One of the church knights of Irae, Durante holds no recognizable position and occupies a low-ranking post; guarding the church grounds during prayer weekends and through the nights. He lives alone in one of the shared townhouses in the Poor Quarters and helps out at the soup kitchens on the days he does not have duties. With a seemingly bland and uninteresting countenance, not many would pay attention to this nondescript man.

Character Description
Not exactly expressionless, this man's features are always captured in a display of thoughtful strength; though the tightness of muscles can be seen in a drawn display of sinew and veins upon lightly tanned skin, and wherever is not covered by the deep blue of his inner clothing and the dull metal ringmail he wears. A fallow cloak of sewn leather and wool is pulled over his tall frame, worn and patched at the hem. His faith's medallion, a cross and a claymore makes up the rest of his meager raiments; a common church knight's ensemble.

His black hair is cut short in unruly strands, seemingly by an unpracticed hand, the style more for practical circumstances than for appeal. Eyebrows of obsidian hue, feathery and thin, languish in delicate notion over eyes of deep sienna, quite out of place with the man's stoic demeanor. His sights are not the comforting brown of warm chocolate, but a sharp-edged bistre, lacinating almost in its auburn hints, humorless but not unfriendly.

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