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About the Elohai

The Government of the Elohai

The Elohai Government is divided into the House system and the Sect system.

Houses compose the majority of necessary functions for the general ability to keep the nation up and running as well as providing progress for future generations.

There are two organizations within the nation that are outside of the House system and have their own respective leaders who stand outside the effect of House Rankings (more on ranks in a bit).

  • The Emerald Order will not be a House, but a Sect.
  • The Coven of the Sacred Glade will be a Sect as well.

Elohai Sects will not be a part of House politics/rankings, but will have representation on Elohai Arnen, and influence with this group.

House Rankings: Houses will be ranked according to a wide variety of their attributes in the list of Elohai Houses. Higher ranked Houses will be regarded with more respect by all aspects of Eldestran society than those of lower ones, and higher ranked Houses will have more influence on the policy of the nation as a whole.

Ranks will be maintained by the Speaker and updated every two weeks.
The House Ranking List will be an OOC posting, but it is to be used as IC knowledge, as all citizens of a nation will be aware of every Houses' status within the city. House Leaders will work to improve the status of their House and its prominence within the city.

The City of Eldestra

A very long time ago, a time when Darkhaven was a much different place. A group of Elohai banded together in the city, for safety. There was discrimination and violence everywhere against us, we were seen as hybrids.

A great man had to be murdered before we reached the final point. We left the city of Darkhaven and ventured into what was once the Haon Dor Forest to build a secluded place where all Elohai would be welcome and safe. Past the River Nenda and across Lake Kieltron lies our fair city, where all is serene and tranquil. Our sanctuary from the unkind world. Things are better now of course, but the City of Eldestra still stands as the heart of the Nation.

From Darkhaven Square, 13e, ne, nw, w, ne, e, ne, 2e, s, 2e, s, se, e, s

Visitors' Information
Visitors of other races to the City of Eldestra may require a visitor's token to cross the river and enter the City. Contact the Nation Leader or any half-elf to obtain a token of friendship from Alenai at 'Alenai's Supplies'. The token can be obtained with 50,000 coins and 'telling' Alenai 'token'.


List of Leaders

Aurelius Apr 2001* May 2001
Syriac May 2001 Jan 2003
Rebeca Jan 2003 Feb 2003
Lanthos Feb 2003 Jul 2003
Amalia Jul 2003 June 2006
Stela June 2006 - Seat was left vacant around 2013
Aranvar Sept 15 Present
  • before this time I didn't keep records

Past and Current Plots

Roleplaying Logs

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