Gathering of the Council
Thick tapestries depicting scenes of the land are hung within this spacious
chamber and add color to the walls. Here, the Human Council gathers to meet.
A heavy circular table made of maple stands in the center of the room. This has
been burnished and polished until it literally glows with an inner light all
its own. Around the table, there are cherry wood chairs with soft blue cushions
upon them. Various important documents and scrolls brittle with age have been
put under the glass display case until one needs them for future reference.
Exits: west
(Hide) Sinfonian wields a deadly pillow. (Advocate) is sitting here.
(Fade) Taithun the Embalmer is sitting here.
(Hide) Sealom has sworn off cheese and other dairy products!! is standing here.
Sealom is ensphered by shards of glistening ice.
(Hide) Orcadian Lionheart (RC) is sitting here.
Feilim the Recruit is sitting here

Doyle stands at the head of the table watching the assembled at their spots around the oak table, his hands are placed on the table as his body shakes slightly, "Now that we are here… I have two things to address" he says in a dry scratchy voice.

Sinfonian looks up at Doyle, patiently awaiting what it is he has to say.

Doyle takes a long pause before he starts to talk again, "First, and most imporantly.. We have a cure for this damned plague…" he says barely audible from the harshness in his voice.

Sealom smiles awkwardly trying to look peaceful and nice. However he fails and it looks like a half ass smirk.

Sinfonian lets a sigh of relief escape his lips. "Finally, what must we do?"

Feilim says 'I am unfamiliar with this "plague"'

Taithun speaks in a low pitched voice, his eyes showing a hint of curiosity, "Excuse me, but I havent heard of this plaque…"

Doyle groans softly, he looks over to Sinfonian from under his hood, "Would you care to inform them of what has happened?" he scratches out barely.

Taithun leans back and cracks his knuckles, anxiously awaiting to hear of the plague.

Sinfonian stands, slightly pleased with holding court for once. "Certainly. The plague has been about us for quite a time. It first started in the northern towns, then started moving southward towards Lomar."

Feilim thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Sealom moves quietly to one of the unoccupied chairs and gently takes the blue cusion from it. He then places the cusion upon the ground, sits on it and crosses his legs.

Sinfonian looks at the faces in the room as he talks. "Doyle, myself, and a few other brave humans ventured out to clear the area of Dragons, in the process, becoming exposed to the plague ourselves.

Sinfonian "And now, there seems to be a cure, so I will yield back to Doyle."

Sinfonian retakes his seat at the table, his brown eyes fixed on his King.

Feilim nod appreciatively to Sinfonian.

Doyle puts more wieght on his hands as he stand, body shivering, "Yes, now back to what i was saying…" he scracthes out.

Sealom peers intently about the area, looking for thieves no doubt.

Sealom grows startled and exclaims "You're infected!?" he leaps off his cushion and backs away to the far end of the room.

Doyle pulls his hood off revealing his corpse like, glassy pale white face, "I met with the drow queen, shadia, she claims a cure.. i believe her to.." he coughs loudly after finishing his sentance.

Feilim gasps in astonishment.

Feilim rises up.

Feilim wonders 'drow??'

Feilim looks quizzically at Doyle.

Taithun's eyes fire up at the mention of the drow, his voice takes on an angry tone, "Our race should not have to beg the charity of others! I say to hell with the drow!"

Sinfonian stands up suddenly. "This plague has killed many humans thus far, and will only kill more. If we are to save the life of our nation, we must do what is needed."

Orcadian looks over to Taithun, then over to Feilim as he asks "And what would you have us do?" wipes sweat from his forhead.

Feilim sits down.

Feilim I respect the knowledge of my elders of course.

Taithun calms down a bit. "First…is there a price for this knowledge?"

Sinfonian sits back down.

Orcadian chuckles quietly as he says "It is the drow, of course there is a price for this knowledge."

Doyle snarls, emotions overtaking his weakened state cause by the plague, "if you would let me finish you would know.." he murmurs, then coughs.

Feilim nods solemnly.

Taithun says 'I apologize. please continue'

Sealom makes a loud HRM noise and sits down with his back against the wall, one knee raised and the other leg stretched out with his arms folded over his chest.

