopsis: Another encounter of Christian and Rasha where a few things come to light for Rasha and dark secrets best kept, are.

The melodic notes of a harp drifts lethargically through the Inn, weaving through the sparseness of patrons seated quite by themselves at their own tables. Business is slack tonight, oddly, perhaps many of the usuals. are at the fair that's outside the city gates tonight. And at one small table next to an open window, with the city's lamplight replacing the extinguished candle languishing next to a tall blonde male's arm, seats Christian von Karlach, bemused, a little amused, as he sights a few activities outside of that window, of city dwellers hurrying outside to the brightly-lit festival beyond Irae's gates. A few pieces of written parchment are laid on the table in front of him, with a glass of pale white wine as accompaniment. [Christian]

On entering the Inn, Rasha Moncreiffe removes her gloves. She wore no cloak this evening as the weather was still quite warm. The deep red gown she wears a striking contrast with her grey eyes and strawberry blonde hair. Looking over the patrons, she spots the man she seeks, a slow smile spreading across her pale face as she crosses the room toward him, reaching out a delicate hand to lay upon his shoulder. "Ah, Christian, here you are. And hard at work again are you? Do you ever rest?" she asks, stepping aside his table to gaze casually down at him. [Rasha]

A slow smile on his lips is catered towards the young lady who has arrived, and with the self-same amused expression on his face, the blonde man stretches just barely, and sits upright, his back brushing against the cloak he had tossed carefully on the back of his chair. "I do rest." He replies rather matter-of-factly, a pale golden eyebrow lifting up as if to emphasize on that notion. And a hand is genially waved towards the empty chair next to him. "I was moreoft, thinking of some incident a long time back. And wondering of it." He continues, laying down the quill that he'd held for a period of time and cleared the parchment clutter upon the table. [Christian]

Her delicate smile still in place, she takes the offered seat, smoothing out the folds of her gown as she sits down and carefully laying her gloves upon her lap. "Ah, well, I do hope the thoughts were pleasant ones." she comments, looking up at him, her gown properly smoothed. "I did hope to find you, I was wondering how the play was coming along." she would of course say that. Seems she used any excuse to find time with him these days. [Rasha]

Christian laces his fingers together, pale slim digits arching against each other. "The play is done." He does seem pleased with himself and then arches his face towards the young lady. "The script has been sent to Lady Esta for binding. She will be sending you a copy as well as copies to the other actors once she has completed that." The blonde man releases his clasped fingers, pulling a hand to touch his temple momentarily, his glass of white wine sighted again in contemplation.

The harpist has stopped her playing and is taking a break, and all around is just the quiet buzzing of conversation as a couple of raindrops sound themselves outside the pavement, and soon the drizzle turns into a regular downpour. [Christian]

Rasha's face lights up, her grey eyes glittering. "Oh wonderful Christian!" she exclaims, but her smile fades at his gesture, wondering if he wasn't well. She reaches out and places her left hand over his hand that remains on the table. "Are you feeling well Christian?" she inquires. Taking in the glass of wine sitting on the table before her attention returns to Christian. [Rasha]

The blonde man's usual quiet smile does not fade from his lips but it does seem a little forced of some sorts. "I am fine, fraulein. Do I look unwell to you?" He inquires, leaning forward and closing the distance between his face and hers. [Christian]

He does not move his hand away when her own closes over it but he stills himself, and does not reciprocate the seemingly concerned gesture. The regularly paced raindrops appears to add cadence to his words as he continues to speak.

"That is an excellent glass of wine if you'd like to partake of it. A good year that it was from." Christian comments, overtly casual and he tilts his head slightly, and that his sight could take in the brilliance of the festival lights again.

Rasha's face turns up to his, her eyes gazing intently into his. "I just thought…for a moment, perhaps it was nothing." she says, giving him a faltering smile even as she moves to draw her hand away. Her attention again moves to the wine and she shakes her head, her strawberry tresses spilling back over her shoulders with the gesture as her attention turns to the window. "Rain…it would rain." she says with a bit of dismay.
"I didn't bring my cloak. Perhaps it will end before I return home." Leaning back in her chair, she regards him once more. "Was there something you wished to talk about?" she asks, hoping he wasn't still wondering what secrets she was hiding. Surely he of all people had better and far more interesting things to contemplate. [Rasha]

Not turning to look at her, his iron-green eyes focusing on the dripping drops down the window pane that marred and magnified the world beyond, the pale blonde man elicits a spot on the table with his velvet-clad elbow, letting his jaw rest lightly on the ball of his palm. "You do not like the rain, fraulein? Even when you're sheltered from it right now?" He asks, still watching the on-goings outside, his white fingers lightly kneading the flesh of his cheek. [Christian]

She looks at the drops sliding down the window. "I like it, when in my own room and alone." she says quietly, suddenly shaking off an old memory. "What fascinates you about it?" she asks, wondering what was bothering Christian this evening, he wasn't himself, or so it seems to her. Especially considering he had just finished his play. [Rasha]

