Name: Doyle

Titles: Dragonslayer, General, Leader of the Humans

Profession: Dragon Hunter

Previous Jobs: Soldier, Commander, Mercenary

Height: 6'1

Weight: 200 Lbs.


Short black hair dons his head as sullen, wised emerald green eyes look
out-above high set cheek bones-at the world. Small stems of stubble
make an attempt to regrow over his clean shaven face. A long scar
snakes its way down from underneath his right eye to the base of
his jaw. He has a broad build, well rounded, muscular and healthy
looking, clad in dark black, and greyish armor from head to toe. Slits
seperate the armour at each joint down the body. Only his bare head and
hands are visable. A deep blood red cape is set behind him, it appears
to go down to just about the back of his thighs. Extending out from the
cape are two hammers, sheathed in a cross pattern on his back, the
hammer heads are set just behind his head adjacent to each ear. At each
side of his waist are two swords, on the hilts of each are depictions
of dragon skulls, running down the sheath are strings of archaic writing.


I am proud to be Human. My parents and I lived in ofcol, they always took me to visit Lomar once a week, we never missed going there once. I remeber all the visits, and all the stories I was told about humans during the dark times, like it was yesterday. Ever since I can remeber, I have been fascinated by war, fighting,and soldiersā€¦ The only reason I went to school was to learn how to read and write, so I could read books about war. I was determined to become a soldier, a powerful warrior. I had heard rumors of a war going on far far to the south of Lomar, a place no one knew anything about. When my parents were out to market one afternoon, I packed up and headed south to fight in this war. In hindsight, this was a foolish choice of mine, but luckily, The war I forced myself into was a just war. I trained hard as a soldier and I learned quick. Eventually near the end of the war I gained control of my own unit. After the war ended the soldiers were deserted by thier people, nobody cared we won the war they just abandoned us. I still had a lust for adventure and fighting, so I became a mercenary for hire. This is were I started to learn about the other methods of fighting, I learned to meditate, to fight bare handed and use a multitude of weapons. I felt that this was the best position I could be in, to always be ready for anything. One day when I was aproaching a town I heard had good buisness I was intercepted by the townsfolk. They told me a dragon had destroyed their town. They showed me where their town used to be, They begged me to kill the dragon for them, before the dragon came back to finish them off. I reluctantly accepted, I was lucky to survive my first encounter with the beast, I managed to slay it. After I slayed the beast, I decided to make it my purpose to hunt down as many dragons as I could. As I grew into my dragon hunting job I learned more about slaying dragons, I met fellow dragon hunters and together we united to kill them together. Eventually our group broke up and I wandered on my own, following the trails and rumors of dragons until I eventually ended up back in darkhaven, where I decided to revisit my home, my parents old home was deserted, they had been killed long ago by a band of orcs, I went to Lomar and saw how abandonded it was, and then I knew my next adventureā€¦

Mind Anguished
Soul Crushed
Spirit Diminished
Yet I continue my forlorn journey

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