Doyle Returns From The North

The Grim Smile
You've stepped in to the Grim Smile Tavern, the only bar inside the city of Darkhaven, which curiously enough happens to be connected by a long hallway to the Sleeping Dragon Inn. Patrons of the bar sit atop wooden stools here, most completely inebriated. The room is filled with smoke, and the noise is enough to give you an ear-splitting headache. Looking at the unkempt, dirty state of the wooden floor, find yourself wondering if the bartender has even washed his hands. To the east is the Sleeping Dragon Inn, while the smoke pours out of the room through the exit to the north.
Exits: north east up
A bartender with dirty hands is here, serving drinks.
(Invis) Jinnai, The Ignorance of Might. [L-JLD|CDS] is standing here.
Doyle, The Dragonslayer [IC] (PKC|RC-First|IT-T) is hovering here.
(Hide) Sinfonian Lightbringer (Advocate){Queen's Advisor}(IC} is hovering here

Jinnai is sitting on one of the stools, and fails to hear the Queen's voice above all of the usual clamor. He isn't one to normally be seen at such places, but in the line of duty, habits are forced to be changed- For better or worse.

Anjilique grins as she sees Sinfonian through the rowdy crowd. "Ah Sinf.. You stopping here for a drink before going back to the Keep too?"

Anjilique stretches to peer over people's heads as if looking for someone. She murmurs something about wondering if he got her message. Perhaps the courier couldn't find the gith in time.

Jinnai gaze wavers slightly to his right as he spots the paladin. He is silent, perhaps he has stumbled across some sort of meeting? The life of a thief is a cautious one, and he lives it to the fullest..

Anjilique jostles her way through the crowd in her search for a clean seat. Tis obvious she is in her element inspite of being so finely dressed. She pauses to whisper in a dwarf's ear and then smirks as his guffaws echo through the room.

Doyle walks in slowly glancing around quickly, his gaze sets on Anjilique, "hmph, figures I would find you here…"

Jinnai cups his hand around the mug before him, raising it to his lips as he takes a small drink. Water. He pays no attention to the new arrival, there are some cases in which it is better to be revealed then reveal oneself.

Anjilique smirks at her general as she pats the dwarf on the back. "Next time Bander" She grins at the gnome who sees her and suddenly vacates her favorite chair for her. "Ahh, thanks Jix" She settles into the chair and motions for Doyle to join her.

Doyle walks with a tired stride to where Anjilique sits and glances about the room, "I went to Lomar, but no one was there, something told me I should check here first." he gives a small smirk.

Anjilique glances over Doyle. "You look tired Doyle, but alive at least. You should have told me what you had planned".

Doyle turns his back to the bar and leans against it with his elbows resting on the edges, he stares off into the far end of the room, "Why? So you could risk your life with me to?"

Anjilique scowls. "You survived didn't you?" She gestures to the barmaid and holds up one finger before turning her attention back on Doyle. "At least sit down Doyle and tell me what you saw"

Doyle puts his foot up against the bar wall, "Well, it turns out your little rumor was true…"

Anjilique looks up sharply at him. Her fingertips clench at the arm of the chair, the only indication that the news even registered. "How bad is it?"

Jinnai's wary gaze settles on the mug before him. Better not to intervene, and simply let the situation play out. Perhaps they speak of the beings seeking her death? Or maybe, there is something he overlooked…

Doyle slowly takes a deep breath and clenches his jaw shut before speaking, "It is bad… very bad…"

Anjilique glances around for the gith she had sent a message to. She resigns herself into thinking he didn't receive it when she suddenly spots him sitting in the shadows. Her eyes light up as she tries to catch his eye.

Sinfonian comes out of his thoughts at the sound of his friends' voices, he stands to find where they are originating from.

Jinnai casts a shallow glance at her, finger raising to his lips as he signals for silence. They will have time to speak later, and he'd rather hear this warrior's story.

Doyle stops resting his arms on the bar top and crosses them, "I did not want to stay long, as soon as I arrived at town I sought out the information I needed.."

Anjilique nods to the gith and then turns her attention back on Doyle. She listens thoughtfully. "What did you see?"

Sinfonian stands with his arms folded across his chest, staring into doyle's eyes, taking in every snippet of information, with little outward reaction to this point.

Doyle stares at the air in front of him, "I talked to the first person I saw, luckily he was willing to show me around.. He talked about the plague for a while, quite boring really, but then he took me to the clinic where the sick were…"

Anjilique nods, as she listens..

Sinfonian continues to look at Doyle as he leans against the bar, struggling to hear at times due to the noise from the other patrons.