Christian draws himself away from the window as a gust of chill wind decides to assail his face. He settles himself back, letting his fingers roam and rest on the table's edge. "It is hypnotizing. The way, the drops race down the glass and join up with more, and becomes a single stream. Rather like my thoughts. Rather." The pale man speaks with quiet amusement, his head half-tilted into the partial shadow near to him. "Yet one can reach out with a single touch, divert that stream and break it up into its many droplets again." It all seems rather philosophical for an exchange in the Inn, but Christian's expression does not even near that kind of gravity. Instead, he harbors a continual light smile. [Christian]

Rasha arches a single red-blonde brow. "My dear Christian, you've been with your parchment and quill too long!" she teases, her smile radiant as she folds her hands on top of gloves, her fingers catching hold of the soft doe skin.

"I think that perhaps you would rather be alone with the rain this evening and perhaps I am much too much a distraction for you." she says, rising from the chair, looking down at Christian. "I think I shall return to the theatre…though this rain will quite ruin me." she says with an overly dramatic sigh and turns to leave. [Rasha]

"I would not think of having you ruined, fraulein." The pale man's mood turns just barely solemn and he stands up fluidly from his chair, plucking up the heavy folded cloak of his. "You could have this, and I'll walk in the rain by your side." With that, the cloak is proffered and he holds it open, waiting for her to stand so he would drape it over the young lady. "Would you like that then?" [Christian]

She searches his face a moment as he stands, offering his cloak and she turns, letting him drape it over her. "Very kind of you Christian." she says, quickly looking away as she pulls on her gloves. He was certainly kinder than she was. She had not done so well with her control lately. This was perhaps why she liked being near him. She was a bit better under his influence. "I wouldn't wish for you to get soaked, we could wait, if you wished." She says, not looking up at him. [Rasha]

"If we waited, what would be the use of me offering you my cloak?" The pale man replies, albeit his tone bordering hard logic. He appears more or less amused again by the young lady, and steps away from the table, holding out his hand now gloved properly in his usual impeccable fashion, to Rasha. "Shall we make a move then, back to the theatre?" He inquires softly, keeping those green sights upon her. The maid slips up to clear the table behind them, the surprise on her face a little too obvious for good. "You are done, Master von Karlach?" The maid asks in a quick, jumpy voice. The former bookstore owner is not exactly known to be gentle, and she seems bothered by the actions she glimpsed earlier. The pale man straightens up just a bit and nods towards the maid sharply, the light in his eyes that was soft, hardening for a moment to an observant eye. [Christian]

Rasha takes his hand, even if she was stung by his logic. She merely didn't want to trouble him…then again, maybe she did. She was rather selfish. Her attention moves to the maid as she speaks to Christian, a frown on her face at the girls reaction. Perhaps…She quickly looks away, hopefully before he sees her expression. "Yes, let us go." she says in reply, turning toward the ornately carved doors. [Rasha]

"Of course. We go now." The pale man's reply is cheerful and he reaches out before Rasha would step out, for the door handle and pushes it open, allowing her to step out first onto the wet steps leading out to the street. [Christian]

As the door opens, she draws up the hood of the cloak and steps out into the rain with Christian. [Rasha]

The doors are closed behind Christian silently as now he comes out, his boots making ripples in the puddles accumulated on the inn's steps and the droplets begin their invasion on him, soaking down into the velvet coat and glistening on his pale hair. "Shall we walk along the pavement away from the road?" He indicates to cross the main street perhaps, to be on the other side. [Christian]

The rain was not so heavy as she thought, but steady, her satin slippers were soon wet. She nods, following his lead across the street. She was lost in thoughts of that interaction between Christian and the maid. "Christian?" she asks quietly. "Once you said…that perhaps our secrets were not so different, what did you mean?" she asks as they reach the other side, carefully keeping her face averted from his, her eyes on the ground as they move along. A few people ran past, getting out of the rain, but the hour was growing late and fewer and fewer people were passing. [Rasha]

The question makes the pale man pause in his slow walk by the young lady's side, and he glances down at her cloaked figure, his white face glistening like wet marble in the rain. "We could speak a little of that once we return to the Theatre. Your slippers are soaked." He notes to her a little succinctly, and seems to quicken his pace, his hand now placed on the young lady's smaller shoulder to guide her path. [Christian]

Rasha nods, not saying more as they hurry along the street. The theatre was not far, only another block away and soon they were at the doors.

Once inside, she removes his cloak, shaking it lightly and offering it back to him. "Thank you Christian." she says quietly, her eyes searching his a moment before taking in the theatre itself. Very few people were about. [Rasha]

The pale man accepts the cloak in return, and drapes the material over one arm. The velvet coat he wore has apparently absorbed most of the rain that came down as they walked back to the theatre, and the only visible signs of him getting drenched as the still gleaming droplets on his white features and his blonde locks. He shifts his position a little and then glances upwards, his line of sight following the spiraling staircase and away from her gaze.

