Desire So Deep

Twilight flickers in from the hung curtains of a guest bedroom of the second floor of this country mansion; a stately home perhaps once belonging to a now-impoverished noble that stood inbetwix long spreads of apple orchards. The gleam of what would it be; gas-lamps, covered candles or the moon, cast the interior of this very bedroom into a myriad of indigos and dark blue shades, and upon the very bed itself lies two figures, one smallish, and the other bigger one encompassing it. [Raoul]

The petite figure of the girl moves, the cast light shimmering on her naked leg; a tattoo of a withered rose upon it; a mark of a particular brothel and their courtesans. Yet the young woman's movement is not exactly her own; but from a hand, slender, perfect; their nails gleaming in immaculacy upon her white skin, the fingers digging into flesh. [Raoul]

The larger figure rouses, lifting himself from the comatose body; his eyes closing a little; a sigh without breath slipping from lips and a sapphire blue gaze cast at the ajar door, perhaps anticipating the arrival of his twin in a whirl of protest at what he had done. Protest? [Raoul]

Maybe protest at her exclusion. [Raoul]

"Brother, have you seen where that damned man put my things? I can't find my hairbrush. The silver one, with the pretty design on it? I'm fairly sure I remember seeing i-" The twin had been talking well before her small form made it to the door, her dress of elegant purple twisting and swaying around her now bare feet as she moves. All words are halted as she makes her way to the door, small fingers twitching against the heavy wood as she shoves it open. [Viviette]

Once those matching sapphire orbs fall to rest upon her brother, all thoughts of her hairbrush - or anything else, for that matter, are forgotten. A frown creases her lips for a quick moment, and she moves quickly toward the pair. "And you did not wait for me? I am more than a little offended, dearest Raoul. I shall remember this later." With a wink of those pale, peachy lashes, the angry facade is broken, and she laughs, settling down upon the cushiony bed, not even bothering to ask. [Viviette]

"I see you are enjoying the city already?" [Viviette]

Naked in flesh, except for the silk of shadows covering what appears to be mortal endowments, the blonde youth laughs, light enough not to be sarcastic; and leans over the dead body of the prostitute to rest the underside of his finger on the chin of his twin, the finger gently stroking the soft skin of her jaw. "I apologize, my darling. But I was rather hungry and needed something to eat — you would forgive your brother, would you?" [Raoul]

His finger continues to rest there; while his eyes, of so similar blue to hers, fall to rest in acute boredom upon the corpse nestled between the finely-clad young girl and himself. "Too easy, even. The beings of this city." Raoul complains, his shoulder delivering a careless shrug now towards his
twin. "If you want a live one, I can get it for you later, dear." [Raoul]

He spoke it almost nonchalantly, as if it was dinner between the both of them, and he was asking her to pass the salt. [Raoul]

Those eyes flutter shut for the briefest of moments under the touch of her twin, pale digits rising to interlace with the hand now pressing against her flesh. Of course Viviette could not stay angry with her brother. She was never able to remain angry for more than a few moments. Still, she didn't have to admit that to Raoul. [Viviette]

"I suppose I could be convinced to forgive you."

With that, she climbs over the body between them, and shoves it out of the way almost impatiently, finding a way to snuggle up against her twin, pressing the softest of kisses to his shoulder. "Besides, you complain about the prey being far too easy now. But I am sure that this dull and boring city must have -some- surprises waiting for us to unwrap. I'm sure there must be beauty waiting to be discovered." A pause, and a glace to the body on the bed. "She
could be quite pretty." [Viviette]

The blonde young man's head drops a few notches in agreement at his twin; and shifts a little on the bed to allow her room on his lap. His other free hand moves to flick a dark caramel curl that has fall astray from untied hair, and the kiss upon his shoulder is reciprocated with his lips pressed to Viviette's forehead instead, "I will not taint your mouth with a kiss for now, darling. Unless I wash it out — she is not pretty." [Raoul]

