Elohai Sects

The Coven of the Sacred Glade

The Coven of the Sacred Glade is run by its leader the Heirophant—or most powerful druid to be found among Elohellen mystics. Both a Goddess sect finding holy power in the Elohai goddess Cersei and an order for all shaman or druid alike. Amalia Vydien, the former Speaker ruled the nation from this Sect and no replacement has been found for her as Heirophant. Its members struggle daily without a strong, clear voice of guidance.

The Emerald Order

The Emerald Order, now commonly referred to its new name Emera Mystika is led by the Elohai most skilled in the ways of the arcane. The title of this person is the Archmage of Eldestra, power of Elohellen. Currently the Speaker of Eldestra rules from the leadership of this Sect, much as her predecessor ruled as Heirophant of the Coven of the Sacred Glade. This Sect concerns itself with all aspects of the Arcane, especially how those powers resonate within the Elohai.

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