Doyle grinds his teeth between his words, "I saw all the stages of the plague there, first stage isn't noticable, you look fine, you feel fine, all you have to go on is that you just aren't hungry…"

Anjilique barely acknowledges the barmaid as she hands her a mug of ale. She nods again to Doyle as she hovers the ale over her knee waiting on his next words.

Jinnai tilts his head to the side, the story the warrior is telling doesn't seem to be going anywhere. A few moments pass. The dark shroud is pulled around him as he rises to his feet.

Sinfonian glances out the window at the commotion caused by one of the many drunks about, then returns his gaze to his friend.

Doyle puts his foot down on the ground then raises the second to rest on the wall, "The second stage you can see, you get a fever, you sweat uncontrolably, third stage, your skin turns pale, and cold, like a corpse.."

Anjilique questions, "Painful?"

Sinfonian's usually stoic features soften, a brief glimpse of his compassionate side.

Doyle shakes his head slowly, "They seemed so dazed and out of it, I doubt they knew where they even were…"

Jinnai strides out of the bar, the conversation he stumbled upon seems to have no relevance to her pursuers. He will seek his own answers. Pushing one of the patrons aside, he glides out of the bar.

Anjilique has forgotten her ale as it tips precariously on her knee. "and always fatal?"

Doyle rests his hands on the pommels of his swords, "The man told me no one who falls under the plague lives…"

Sinfonian scowls, creases running across his forehead. "Any idea of how it is spread?"

Anjilique looks from Sinf to Doyle and waits for the answer. She finally remembers her ale and sets it down on the marred table beside her.

Doyle slowly moves his view to Sinfonian, "It can be spread any way you can think of… The man insisted i put a clean cloth over my nose and mouth before seeing the sick.."

Sinfonian's scowl deepens, his face abnormally dark, an effect hightened by the dim lighting in the bar. "And no one has found a way to lessen the effects?"

Anjilique leans back in the chair and sighs softly. "Is there a cure?"

Doyle shakes his head slowly, "The man said all who fell under died.. he also said the town healer tried every mixture and remedy she could think of, but to no avail.."

Doyle shrugs slowly, "None I'm afraid, but there is more news…"

Sinfonian looks up from the table sharply. "More? what is it?"

Doyle puts his foot back on the ground, "Well, on my way back from the town, I found a nest of dragons in the mountains north of Lomar…"

Anjilique raises an eyebrow. "Dragons! so close to the keep? I suppose the villages to the north have been too busy with the plague to deal with them."

Sinfonian's gaze quickly returns to the scarred table, showing a bit of emotion. He composes himself and raises his head, a determined look upon his face. "How many?"

Doyle tries to conceal his smirk, he looks over to Anjilique, "My queen, those townsfolk could never take care of any dragons that came through, even at full health.. I am sure the dragons just recently came in…"

Doyle looks to Sinfonian, "The cavern they nest in is big, I eyed about six or seven adults each with a nest of two…"

Sinfonian shakes his head, then grins at Doyle. "Sounds like a good test for our army, any luck assembling soldiers yet?"

Doyle sighs ruefully, "We have an army of one, it seems no human cares about the fate of Lomar and their kinsfolk…"

Sinfonian smirks slightly. "Correction, we have an army of 2, I told you before, I would be proud to fight alongside you"

Thadius says 'my liege'

(Editor's note: Anjilique was afk at this point or would have responded)

Doyle stares down at the ground as he crosses his arms again, "I was planning on just going there tomorrow and killing them myself, but this could be a good oppourtunity to see who really cares for our nation…"

Sinfonian nods thoughtfully. "It seems the perfect opportunity, perhaps you should post a missive asking for volunteers"

Doyle nods, "Yes, I was already thinking of what to write…"

Sinfonian nods solemnly.

Thadius thinks, 'Hmmmm.'

Noplex eyes over the people, drinking from a glass.

Doyle sighs and takes a seat at the bar stool next to him, he glances around the room..

Anjilique nods as she finally takes a long sip of her ale. "The dragons have to be dealt with. I will leave that in your capable hands Doyle. And then we can discuss what to do about this plague?"

Doyle nods slowly in Anjiliques direction.

Anjilique says to Doyle, '"If you leave a missive calling for support. I am sure some will rally to the call"

Anjilique leaves her empty mug for the barmaid to pick up and rises from the chair. "I am off to see what I can learn about this plague from some local healers. I will keep you informed"

Anjilique strides over and offers her hand to Doyle. "I am glad to see that you have returned unscathed. I'll seek you out soon"

Doyle extends his hand to meet Anjiliques, nodding slowly, "Alright."

Anjilique seems distracted and lost in thought as she leaves the tavern.

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