Feilim nods to Doyle. "I do apologise also noble and courageous Doyle.

Doyle coughs loudly again, then continues, "All shadia wants.." he pauses and spits some blood to his side, "is an alliance with us.." he tries to say clearly, but ends up muttering it out.

Feilim mishears the last statement.

Feilim wonders 'pardon?'

Orcadian stands up from his chair and walks over to a near by wall which he then leans against, "An alliance, and just what would she want an alliance with us for?"

Taithun leans forward a bit and looks at Doyle, "Excuse me sir, but I did not hear you…"

Feilim chews on one of his dreadlocks.

Doyle jerks his head in Orcadians direction, "what he said.. an alliance.." he mutters..

Sealom clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth making a clicking noise and says "An alliance with the Drow, eh? That would, erm, piss off the Elvish blood to say the least. How would your old allies feel about this move?"

Sinfonian leans back in his chair, staring thoughtfully out the window. "And with this alliance, the drow would help us to deal with our orc problem?"

Doyle leans forward further over the table, trying to steady his body, "She says she has had a change of heart.. trying to amend, she wants an ally that can help them.."

Taithun grins evilly, his eyes gleaming ferociously "This alliance may prove to our benefit. The drow have access to much ancient knowledge."

Doyle looks to Sinfonian, "I doubt it.. i would think curing a plague that threatens our exsistance is good enough.."

Sealom wonders 'You would trade the Orcish invaders and the plague for Elvish and Dwarven steel at our gates?'

Doyle looks back about the room, "Now i may like it as little as you, but look at it this way.. we really have no choice.." he pauses, "They could have asked for worse.."

Sealom says 'You seem to be taking us out of one problem into another.'

Doyle looks at Sealom, "We really have no choice.. if we do not side with the drow, then we will die regardless.." he barely says.

Taithun leans back in his seat and says "I may have a simpler solution to the plaque…if you wish to hear it."

Sinfonian nods solemnly.

Feilim asks "How will the other races perceive us from this point on?

Doyle glares back at Feilim, "It doesnt matter. We have no choice. We do not make an alliance, we all die anyway."

Orcadian looks around, then over to Doyle, "I for one am willing to risk battle for the sake of ridding this dreadful plague."

Taithun says 'We could simply burn the infected…'

Sealom snickers softly.

Orcadian glares at Taithun.

Doyle looks sharply at Taithun, "We will do no such thing, and if you ever mention it again, i will burn you, do you understand?" he says angrily, emotions burning through him cause by the plague.

Sealom wonders 'You would burn your own before the siding with the Drow?'

Sealom laughs.

Taithun says 'Our race should not beg the charity of others…that is simply my belief'

Doyle glares back around the room, "If you all want to know what you will look like in a few weeks, then look at me now.. you all are surely infected too.." he murmurs.

Sinfonian fumes, If we do not go to the drow, there will be no human race, period.

Sealom says 'If I wasn't infected before, I most surely am now that I have been called forth into this sick room.'

Sealom glares icily at Doyle.

Doyle looks back to Sealom, "Need not worry, if we side with the drow, then the plague will be gone on the marrow.." he mutters.

Sealom is mumbling under his breath.

Taithun wonders 'Would this alliance put us on bad terms with the other races?'

Doyle sighs quietly, then he looks to Taithun, "Probably. But have you not listened to what i have said, if we do not ally with the drow, we will all die."

Sinfonian stands and begins to pace the length of the room. "I am going to put it simply, if we do not align with the drow, everyone in this room and in this town, and in this nation will be dead."

Feilim gasps in astonishment.

Taithun wonders 'But should we ally with what may be the very source of the plague itself? Should we align with one evil to remove another?'

You hear Sealom hrm.

Orcadian says 'It is settled, there is nothing to discuss we must… We will align ourselves with the Drow. There is no way for us to survive otherwise.'

Sealom exclaims 'Maybe they have a point… With the plague it seems to be sure doom… With the Drow and the other armies that may very well come to kill us for siding with the Drow, why, that's only uncertain doom!'