Yet, Raoul appears to be mildly disappointed as his foot stretches against the crumpled velvets of his twin's gown to push a pale toe at the sagging buttocks of the corpse. "I was hungry." He affirmed his excuse again, simply, shrugging one more time. [Raoul]

Done perhaps finally with whatever dejection he found about the dead body on the other side of the bed they are on, the blonde youth presses his attention back to his twin once more. "Alas, I do not think this place has surprises, sweetheart. It will be an easy job, and we can go home." Then he blinks, looking off into the darkness while curling his arm around Viviette's shoulder, pushing fabric away, his touch mulling and pondering on her bare skin. [Raoul]

"Did you visit the city yet?" He asks, suddenly and very, very curious. [Raoul]

"Home." The word is echoed, both through the bedroom, and through Viviettes's mind, and it brings an even larger smile to her pink-painted mouth. Sliding easily into Raoul's lap, she rests her head along his shoulder, mimicking his movements, stretching her small leg out as far as it would go to nudge the woman's body with her foot. [Viviette]

"The City? No, not really. I have spent most of our time here trying to find my belongings. It's pathetic, really. Can nobody that was sent here with us be of any use? If I do not find my supplies soon, a trip into the city will be needed." She pauses, and turns to stare at her twin, taking a moment to allow her gaze to drift slowly up and down both the bed, and his form.

"You will accompany me, yes?" [Viviette]

Her twin laughs again; he seems to be quite taken with mirth right now; and the blood flush of the meal from earlier has made his skin and flesh appear slightly blushed. "Ah. yes, I would. It is a promise, of course, darling." His fingers curl now over one of her petite wrists, and draws himself away from the bed, his form slipping off it in an alluring feline fashion; his bare feet pressing onto the carpets of the bedroom's floor. [Raoul]

His shirt is retrieved lazily, and lopped over his top; the pants though ignored, and he settles himself onto the heavy cushions of the lounging chair facing the shadowed bed; looking at the unkempt corpse, and his enchanting twin nestled upon the sheets, his blue eyes slightly hooded in thought. [Raoul]

"Good!" Her twins promise seems to appease Viviette for the time being, and those bright blue orbs follow Raoul as he moves. She observes him only until he is seated, and then her attentions turn to the corpse resting splayed among the sheets. Morbid curiosity gets the better of the girl, and she crawls over to it, absently inspecting the whore's fingers, her nails, and wrists. [Viviette]

"She could have taken better care of herself, yes. And her hair. It could have stood to be trimmed, styled. I suppose hunger does strange things to us all, though." Yes, she was indeed teasing her brother, albeit gently. And the body is abandoned, now that her inspection was complete, the light haired woman sliding from the bed to pad barefoot after him, sitting herself on the floor by the chair. "And why must we live here again? I'm sure there must have been others more worthy of this… upheaval." [Viviette]

Her twin shrugs again, shrugging apparently is the highlight of movements tonight for Raoul; and his one hand draws down to weave fingers into the flaxen strands of Viviette's peach-hued hair. "I do not know myself, sister dearest." [Raoul]

His legs slip, crossing themselves artfully as he sinks further into the softness of the lounging chair, his other arm splayed across the furniture's wide arm-rest. "We are talented enough, and young enough; not like those fermented fellows who still sit in their broken castles, lamenting what is already gone." Another laugh erupts from his throat, derisive and stained with contempt, and that laugh falls quiet into the still silence of their orchard-surrounded mansion. [Raoul]

And then in all brotherly seriousness and care, the blonde youth turns to look upon his twin; "Would you like to go to a party, darling? I know there is this place in the City; all glitter and full of pretty people; which you would like very much." [Raoul]

He arches his neck gently, in an unnatural almost motion, to position his gaze outwards of the large glass windows; across the walls of the city; and the obvious gleam of the golden roofs of a building nestled there. [Raoul]

"Theatre de'Santorus, we must pay a visit soon." He murmurs in melodic fashion; his interest apparently a little more heightened from all that depression from earlier. [Raoul]

"A party? Yes! I would love to. A Theatre, no less! Places like theatres do attract the most stunning of the herd!" Viviette was genuinely thrilled at the idea of getting out of the mansion, and her slender, pale figure bounces excitedly at the prospect. [Viviette]

Those eyes close, peachy lashes pressing together as she relaxes under the touch of her twin, twisting her body so she can return the touch, painted nails seeking out Raoul's slightly flushed skin, scraping along it lightly. "Perhaps they were just trying to get rid of us, brother. Did you ever think of that? And they sent the worst servants they could with us, I swear." She pauses, and opens her eyes, staring up into her twins matching ones.

