Do not judge a book by its cover

Kitiara lay sprawled upon the couch as though the lounge was her own personal living space. Her head rested against the arm of the couch with her raven black hair cascading over the side. She was reading a book, one of the many from around the room.
Strangely, one of the chambermaids kept peeking around the corner of the room, thinking that she was stealthy and unseen, quite obviously spying on Kitiara.

No recent news had been delivered from the pixie nation or any other for that matter. The Seelie Court, especially Zoe and Lulu, grew restless for Mab was not satisfied with the current state of business. While Lulu fought against one of her moody phases, Zoe decided to take matters into her own hand and venture outside the Court to gather more information. Muttering a quick incantation, the petite human woman vanishes…leaving just a crimson fog behind. She materializes again, in the Human hometown of Lomar. Who knew, perhaps someone here knew the state of the current affairs. Smoothing out the folds of her gown, she proceeds to enter the first building in front of her. A seemingly comfortable lounge, just the place where common people would go to chat.

At the appearance of Zoe, the chambermaid jumps up with a start and literally runs down the hallway blushing bright red, muttering half formed excuses. Kitiara, on the other hand, merely smirks crookedly as her audience finally leaves. She continues to 'read' the book, although she hadn't actually turned a page in several minutes.
Kitiara says 'If you're here selling wares, I'm not interested.'

The so called "lounge" was missing one important ingredient…patrons. Despite the time of day, the room was rather empty. Just as Zoe was about to head for a table, the voice of a young woman makes her halt in her step. "I am quite certain that you weren't talking to me?" Zoe raises an eye brow at the woman sprawled on the couch and looks about. "Do I look like a wandering trade person to you?" Now that was certainly a first for the human woman.

Kitiara tosses the book onto the floor, paying it no mind as it falls open, likely creasing some of the pages. "Well, I see no other person in this room, so I must obviously have been speaking to you." She turns her head slightly, just enough to give Zoe a good look over, "And you're right, you look more like a traveling magician than a traveling trades person. In that case, I think the children are out in the Gardens."

Any other person would have been taken back from this, rather impish, behaviour but instead Zoe laughs out loud. The laugh is genuine and tears start to form in the corners of her slanted grey eyes. "Why now, you sound just like my best friend in one of her worst moods. You ought to meet." The young mage lets herself fall onto the couch as well. Looking down at her dress, she smirks. "Granted my outfit isn't the best for such an establishment but where I come from, this attire is pretty much a must." Zoe shrugs her shoulders and blows a lose lock out of her face. While she came across rather "stiff", she was a good natured one who could find amusement were others would have been boiling from anger. "Say, do you live in these parts?" she asks casually and waves one of the maids to the table.

She was almost disappointed. Almost. Generally women didn't take too well to Kitiara, between her generally offensive behaviour (towards women only), and the fact that she was just as likely to sleep with their husbands as she was to kill them. But, the mage seemed amusing. "Well, I wouldn't go talk to Yoshio wearing that, if I were you. The chambermaids" she inclined her head towards a middleaged woman who entered the woman at Zoe's call, "they tell me that Yoshio likes pretty little things like you." She pauses, her crooked smile taking on a sly, mischevious quality, "Unless, that makes more sense. I apologize, I didn't realize that /was/ your trade! In that case, you'll find Yoshio's chambers down the hall."

Zoe tilts her head to the side, grey eyes sparkling with humor. "Now why would I want to talk to Yoshio? I have no intentions in doing so and as far as his personal taste for women goes, I do not care in the least bit. Funny you bring it up though, have you tried and not succeeded? Are you possibly a…"she pauses, while putting her right index finger against her lower lip "…scorned lover? Why, if that is the case…I can totally understand your behaviour. What is the saying?" she asks and then answers herself "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." She nods to herself. "No worries, we all had to go through it!" she beams and turns her attention to the maid approaching the table. "I'd like a hot nice tea and for this lady, a nice cold lemonade!" Zoe leans into Kitiara and says ""For that hot temper of yours." The maid curtsies and rushes back to fill the order.

Kitiara laughs, her entire body shaking ” I’m Kitiara Majere. Personal Bodyguard for Yoshio. And you are?"

"Zoe Jouvenet, a real pleasure to meet you, Mademoiselle Majere," she smiles at the woman before her. Yes, she certainly reminded her of Lulu. Zoe rests her back against the plush fabric of the couch and turns her upper body to face Kitiara. "A personal body guard. My, that must be a stressful job…is it not? Especially in light of the pixies declaring war. Or is the "war" already a part of history? It seems the talk about it has ebbed away.
With flying locks, the maid returns to the two women to put down the ordered beverages. Zoe reaches for her cup and blows off the steam before gingerly taking a sip. "A fine tea," she says to the maid who in return blushes and shuffles off.

Kitiara doesn't bother to sit up or move at all, still relaxing comfortably on the couch, "There hasn't been a whole lot of talk about it. I know that Elf Queen was here months ago, caused quite a stir, so the chambermaids say. But it all seems like a bunch of hot air. And the nations who are 'conforming' aren't too happy about the whole thing either. It's not as 'free' as was promised. Don't you get the same news where you're from?" She looks at Zoe quizzically, almost like she had two heads and a green nose.

"We live rather secluded, if you will." Zoe wasn't sure how much she'd be able to reveal, not that the Court was a secret. No, they were not. Just their intentions. "We usually don't bother too much with the events outside of our Court but recent events have forced us to venture out and find out just what was going on. Unfortunately, this "war talk" is affecting even us." Taking another sip, she cradles the cup in her hands. "The last thing we heard was that the pixie king has vanished, which is odd since he started this entire riot," Zoe chuckles.

Kitiara reaches for the lemonade - Lomar has a great lemonade, although it is better with vodka - and drinks half the glass in one gulp. She smacks her lips with a refreshing "ahh" before speaking again. If the drink weren't so good, one would almost think that she was using it as an excuse to plan her next words (or lies) carefully, "I wouldn't think that the pixie king vanishing means he's gone… I heard that his bride-to-be is taking over. There were some rumours, something about her wanting a wedding present for him, and expanding his 'domain' was the best present she could offer." She rolls her eyes, women could offer men so much more…that she was using it as an excuse to plan her next words (or lies) carefully, "I wouldn't think that the pixie king vanishing means he's gone… I heard that his bride-to-be is taking over

Zoe watches Kitiara enjoying her drink and inwardly smirks. Mab would not allow such table manners and Zoe wondered what would happen if this woman and the Queen she served were to meet. "She seems to be quite the giving person, this "Annale", she says with a hint of sarcasm.”I take it you have met the Lady"? To find out more about Annale seemed to be the most important tidbits she could gather tonight. Next time, she'd have to drag Lulu with her. She was far better in retrieving information! Zoe's eyes suddenly glaze over, taking on the color of milk. Lulu had made a mental connection with Zoe, urging her to return to the Court at once. No reason was given. Usually the human mage was prepared for a possible mental link and her eyes wouldn't change color but this took her by surprise. She re-focuses her eyes and rises to her feet. "I apologize Mademoiselle Majere. It seems I am needed back at the Court. I would like to meet again, perhaps with my friend this time. Please do not think of me as rude but this can not wait." She leaves a few coins on the table, nods her head in regards and vanishes right there and then, leaving nothing but a trail of crimson fog behind.

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