Feilim says 'I pledge my sword to the descision'

Taithun says 'I will go along with this decision, but I do not agree with it'

Doyle grunts, "then its settled, we ally with the drow.." he says on the verge of a whisper.

Sealom's eyebrows furrow and a menacing glint comes in his eyes.

Feilim says 'I only ask how I may be of help now and later'

Sealom says 'I care not what you do, but I promise this. I pledge my sword to your throat if you don't get me well.'

Sealom coughs loudly.

Sinfonian says 'perhaps you three would feel different if you were in the state our leader doyle is in now. And if you had seen what we have seen in our travels.'

Feilim looks at Sealom.

Orcadian glares at Sealom.

Sealom's eyebrows return back their normal position.

Sealom says 'I am sorry…'

Sealom says 'It is difficult to stay like this…'

Sealom sighs loudly.

Doyle glances over to Feilim again, "That brings me to my next topic Feilim…" he mutters.

Feilim says 'your suffering must end noblemen'

Sealom says 'Yes. One way or another…'

Doyle body continues to shiver never stoping as he stands, "We also have a skirmish going on with Gaelinar's orc clan.. we need all the help we can.. one of his regiments is heading for Ofcol.. it will be here in two days.." he struggles to say.

Sealom glares at his feet, what is bothering him?

Sealom starts to talk angrily to himself, the tone of his voice raising and lowering constantly.

Feilim narrows his eyes.

Taithun says 'the orcs are at our gate…and the plague is cutting us down…this nation is in more trouble then I realized…'

Feilim rises up.

Doyle laughs softly, "actually, the orcs are attacking us, because, of the the plague.."

Orcadian says 'Which is why everyones help is needed'

Sinfonian nods in agreement with you.

Feilim exclaims 'I will smite all that threaten us!'

Sealom wonders 'They attack us because we are weakened?'

Sealom wonders 'They wish to cleanse us?'

Doyle says 'the latter'

Orcadian says 'They attack us because they are afraid…'

Sealom says 'Damn their oily hides.'

Feilim sits down.

Taithun says 'Why not tell the orcs that the drow are the source of the plague? That would solve the issue of attacking them and taking the cure by force'

Doyle sighs, "well after we are cured, i will talk to Gaelinar and tell him to call his troops off.. somehow though, i dont think he will.."

Sealom says 'Such subterfuge and trickery would unravel itself and leave us plagued and between two angry forces.'

Feilim says 'Surprisingly astute for orcs'

Doyle glances around the room, "Anyway we need not talk about the orcs more.. i will talk to shadia, we all should prepare ourselves to fight in Ofcol in the next day or so.." he mutters.

Feilim says 'I have much to learn before I am of any use '

Doyle takes his hands off the table and shakily steps back, "You are dismissed.." he coughs loudly.

Sealom wonders 'Oh, am I?'

Sealom says 'Thank you…'

Taithun says 'Best of luck to your getting a cure, my friend'

Feilim bows to Doyle.

Feilim bows to Sealom.

Sealom rises to his feet and starts to walk towards the door, however he stops halfway there for some reason.

Sinfonian rises, standing next to Doyle, as the others begin to leave. "Would you like for me to accompany you when you meet with Shadia?"

Sealom nods in agreement to Feilim.

You hear Sealom hrm.

Feilim bows to Sinfonian.

Sinfonian bows before Feilim.

Taithun rises and smooths his coat out.

Sealom pivots, walks back to where he was sitting earlier, picks up the blue cushion and tucks it under his arm with a smug smirk on his face.

Feilim bows to taithun.

Taithun tips his cap to Feilim.

Orcadian steps forward from the wall, wipes sweat from his forhead one last time before walking out of the room.

Feilim bows to Orcadian.

Sealom stuffs the cushion into a container he is carrying and walks out the door.

Doyle raises his hand towards Sinfonian, "I would not mind.. however i think shadia would… but need not worry, i will be fine alone.." he says with a scuffy voice.

Feilim nods to Doyle.

Sinfonian nods. "If you change your mind, just say the word" He moves to stand in front of the window, staring off into the hills.

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