"Are you missing things as well? Or is it all just my possessions?" [Viviette]

The blonde youth relaxes sufficiently, his eyes closing in a moment, to allow his twin's touch to infiltrate senses drawn out by the warm vitae streaming within his dead veins; a sharper press of her nails would probably break skin and draw blood. [Raoul]

"Get rid of us?" One eye pops open, the blue-lit iris swerving to glance upon Viviette's enchanting face, and he dissolves into a pool of helpless giggles; though the laughter clearly appears masculine in any form. [Raoul]

"Why do you ever think that? They, those fools at home, they need our help — granted that none of them were taught the crafts taught to us because He did not deem them worthy to receive this." The arm that is resting on the chair's rest lifts up, him turning it, letting moonlight shadow the perfect sculpt of his limb, and fingers. "We provided them with rich herds, haven't we always, darling sister; and they in turn have devoted all their treasures to us. They are not satisfied and yet they must not get rid of us." [Raoul]

"What pitiable fools to have such an existence." The arm is tilted down, the hand curled and the fingers knuckle-rubbed against his cheek, plumping up ivory flesh. "If your servants are poor, I will have them removed, and bring you new ones omrrow." [Raoul]

"We are the lucky ones, then!" The girl seems comforted by this fact, as well as the close proximity to Raoul. Those fingertips still continue their gentle tracings, the gesture both loving and possessive. "Yes. I would like a new group of servants. This set does not prove to be to my liking." A pause, and a few girlish giggles spill from her slender throat. "You do take such good care of me, brother. I suppose I am doubly lucky in that aspect." [Viviette]

Viviette ponders over her thoughts for a moment, pink-slicked lip sucked into her mouth and grasped between her teeth. "So, more about this party you are bringing me to.. There will be many tasty treats to choose from, yes? Because, while you, dear sibling, have had a meal.." The words are halted only long enough for her free hand to raise, and gesture toward the body on the bed. "I have not. And I fear that I shall need to find some soon." [Viviette]

"Ah, luck be on our side for sure." The blonde youth's head lolls to recline against the chair's backrest, his blue eyes darkened by shadows procured by an incoming cloud against the moon. "You will be able to choose your treat, darling, easily. I do not assume the lord who owns that place would be an hindrance to our wishes. Nor would he dare." A smirk crosses Raoul's lips; overtly confident in their assured existence and safety. [Raoul]

The hand that has woven itself into his twin's hair lifts away to catch the delicate fingers of Viviette's raised hand. "Do you want to go alone, or shall I come with you to hunt?" He asks now, dragging immaculate canines over his lower lip; his mouth widening into a smile. [Raoul]

Those caught fingers wind easily and lovingly around her twins own, and his hand is dragged down to her lips, where she pressed a kiss to his knuckles, the soft joyous sounds the girl makes growing louder. "I would be more than pleased if you joined me, my brother. We shall investigate this new city together, while I find a meal!" Despite all of Viviette's complaints and grievances, she was content as long as Raoul was nearby. [Viviette]

As it always had been. Another soft kiss to his hand, and she releases his fingers, pulling herself to her feet, and spinning once, carefree, in front of Raoul, that vibrant dress swirling out around her legs. "I still need to get ready, though… if I could ever find that damned hairbrush." She mutters under her breath, cursing the inept help, and flashes a flirty grin at the other. "I shall find you when I am ready to go hunt, my dear!" And with that, she is off, a fury of purple velvet and strawberry-blonde tresses, padding away on bare feet.

Viviette was a lucky lucky girl indeed. [Viviette]

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