Father Matrimonio

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Sun May 4 21:03:10 2008
To: Irae
As they climbed the steps into the Cathedral, the old cleric paused
on the final edge, tilting his small head upwards to the towering
vertical expanse of the Cathedral's pinnacle. A sigh diffused mildly
from wizened lips as he eased forth, stepping away from the morning
sun into the cool shadows of the building.

The sharp creak of sword scabbard against metal reminded Alphonse
Matrimonio that the knight was next to him. In the cleric's own
self-imposed reflectory state, Matrimonio seemed to had forgotten
he was not alone. A wry look was slighted towards the sword buckled
to Durante de Beaumont's side and the latter, of course, knew what
question that would be dwelling upon the cleric's mind.

"You know I cannot be parted from the sword, Father."

"I know. I know" The cleric lifted a furry eyebrow in ironic concern
and opened the door of the church. "Had anyone seen you with the sword
in the church yet, my son? Did they comment?"

"Nothing but a strange look only." The knight stepped ahead and
pushed the doors wider for the old cleric to enter. Curiosity levered
upon Durante momentarily as he held the doors in respectful silence
and he asked quietly.

"You know many languages, Father. What is 'heru' in the common tongue?"

"Oh, it is the elf tongue. You were called a 'scoundrel and a blackguard'"
The old man chuckled, stepping into the coolness of the nave though he
stopped since the creak of sword against armor did not follow and instead
seethed a little behind him, in brooding thoughtfulness.

"Alright, alright, the Lord forgive me then. I was joking." The old man
glanced back warily and straightened himself, placing his hands into
his sleeves. "Means 'Lord, my lord' some respectful term they use,
much like what we call m'lord, m'lady. Now don't go all upset because of
this and that."

The old cleric turned on his heel, almost a little gaily and walked through
the aisle while the knight just shook his head in an almost cliched manner;
and with sword half-hid by his cloak, he followed.

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