"Shall I escort you back to your room then?" He asks now, dropping his green sights back upon her in immediate fashion, attempting to arrest her gaze now. "Or would you wish to go back there alone?"

Rasha was suddenly unsure. She had questions but she also feared what he would say were the truth to come to light. She was never one to run from anything though and so, when he catches her gaze, her eyes focus on his face, returning his intent gaze. "

"I would like to continue our conversation…if you are willing." She says, biting lightly at her bottom lip. "Though I will admit a bit of fear at having it all the same." Her tone was hushed and her hands were trembling, though she hides it by clutching the flowing skirt of her gown. [Rasha]

The wet cloak is handed now to a passing attendant and bidden for it to be taken it back up to his quarters on another level of the Theatre building and Christian nods in agreement to Rasha's request, and quite blithely, his hand with its wet glove removed, is held out to her once more to take. "We will continue our conversation then in your rooms, fraulein." A typical observant glance is given towards the Lady Esta who
had graciously removed her presence back to her own quarters. "Shall we walk then? You would lead?" He asks of Rasha, pleasantly. [Christian]

Rasha slides her gloved hand into Christian's and turns to the staircase leading up to the first level. Moving down one of the halls that branches off from the top, she glances briefly at Christian before finally reaching her room. She lets go of his hand and reaches into a hidden pocket of her gown to retrieve the key, she unlocks the door, pushing it open, her gaze roaming the room quickly before she steps over the threshold and inside, inviting Christian to follow. Her room was simply decorated, very unlike the lady that occupies the space. Very few personal effects.

The sitting room was simple. Two comfortable chairs, a lamp, a small table between the chairs. "Please make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything?" she asks, as she closes and locks the door. [Rasha]

"This is fine. I had my share of wine for today." The pale man replies, and proceeds only to just stand by the chair, and that he does not sit in which an excuse is offered quietly. "My clothing is wet, so I would rather not I'll wait for it to dry." And his arms, still ensconced in the velvet sleeves, fold against his chest, the rain drops now dried from his features, and his face turns towards her, as if awaiting the question asked along the street again. [Christian]

Rasha remains near the door, watching him. "Yes of course. I am sorry for that." she says. "You said once…we were not, perhaps so different, what did you mean?" she asks, refusing to hedge or change her mind.

Christian's chin droops a little, to level his gaze with the young lady standing a little further away. When he replies, his voice is soft yet clear. "We are not so different because we are the same, are we not? We keep secrets we do not want the other to know, and yet, we desire to be closer to similarity and yet we find it difficult to remove the obstacle of secrecy." He lets out a small little sigh, that one would give upon seeing a favorite flower die. "Both of us are very selfish." He admits, loosening his arms lightly and letting them wind and clasp behind his back, his eyes for all this while, fixed on Rasha. "But we feel somewhat it is our right to be, because keeping secrets is part of surviving in our realm, as a vampire. No?" [Christian]

Rasha holds his gaze, listen to each thing his says and her posture relaxes as he finishes. Her smile finally returns as well. "Yes…secrets are part of our surviving…certainly mine."

She crosses the room, standing in front of him. "And they are ours to keep, if we choose?" she asks, gazing into his eyes. She was still learning her way and she had certainly made many mistakes and would certainly, make more. She hoped though, that her secrets would not one day, cost her her friendship with Christian. [Rasha]

Christian reaches out a hand from behind his back, and very lightly, reaches in front and lifts a lock of the young lady's hair, and twists it back from her shoulder. He pauses, holding that tress and then releases it, watching the individual strands catch the faint light and fall. "Yes, they are yours to keep if you choose. I ask of no unveiling of your secrets. I do not think you would surrender them unless necessary." The pale man smiles inwardly and his hand return in a slight chaste manner to behind his back. "I believe it is time that I depart as well since the question is answered." The man continues, taking a step forth to by Rasha's side and he faces the doors of her rooms. [Christian]

Rasha watches his hand until the bit of her hair falls from his fingers then returns her gaze to his, in that quiet moment, the ticking of a small clock on the table seems immensely loud. She heard what he said, and understood, but still she feels need to comment. "I would tell you, Christian, were you to ask. I trust you where I would not trust the others…but…I thank you for not pushing me to reveal them. And…I would thank you too…for being my friend." she says, as he moves to go around her to the door. [Rasha]

"Good night then, fraulein." The pale man replies in farewell and a gentle shrug lifts from one shoulder as he gifts her again with another green-eyed gaze. "There are no uses for secrets that are not kept, if you would remember that." Christian notes in a sincere afterthought as the young lady's small hand is lifted up with a tiny cold kiss pressed to her knuckles, and then the pale one departs from her rooms.

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